Friday, August 20, 2010

High Top Fades & Rat Tails

I'm at my drawing desk working on my book when I get a text message... I look down and it's picture of an old school rat tails... My homeboy, Samad sent it to me...I thought to myself "why he sending me old haircut pics?"

Another text message came and it's the front view.. And it's ME... All I can do is laugh..Samad's grandmother would cut me and my brother, Dada's hair every 2 weeks... If I wanted to be fresh for the girls... She would even invite me over to her home and cut me & Samad's hair in private.. She was the only female barber I had even seen...and her sister was also a barber...they were a few of my role models back home...

Samad then sent me 2 more photos... These 2 are pics of my brother, Dada.... Rocking the high top fade... I think he was the last person in Asheville to cut off his flat top ...damn those were some fun times...we were broke but we had the most fun.. Shit everyone was broke so it didn't matter.. Asheville life before crack.. Beautiful

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Unknown said...

So funny, I call my dad name. =)

Joy Nichelle Randall said...

Hilarious! Love the pics! Finding those moments before you knew was life was really! That's priceless!!!