Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Last Miami Appointment

Lastnight was cool... My last client yesterday was really cool...he was a firefighter....that's like some real super hero shit to me... You have to be brave as hell to jump in fire and save people....saving lives.... He asked for an "Ankh" so I thought "life" coming out of fire would match him perfectly.

Thanks bruh and be safe on the job many blessings.... MB

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Purpose Driven

I love doing positive quotes & lettering....this is step 1 of a chest piece I have started... He will be coming to Atlanta to finish it up...I have to be in my own surround for what I have on store for him... Thanks bruh

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Music "Color" Piece

She said she has been waiting 2 years for a tattoo by me.. I had to put my heart & soul in this... It was another music inspired piece....Thank you

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A DOPE Skull Tattoo Video by Jeff Gogue

The homie, Gino just turned me on to Jeff Gogue and his tattoo videos....this dude has major talent

My First Miami Appointment

This piece was the first tattoo I have done in Miami in over 9 years....she asked me for planets, music notes, ankh, sankofa, space, the universe, and she is also a this is what she inspired out of me.. Thanks Sis be blessed

The "Sharpie" Markers..someone need to write Sharpier Markers for me and tell them about me.... I need a sponsorship or something.. I'm serious I only use black & red Sharpies

Half way finished....soft relaxed shading and soft & hard outline

This was a fun piece... Can't remember how long it took I was in a zone listening to Goodie Mob & Outkast

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Location:Miami @ Gino's shop

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I don't believe in Flaws...

God made us all different for a reason...what one person dislikes about you another person will love...we all struggle from the mental images created by media... I'm too fat.... I'm too skinny... I'm too short... I'm too tall...I'm too dark... I'm too light...images of the people in magazines & tv that look like clones... They all look the this how life suppose to be? Every human fighting to be the same size? How can the human form have flaws? Maybe it's the artist in me but I can't see flaws in the human body....just imagine life if everybody had the SAME body shape...everyone was the same skin would bore you...God made the perfect "YOU" ...there is only one "you" so who can you compare yourself too? Self esteem is loving who you are...the only change needed is mental growth ...your body is a temple.... That temple should look different from the next who you every every how your hair roll up different from the next person....every finger print is different for a reason....what attracts you might don't attract me...we are humans... Not clones... Love yourself... You're the perfect YOU...your only "flaw" is not knowing why you were created that your flaws are inside NOT a healthy life take care of yourself but don't try to change your body to FIT "media beauty" that's not reality...self esteem is the love of self... There is only one "YOU" and that one "you" can inspire a whole lot more when you STAND OUT

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Location:The Human Body

Monday, January 25, 2010

Breaking News! Kid Robot & COI

KID ROBOT is an "official" sponsor of the City of Ink "POPULAR" Art show Fri. FEB.26 7pm-10pm,.. Hell yeah!

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Location:city of ink FEB.26

Listening to Music

As a simple man.. Simple things make me happy... One of the best feelings is sitting with a friend, lover, wife, whoever that special person is in your life and listening to a CD for the very first time music unheard to your ears...I feel a lot of people don't just sit down and "listen" to music anymore... I remember when Outkast was dropping new albums me & my crew would all go to Tower Records buy a tape & CD.. Rush home and we would all just sit on the floor and LISTEN to the words of every single song... We would study the production, the lyrics, and the cover was worth the purchase... After the album was over we would sit around and talk about what we all just listened seems like today's music has lost it's way...a leak of soul & you have to fast foward through songs.... There are some songs you can hear clearly was targeted for the radio & feels the "business" side of music has taken over the "artist" side of the music industry... I just miss how we would LISTEN to the songs... And feel the words of the lyric...I guess I will roll a blunt up...lay on the floor with my wife and listen to some old music and flashback to when musicians had the courage to be rebels and go against the grind... Creating timless music and not looking for just "radio" play.

I did that artwork about 9 years ago it was inspired by hip-hop and the way it use to make me feel... To be honest I have lose my love for "rap" music.... I wish balance was on the radio & on tv... We are FEEDING music to our children that leak a HUMAN soul... A lot of today's music is "fast food" music... Takes no time to create, and weak lyrics are hidden over beats that will make the women dance... A nice "hustle".... Music suppose to feed your soul and move your emotions... What type of food are you feeding yourself?

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Art from Tuesday

Tuesday my boy, Justin asked me to come over to Halo to do live art... I'm always down to do for that... Sometime I do get nervous in front of people...I have a shy side I'm trying to master....but I will do what I can for my I'm sitting in Halo listening to the music..every word inspires a new image in my mind...visuals of music...I actually SEE sounds...this drawing was inspires by the beauiful women staring at me drawing...the music behind me... I feel beats travel from my spine up to my brain...."ART" there is no feeling like it in the world.. So I made love to the pen "came" art... I gave birth to a new creation... Thank you

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Location:Halo Tuesday night

Various Artist – Greedmont Park [Video]

Here is another video, created by Corey Davis..he filmed it yesterday and edited it last night, Corey is getting better and better with these videos...a young man with vision...never stop bruh!

These guys continue to amaze me… Here is the second video for our compilation album Playground Vol. 1, available for free download on February 2nd, this is like the Greedmont park theme song featuring Mach Five, Micah Freeman, Trayon Pass and The Canz. [prod. by Rookie]

SMKA Presents: Chilly-O

The homie, Chilly-O did a dope interveiew with SMKA...I'm at the shop, and I seen Chris McAdoo watching the I had to blog it...props to this brotha...follow ALL your dreams bruh...your inspiring the youth..peaceee!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

After Work....

I just got off work I'm walkin past Slice on Peters St....where I ran to one of my homies "Sidestreet Ked" I have known Ked for years... We met through Tuki over 8years ago...he invited me over to his roof top...I thought we were going to smoke a blunt, but he ended up filming a music video to my surprize...Ked is leaving for China for 6 months and I'm proud of the brother...he has been working very hard and he deserve it... See the world, explore, be safe... And inspire the younger ones looking up to you... Be blessed

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Location:Castleberry Hill

Last tattoo of the night...

My last appointment of the night was cool ass hell... She had a nice idea and I knew I could bring her vision to life.... This tattoo was an early birthday gift to was an honor and I thank you for putting your trust in me.. when she said she want "orange" I got excited.. Orange is my favorite color to tattoo with... So I was happy :-)

The "Sharpie marker" skin sketch

The outline

The skin & clothing

It's finished...

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Location:City of ink

Quick blog....

Man... Look what I just watch collection is growing...will go perfect with my purple Adidas I got from Sporty LA....I will put it next to the g-shock....bout to start a big tattoo session.. Be back in a few hours yall

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Location:In fashion world

Hell yeah!

It's cool when people really read my twits & blogs... I posted last month about these new designer toys I thought were really dope...and today one of my followers on Twitter dropped by with the toy I twitted about...i'm very thankful for the gift... This year is going to be a good one.... I work a LOT and I do miss a lot of my life serving the people so when people bring a smile to my face it's means a lot to me.... I'm a simple man and it's the small things that make me everyone who has blessed my life with fan mail, positive feedback, words that inspire, gifts, and most of all LOVE & support.. I thank you for believing in me and making life better... I'm humbled and honored we all have crossed paths... Many blessings and I will do my best to make yall proud of me...

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Location:City of ink

Book Release PARTY Saturday JAN.23 in Asheville, NC

My little Brother, Dada (Damion Bailey) will be having his book release party in Asheville, NC this saturday JAN.23...It was HELL trying to cancel appointments to host this event..I couldn't cancel my first appointment because they had bought their plane tickets and hotel already..and the refund would have cost me wayyy too after that tattoo I will be hitting for road for 3 hours to get to the mountains of NC and support my brother on his big night...I will only be in Asheville for the party so if your in Asheville I BETTER see yall at Club "828"....I stole the post below from Dada's blog his words always inspire me...we have both came a long way in life and I'm VERY proud of him...I will try not to get too drunk at the I hope my Asheville niggaz have some blunts rolled up for me :-)if yall need me, hit my cell 404-644-1912...I will drop by and see my daughters first them jump fresh on yall asses....can't wait to see you bruh!

A Post by Damion "Dada" Bailey from

It's back. The celebration of "My Journal My Journey". This is my 2nd self-published book of poetry. The 1st book was entitled "Often Thoughts". I say tell folks it went Ghetto Gold in sales. Asheville was my strongest support. This is why I wanted to bring my 1st event home to Asheville. Once I decided this I put a bug in my homies ear. In October, I called Timmy Smith. He has shown success in having parties and a positive circle of energy. 2 things that motivated me to look for his assistance. It also helped that we were friends in high school, college, and to this current day. Turns out Timmy was the perfect partner. We have the same goals...similar aspirations. He's not afraid to let me know if my idea won't work. Also assisting Timmy with hosting this event is my big brother Miya Bailey. I love this guy immeasurable amounts. I've never held a bond so strong with anyone. Growing up he was by big brother, father figure, and inspiration. This guy means the world to me and I am grateful that he can take timeout of this busy schedule and alter appointments to be there for me.

So now we approaching our big day for the 2nd time (1st time got snowed out) January 23rd. Asheville, NC. Club 828. 10pm.

Hosted by:

Timmy Smith of and

Miya Bailey of and
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tattooing in Miami Jan.27-29

I will be tattooing in MIAMI Jan.27, 28, 29 call 404-525-4465 1pm-10pm $150 deposit to book an appointment

I haven't been to Miami in years... So I'm taking a trip down there to check out fellow tattoo artists Gino, Alex, & Dueler....I'm only tattooing "6" people (only 2 more spots are open for booking) I will be starting the filming of my doc film based on the lives & struggles of African American tattoo artists ..Gino has been tattooing for 16-17 years and Dueler has been tattoo since the 80's and is known for tattooing rock stars like Guns & Roses...both of these men are tattoo legends so I'm doing research on these brothers...I honor those who have paid dues..I'm about to go eat dinner with my family now before I go to Halo tonight... Me & Corey Davis are doing live art tonight...if your in Atlanta drop by the info (flyer) is below... Blessings yall

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Pants on the Ground

Only in Atlanta, GA....this man is 62 years old.... Lol I love it!

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Art @ Halo

Next Tuesday I will be doing live painting at Halo along with Miya Bailey for Art.


Sounds by:
Jackmaster Solomon & DJ RASTA ROOT

Greedmont presents Playground Part. I (Video)

City of Ink / Greedmont Park's Corey Davis created this video with a regular digital camera, some editing software in only 2 days...more proof that you don't need money or make a nice music video..just a creative mind, vision, and NO EXCUSES!!!...Corey I'm very proud of you young man!

The first leak off Greedmont Park’s compilation album, Playground Vol. 1, due February 2nd. This “posse-track” is a cipher between Hollyweerd, Young Lyxx, Trayon Pass, Mach Five, Trimm, Mums FP, Samba Sillah, and Sean Falyon. Classic material. [prod. by Rookie]

I had a groupie moment

I meet and know a lot of celebs....and I'm not one of those "Hollywood" types... But I have a respect and major love for those artists & musicians who go againist what's on the radio and express themselves in a pure yesterday I was on Twitter and I seen Erykah Badu was posting the ages of all 3 of her seeds...I clicked on her profile pic and I just love this woman... I guess that's some "groupie" shit because we have only crossed paths a few times...the first time was in the 90s at her first show in Atlanta (The Ying Yang kafe) I got to hold her coat while she performed on stage....I was young and excited like a kid on Christmas yesterday when I seen she was following me on Twitter... I turned back into a kid....I had a damn groupie moment lol just wanted to share that with yall....I'm a simple man... And those simple things make me smile... If your on Twitter follow me @MiyaBailey

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Let her be Free "Tattoo"

I got a LOT of email about the drawing I did called "Let her be free"...I never thought about making it into a tattoo...I turned a few people down but one person I couldn't say "no" to and it was my homegirl, Kimberly (the mate of Tattoo legend, Lord Yatta) we only had time to start the outline because I had to get to a party at the Sutra lounge, so I will be finishing the tattoo in a week or 2... If you have never read "Let her be free" then type the title in the "search" box on the top of my blog... Hope yall enjoy... Thanks again Kim aka Warrior Mama

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Location:City of Ink

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Lion tattoo

Seem like lions get more popular by the each time I have to design one different from the rest...this one took me about 5 hours to do.... Hope yall like it.... My iPhone wasn't takin the best pictures yesterday

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Location:City of Ink 404-524-4465