Monday, August 30, 2010

Photos of the Week

To an artist visual things (images) inspire or spark an idea for are 3 inspiring photos....

The tone of this photo is just beautiful...her pose & can't do nothing but love this..

Sexy finger nails breaking down weed...the only thing sexier than that is her rolling the blunt for her King... Perfect

A sleeve done by my lil sister, Imani Brown....what's better than a high quality sleeve on a beautiful blackwoman?

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Tuki Carter now taking Appointments

My business partner, co-owner of City of Ink, rapper, visual artist, painter, my best friend, and brother.. Tuki Carter is now taking appointments at City of Ink.. Tuki is a master of MANY different styles from photo realism, colors bombs, lettering, portraits, new school, old school etc...Tuki will be going on tour with Hollyweerd soon so try to book a tattoo appointment with him ASAP....

Please call 404-525-4465 after 1pm-10pm or just drop by @ 323 Walker St. Atlanta, GA 30313
Twitter: @tukicarter

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Location:323 Walker St. Atlanta, GA 30313

Sunday, August 29, 2010

FREE "Friends & Family" Tattoos

Yesterday was the last day of my "Friends & Family" Free Tattoo weekend...I tattooed Kevin, Samba, Dada, Rashaad, India, and Samad & Aaliyah last night.... If my mother can make it down I might tattoo her tomorrow or Tuesday....I wasn't in "freehand" mood lastnight... I wanted to create the design on paper first.... I never use stencils when I tattoo not even for my own designs... But I wanted those last tattoos to feel like I was back in the 90's again.... I been working on this square frame style for a sec....i'm almost ready to share it with the world

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Location:323 Walker St. Atlanta, GA 30313

A Cool Saturday @ City of Ink

Yesterday was a good day at City of Ink....Saturdays always have a cool energy but you could tell the college students are back in Atlanta....even a few friends dropped by.. Which is few these days... People usally think we don't like visitors when we are working but the fact is after work we don't get to see anyone so when y'all drop by to pay a visit and just check up on us it do mean a lot to us....the "walk-in" tattoo team did their thing yesterday.... And all the other artists were busy with their appointments

Once night hit... Some of our friends dropped by on their bikes.... It's always good to see them...they had an artist with them who's looking into getting professional tattoo training....I wish him the best luck in his path in tattooing...

So of our favorite DC clients came down yesterday also... One got a Michael Jackson tattoo by Melvin Todd....she friend bought me a bag of blunts... I needed those... And Sophie did an American Tradational Eagle on the other DC appointment....both pieces turned out dope.... I was busy tattooing my friends from back home, Samad & Aaliyah....I will post those pics in a sec

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Location:323 Walker Street Atlanta, GA 30313

Samba's Sleeve on Dark Skin

A lot of artists have problems tattooing darker skin.. I actually find it earlier....the use of negative space & movement helps in making the subject pop more to the surface... This is the method I will be using on City of Ink's shop manager, Samba Sillah....I redid his old BGP/Prophet Family tattoo I did back on 1999-2000 and added an elephant to the front arm...Sophie did the lotus at the bottom of his wrist..the next session I want to add flowers that can be found in Africa as background images... And many even one on his elbow.. I will post more as we go on...much love Samba "Friends & Family" FREE Tattoo weekend

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tattoo Upgrade...

I did this tattoo back in 1997 in Asheville...I thought it was over due for an the 90's we didn't use the same black ink we use he has grown a lot since 97 so the tattoos is faded from sun damage and weight gain....

The square didn't stay a straight square over the years so I used my markers to fix it....

It was good tattooing Rashad again... It's been years...felt like the Prophet Art days were back... Friends & Family Day @ City of Ink... FREE tattoos to my love ones.... I thank y'all for believing in me

NOTE: this is not a Miya Bailey drawing... It was a painting hanging up in my first tattoo shop in 1997 & one night about 3am I got bored and tattooed the painting on Rashad...

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Location:323 walke St. Atlanta GA 30313

Damion Bailey's Bird Tattoo

On the 2nd Free "Friends & Family" Tattoos Days @ City of Ink I got to tattoo my brother, Dada... I wanted to give him a matching bird tattoo... To match the one on my neck...I gave his bird a different pose... It's looking "back at all the struggles of the past" I love you bruh.... It was an honor.... Let's do this more often I miss you.

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Location:323 Walker St. Atlanta, GA 30313

Crackhead Alley Cat

I was walking over to the crackhead get some blunts and orange juice.. And this cat started following me.. The crackhead told me her name was "Skittles" I tried to take pics of her but she wouldn't be still...

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Harriet Tubman Tattoo

FREE "Friends & Family" Tattoo Weekend: Day 1

Tattoo: Harriet Tubman portriat (1st session: face & hair)

Brother: Kevin Harp aka Mr. Soul

Next Session: add the background (cotton plants) and finish her hands.

*Note: I was VERY honored to do this tattoo... Harriet Tubman is one of the worlds greatest hero figures...she was a REAL gangsta...a true warrior...I felt good going back to my old style of tattooing... In the 90's I did portraits almost everyday back in the "Prophet Art" days...thanks Kevin for letting me do this tattoo... Can't wait to finish it up... Much love

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Location:323 walker St. Atlanta, ga 30313

Tattoo Artist: Imani K. Brown

We have been working with Imani Brown & Pinz-n-Needlez for 4 years now... And she has grown to be my lil sister...I have watched her grow over the years...known for her tight clean linework and original subject matters... She is also a painter and launched her own brand called "Indian Pussy" based off a character she created... From tattoos to paintings, to sneakers, skateboards & fashion... Imani is a well rounded artist... She works at City of Ink every few months doing guest spots... She has tattooed both me AND Tuki Carter so that says a lot about her talent.... Here are 2 pieces she done this month up in DC if you would like to book Imani for her next Atlanta guest spot please call 404-525-4465 mon-sat 1pm-10pm

I'm REALLY loving that "Obey" piece.....

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Backpiece by Melvin Todd

I was checking my email and I forgot Melvin sent me a nice photo of that backpiece... Better than my iPhone pics lol...beautiful job bruh... Your shading is getting softer and softer each tattoo you do....props young man... Keep reppin' "City of Ink"

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Location:323 walker St. Atlanta, GA 30313

City of Ink's Melvin Todd

With every tattoo I have watched Melvin Todd grow as an artist...he has now launched his own website and is booking appointments fast...the other day Melvin finished up a backpiece he was working on...I love how it turned out.. I'm very proud of him... I'm hoping to get a tattoo of Basquiat done by Melvin soon...I think his style if tattoo would do one of my heros justice in a major way...he also loves doing pin-up girls so I know I will be getting a bad bitch inked on me also....

If you would like to book a tattoo appointment with Melvin Todd please call 404-525-4465 from 1pm-10pm for all details also follow him on Twitter @tat2king

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Location:323 Walker St. Atlanta, GA 30313

Chillin' @ Miya Dreamland

A few days again.. I was working on my book "Before I'm Gone: The Art & Life of Miya Bailey" and the homie came by to shoot me in my art studio... The photographer can be reached on Twitter @photosbyjnikki

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Location:Castleberry Hill, Atlanta GA 30313