Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Cool Saturday @ City of Ink

Yesterday was a good day at City of Ink....Saturdays always have a cool energy but you could tell the college students are back in Atlanta....even a few friends dropped by.. Which is few these days... People usally think we don't like visitors when we are working but the fact is after work we don't get to see anyone so when y'all drop by to pay a visit and just check up on us it do mean a lot to us....the "walk-in" tattoo team did their thing yesterday.... And all the other artists were busy with their appointments

Once night hit... Some of our friends dropped by on their bikes.... It's always good to see them...they had an artist with them who's looking into getting professional tattoo training....I wish him the best luck in his path in tattooing...

So of our favorite DC clients came down yesterday also... One got a Michael Jackson tattoo by Melvin Todd....she friend bought me a bag of blunts... I needed those... And Sophie did an American Tradational Eagle on the other DC appointment....both pieces turned out dope.... I was busy tattooing my friends from back home, Samad & Aaliyah....I will post those pics in a sec

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Location:323 Walker Street Atlanta, GA 30313


JESSTA88 said...

I sooooo wish I could get my 2nd tat done for my bday when I come to ATL in Oct. Wish you guys had a back up appt book!!! I'll be checking in everyday for availability the weekend of Oct 23....... sad face!!!

Unknown said...

nice work!