Friday, April 30, 2010

Only the Strong Survive

You never had a chance to fly...viewed as weak so they pushed you out the never had a chance to prove yourself... They gave up on you before you could even show them your beauty...but your beauiful to me.. Wings or no wings... Feathers or no feathers... Now you can fly without them... Return to the Most High...LIFE

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I was walking around smoking weed in the back streets of DC... Tryin' not to be seen by the police & weed haters....and ran into a flower garden...I know i'm a dude but I LOVE flowers....I don't like tattooing flowers on people at all...but I do like drawing them on remind me of women...soft, colorful, smells good and will dry up when not cared for...God is perfect

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Corey Davis tattooing in NYC: May 11-22

City of Ink's young genius "Corey Davis" will in tattooing in Queens, NY at One Stroke Tattoo from May 11-22... He is now booking appointments in advance just call the info on his flyer...

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Lola the English Bulldog

I was standing on U Street today in front of the tattoo shop "Pinz-n-Needlez" and a lady with a beautiful English bulldog walked by...I'm a lover all bulldogs, so I asked her if I could take a few photos....the dog's name is "Lola" and she is 3 months old....she has one beautiful light blue eye

I tried my best to take pics but she wouldn't sit still...but look at her "eye"

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Genash Elephant Tattoo

This has to be one of my favorite tattoos this year...this is the first DC appointment on this tour... She gave me creative control... She gave me 2 ideas and the genash elephant was the best idea... I LOVE to do black & took ALLday but she was one STRONG woman...most men would have tapped out after the first 4 hours... Thanks Sis for this moment

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I miss my Dog

Man, I wish Rabbit came with me to DC... I woke up missing my lil homie... Can't wait to see him when I get back home...he is growing so fast

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Walking down the street

I'm walking down U Street and saw this nice piece of art on the side of a building....

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Location:U Street

Monday, April 26, 2010

Side Tattoos: Follow the Curves

I did this piece Saturday... It was an allday session... I started with the outline of course, the theme was "rebirth & the past" I wanted to use her natural curves to guide the design....I wanted your eyes to follow her body... Listened to some good music to capture the "emotion"

Once the outline was over I started the shading... Taking my time to get smooth soft shading

I added the color next... I used the music that was playing to picked the colors... Different music puts me in a different zone

After hours of tattooing I can tell it was starting to hurt her.. So I finished her up so she could fly back to Miami and brag about the day she spent at City of Ink

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Location:City of Ink

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sophie C'est la vie x Che Mack

Sophie and Che'Mack clowning around...via greedmont park by corey davis

this was shot by Corey Davis with a new canon 5d camera that has filming and photo capabilities. dope!!!

my puppy's first video appearance....introducing the world to "Rabbit Bailey" lol

Miya Bailey... Life Outside of a Tattoo Artist!

Just me at my art studio on my day off was shot by Goldi Gold & Flux...they did a good job..I want to see them do Tuki next..thanks yall

DC: Busboys & Poets

Imani took me & Tuki over to "Busboys & Poets" for breakfast... It was a cool place... And from a businessman point of view... It's a genius idea... Poets, good food, beautiful people and a relaxing vibe...we need a spot like this
in Atlanta for all the anti-Hollywood folks like myself... Thanks Imani

I had the Buckwheat Pancakes, very good... I will go back... They also serve vegan food for the veggie heads

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Plane Blogging

I'm writing a few blogs now while I have free time on the plane....since I have no signal I will save them all on my iPhone....Samba booked us the worse seats "E" so me and Tuki are both sitting in the middle...I have a hard time going to sleep sitting straight up in these little seats...but it's a cool flight except for the guy next to me sleeping and his face is facing me.... And the other guy on my other side is snoring...Tuki is sitting me behind and they are making me turn off my phone....I will post more later once we land in DC

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Lost Friends....

I'm sitting on the plane..heading to DC for another business trip...thinking about how this year has changed so much and it's only April.... I lost a few friends this year... Mostly because I'm tryin to change my lifestyle, focus on bettering the lives of my family members, distance myself from unwanted drama and negative energy....I'm usally labeled "selfish" because when I don't like something or feel uncomfortable about something I get away from it....maybe that is selfish... But I'm human, I have flaws... I'm not wise on all my decisions but I do follow my instinct and it has kept me alive and out of drama for a few years now.. This change of mindstate has helped me attract some really good people in my life and it has also painfully made me distance myself from people I love dearly based on their surroundings and actions... My life hasn't been easy, and change isn't easy ... So I try not relaspe in bad habits.... I was back home in the projects and I know at this point of my life I can now visit my old hoods and stay out of the hood beefs.... It do hurt to see my friends beefing with each other... So I distance myself from them to run away from the pain of "disappointment" ...back in Atlanta, I had to distance myself from friends for getting caught up in this fake "Hollywood" bullshit...losing their souls to be liked by people they don't even need in their life to better their growth....I don't know it all so I never give advice on a matter I haven't lived through before... If I have made a mistake I try to help those around me not make the same mistakes....if you do ask me for my words of advice... turn around and don't trust me judgement and make the mistake anyway.. It's simple don't come to me after it's over like I suppose to stop my life and wipe your tears when I warned you in the first place.. Friendship should be based on good company, positve energy, and helping each other grow.... If you don't want to change then I have a choice not to be around you anymore... I'm working on trying to be a better man myself... And I'm a father of three...if something isn't right.... I warn you and you don't trust my judgement then I'm not really needed in your life... I guess I am selfish....I do have tunnel vision... Maybe the books "The Secret" & "48 Laws of Power" has changed how I view my life and the people I want to share personal time with....or maybe I'm just growing older and understand the value of "TIME" more....I can't tell others how to live their lives so I hope they will learn by my own actions....losing friends is very painful but who said rebirth wouldn't hurt?

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kente T-Shirts on sale $20

Extra limited Edition "Kente" shirts on sale at City of Ink for only $20.... These tees were created by Corey Davis of City of Ink & Greedmont Park....if your in Atlanta drop by and pick one up

Call 404-525-4465 sat-mon for more details....1pm-10pm

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Location:City of Ink

Friday, April 23, 2010

Girlie Tattoo

She already had 2 flowers tattooed on her arm and wanted me to add more to it.... She asked for something sexy, that flows, colorful, and have a City of Ink feel to it....

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Location:City of Ink

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Symbols "Tattoo"

This was a fun piece to do...he came in with a few symbols... But yall know I can't do a plan ole tattoo so I had to think of a design using all these symbols plus an eye of rah

I smoked one with Tuki... Talked about future business plans....while the other side of my brain focused on designing the tattoo... I always think about art and business at the sametime... But I'm working on mastering each one (art & business) at different balance both sides of my being

I pulled out the sharpie markers after the "session" with Tuki... And the design came to me with ease.... I wanted to use little color...bold clean outline...and soft shading... This was his first tattoo so I wanted to be easy on him...

This is what it looked like after it was done....thanks bruh it was an honor.

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Location:City of Ink