Friday, August 20, 2010

Crackhead Alley

I was walking pass crackhead alley coming from Texaco...I saw two crackheads sharing a pipe...what type of pain are you running from that got you addicted to crack? I think to myself "Thank God for weed" because seeing what drugs do to the human body is crazy....I will stick with PLANTS only... I ran into this painting of an airplane on the side of the building.. Under the plane it read "Everything will be ok" .....maybe it's a sign.. I'm always in the sky traveling to different cities....the NYC & DC City of Ink's are in the works now...I'm glad I noticed those crackheads because it lead me to this street art....and a message I needed to read... Thank you

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Unknown said...

I myself wonder what makes others choose whatever drug they choose. Be it crack, meth etc., just wonder what happened that they needed to excape that far.

ShutUpImTweetin said...

My father was a crack addict before he ended his life in 1990. I pray for those addicted to drugs because I dont know the demons they run from. I saw the painting of the plane when I was younger and it gave me hope in a situation. I appreciate your blogs, Miya. Keep them coming.

ipukekawaii said...

big bruh that post is RIGHT ON TIME! Ya hear me ... ON TIME brotha! ~xoxo