Sunday, February 28, 2010

For Sale $250

Another piece for sale... It's called "Still Hungry" based on the lives of hard working people who feel these hard work isn't paying's the struggle! This painting didn't take me long to do so it's only $250 (the cheapest I will go) call or text me at 404-644-1912 if you want it...

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Location:Castleberry Hill

For Sale $500

Here is another old painting that's for's titled "Random" I was just inspired by music playing.... Random words caught my ears and I painted them... It's only $500 call or text me at 404-644-1912 and I will meet you at my art studio so you can see the size & quality in person.... Just hit me

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Location:Castleberry Hill

For Sale $400

I'm hanging new art up in my art studio and some of these old paintings have to go to make room for my new stuff....if your in Atlanta and want to drop by my art studio.... I have this painting for sale "Love Again" and it's only $400... If you want to buy this original piece of art call or text me at 404-644-1912

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Location:Castleberry Hill

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Send me your "Popular" Pics

Traffic is crazy for the Jay-Z concert... So I guess I will drop another blog...people are twitting emailing, tagging facebook pics of the "Popular" Art Show....I will post them as I get them in...send me your "Popular"
Art show & Kidrobot toys pictures

Send your "Popular" COI art show pics to me:

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Location:City of Ink: Art Gallery

Zodiac: Cancer

It's been a longgggg week... We have been filming... The Popular art show was amazing!! I finished my painting in time...I was up for over 48 & friends in town... And I just finished a cool piece a few hours ago on an empty I'm goin to the Waffle House and eat something bad for me.... This tattoo is my favorite "cancer" piece yet....thanks bruh and enjoy your night.... I will post the art show pics tomorrow, I'm too tired to do it tonight... I'm sure they are all over Facebook and some blogs sites.... Peaceeeee!

Dope pics bruh... I stole them from your Twitter page... Glad you got all the steps.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

TONIGHT is the BIG Night!

Tonight is the BIG night... The 3rd Anniversary COI Art Show! Free Admission & give aways 7pm-10pm food, photo booth drinks, music & affordable art!

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Location:City of Ink

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Almost Ready.....

I have been working hard on my art for the "Popular" show Friday.... I took a break and walked down to City of Ink to see how everything was going. They were REALLY working hard....I can't express how thankful I am to have a staff & family like the one I have now...I have a feeling this will be the best show yet.... everyone is focused....I love to see everyone working together like a team...time to get back on my painting....

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Location:Friday Feb.26 @ City of Ink 7pm-10pm

Monday, February 22, 2010

Corinne Stevie: A Day In Miya Bailey’s Studio

Corinne Stevie: A Day In Miya Bailey’s Studio
By: Corinne Stevie from

The other day I went to City of Ink to turn in artwork for the POPULAR Exhibition and I ran into Miya Baliey. He was headed to his art studio right up street from the shop and he invited me and my friends to come along. Miya is definitely an inspiration and a big bro! Was dope to hang around. The POPULAR exhibition will be Feb. 26 from 7-10pm at City of Ink. Come out and support!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tattooing the SC Homie....

I was adding on the homies, shoulder was a cool piece I was in a zone...listening to Kings of Leon at City of Ink

About to get started....

About to get started...yeah I was LITTLE nervous I can't

The "Stencil" Hand Tattoo

Me, DJ Wildlife, Chris Carter, and Russ Abbott...the video I forgot to upload...the stencil for my hand tattoo

Goldi Gold: I Work before I go to Work!!

Craig "Flux" Singletons first directed, shot and edited video. Goldi Gold of Jungle 45's Life and times of working at his artistic craft before working his night job. That's DEDICATION MANNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

Nasty Dreams "the tattoo"

I love when I'm asked to turn my artwork into tattoos....a few months ago I did "Let her be free" as a tattoo and yesterday on of my favorite Chicago clients ask me to do "Nasty Dreams" as a chest tattoo..this was a fun piece to do.... I will post better photo once I upload the pics to my computer from my deal camera....thanks bruh it was an honor once again

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Location:City of Ink, GA

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lion & Dove

This brother has been hittin me on Twitter for a sec now... I tattooed his friend, Dave and he liked what I did for him so he book an appointment and drove down from Ohio to get this tattoo... He wanted negative lines, a lion, dove, plus a halo... And here's what I created for him....he wanted the classic MB lion feel so I had to go back and study my older work to get back into that "zone" This was a fun piece to do.. Thanks my brother

For a tattoo appointment please call 404-525-4465 mon-sat 1pm-10pm

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It was a cool day at City of Ink yesterday....I got a sneak preview of some of the paintings that will be in the "Popular" show friday Feb.26...all the work was very inspiring and had me second guessing my own paintings.... They were that good! I'm really excited... We will be filming all week starting Monday at COI so drop by... And of your in Atlanta drop by the shop today and pick up a few flyers for the art show... All help is welcomed...I will be at COI from 3pm-10pm tonight

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Location:City of Ink

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The "Popular" Flyers! FEB.26

The "Popular" Flyers are in!!

I just walked in City of Ink and picked up a stack of the art show flyers... My 3pm appointment was a "NO SHOW" (so he lose his deposit for not calling in advance) so I'm taking this free time to hit the streets and pass out flyers...a few artists in the show have dropped off their pieces already and they look AMAZING... Makes me want to step my game up even more for this event...I need all the promotion help I can get so if your in Atlanta drop by City of Ink and grab some flyers... We ordered 5000 of them... They were designed by Corey Davis.... I would like to thank all our sponsors for believing in the COI movement

Friday FEB.26 7pm-10pm art must be submitted by the 22nd

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Location:City of Ink: FEB.26

Drawing allnight

Lastnight I was up drawing allnight....I have been working on my BOOK "Before I'm Gone: The Art & Life of Miya Bailey" for over 3 years now... And I'm almost to the point where I feel I can show some of my friends & family a few pages...but I will wait until after the FEB.26 City of Ink art show

I worked on the Tuki Carter drawings for the book lastnight Starting with the day we met in the dorm room up until we opened COI together....I'm including everyone who has been important to my life in my book... The people who has helped me get to this point in my life....

I took a few breaks...caught up on some reading.... X-Men comics of course and that new series from marvel called "Siege" it's very dope by the way.

I try to only surround myself with art, toys, photography and things that inspire me and spark new ideas...

I will be getting these 3 pieces framed soon for my art studio... More visual things to inspire me and keep me creative

Now it's time to get out of bed... I need to get over to my art studio to jump back on the art i'm doing for the art show (Friday Feb.26) meet with my accountant.... And be at City of ink for my 3pm tattoo appointment... A look into my life..... Miya Bailey

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Location:My Art Studio