Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random stuff...

Just some random inspiring stuff...

This photographer did a beautiful job on this photo... It's one of my clients from Miami....the brother has a nice the shadows

Just a photo of a sleeve me & Tuki are doing together on one of our DC clients...he posted it up on facebook and I had to post it up... Thanks bruh

I usally don't like cheesy MJ art but this piece is DOPE... I don't know who the artist is but if any of you know who did this painting please tell me his or her name.

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Chicago Nights & Weed

Walking from my hotel room... I thought about my life.. All the children...their safety in this crazy world.. Knowing I can't protect them from all pain... Thinking about my marriage and where we will both be in a year.... Together or apart? ....since forgiveness isn't easy all the time... How long will I be punished for not telling her the truth...and for my flaws....

After I got back to my room I looked at the news.. And these people were talking about weed... Is it crime or should it be legal.... 99% of everyone I know smokes weed... Who they fooling.. Chicago needs weed... These dudes wild...a fatherless region of young warriors with no guidance... No real leadership... Let them smoke their weed...I know my nerves bad and I need it to relax me and I'm just an artist... Just imagine a life where trying to stay alive is a Struggle... I wish they would just legalize it and focus on real American issues like the homeless and people who can't find jobs to eat their families...

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Walking the street of Chicago

Yesterday was the first day of the tattoo convention... Both of my appointments showed up... I even got a tip (rare) y'all know some of "our" people don't be tipping.. So I was super thankful....

After a long day of working... We hit the streets of Chicago to explore the surroundings...

Chicago is a very beautiful city....From the buildings to the people....I don't have to tattoo Monday so I will get to check out "The Taste" that will be fun....I will post the tattoo photos later

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

4 Week old French Bulldog in Chicago

I'm walking down the streets of downtown Chicago looking for a good deep dish pizza spot and ran into this beautiful one month old french bulldog...y'all know I love frenchies...making me miss mine already

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Tattooing in CHICAGO June 25-27 fri-sat

City of Ink's Miya Bailey & Sophie are tattooing in CHICAGO this weekend June 25-27. Call or text 404-644-1912 for tattoo info.

Tattoo Expo
@ Donald E. Stephans
Convention Center
5555 N. River Rd.
Rosemont, IL 60018
Fri. 2pm-11pm
Sat. 11am-11pm
Sun. 11am-8pm
404-644-1912 (Miya Bailey's cell call or text for info)

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Location:Donald E. Stephans Convention Center

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting Big....

I'm sitting over here at my art studio with Prophet & Rabbit.. It's crazy to see how humans & animals grow up... I remember when Prophet was just a baby and Rabbit grew up in 2 months...that's crazy! is beautiful...God is amazing.

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Lion, Sun, & Stars: Tattoo

These are common used images but I had to think of a way to make it look different from the others.... I focused on the flow of his arm..put all the images together and created this Piece... The lettering at the bottom of the tattoo was done by my mentor.. Julia, who trained me in the art of tattooing.... It's cool to be able to add on to one of her tattoos

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Location:City of Ink

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dancing Baby Doing The Samba In Brazil

This is crazy...well this is talent! This little dude is getting down...Brazilians are beautiful people.

DNA Tattoo: 2nd Session

This is the 2nd session for the DNA sleeve....I did the first session last month and it healed up well.... So yesterday it was time for part 2

This is what it looked like all healed up... The colors stayed bright so I was on to the 2nd session... He wanted this one to have more flow and the use of negative space.... So here is what I did..

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Location:City of Ink


Here are a few photos from last weeks art event...Art Stroll was dope last week in Castleberry Hill...if you didn't come out you missed some DOPE art work!

Friday, June 18, 2010

This months Urban Ink Magazine

Some of my work was featured in Urban Ink magazine this month...I really don't know wasup with Urban Ink promoting untrained tattooist in their magazine these days... A lot of scratchers have been getting features it's crazy... But hey I can't change this industry alone....thanks for putting my art in your pages once again and props to the photographer and for Rick for letting me tattoo him

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Africa Tattoo

I had to go back to the basics with this tattoo...he brought in a bunch of images he wanted inside of Africa... And here you go...this style is the root to my beginnings in tattooing...I felt like
I was 19 years old ago...thanks again bruh

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Location:City of Ink

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Respect Magazine

A lot of y'all know I'm a collector of many things and dope magazines are one of them...if your a fan of beautiful photography and rare images of your favorite classic hip-hop figures... This magazine is for you... Go over to Borders books or Barnes & Nobles and pick up an issue.... Support your local book stores.... Books & magazines are the only thing people aren't bootlegging these days so let's keep books, magazines, & print media alive y'all.

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Egyptian Chest Tattoo

I really don't want to say much but I really love doing pieces this size... I can add on to it a million different ways....I just want it to be beautiful.

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Location:City of Ink 404-525-4465