Friday, August 20, 2010

Rebel & Cover the city in ART!

I have been noticing more street art over in Castleberry Hill... More walls are being covered... And I love it....I only hate a few things and seeing blank walls & building NOT covered in art is one of them.... In a perfect Miya Bailey world all the walls, buildings, skin, and clothing is covered in art....everything is a canvas... Everything is made to be covered in beauty & expression.... Except for a fly old school classic car.. All they need is a nice paint job... I'm just a big day dreamer... Wishing and hoping art would take over America and save this place from the evils of man and male ego driven ruled nations... Art is the voice of God next to nature.... Art & Nature is the balance needed to save humans from fuck the law.. Fuck the police.. And when night falls cover the city with your art.... Rebel and let those thoughts of imagination run free.. Untamed & beautiful... Let's take over this world.... We are ARTIST... The angels of The Visual World

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Lyrically Sweet said...

Hey, Miya....that was deep...fasinated by how your mind works. =)

The "pink" on the door....I love! Actually the whole garage front...