Tuesday, June 30, 2009

City of Ink Artwork showing @ 255 Tapas Lounge TONITE!!

Drop by 255 tonite and check out the artwork of City of Ink...over in Castleberry Hill on Peters St...255 will also have DRINK SPECIALS...support my artist, they are all talented...and all have different styles of art.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Damn Dog ate my weed!!!

I would have been pissed if a dog ate my weed....but this shit is funny! it almost killed that dog...check it out yall

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Zack, Axe, Cowboy and City of Ink

Chillin' outside the shop with some good people...the peaceful vibe of Castleberry Hill...we were HAPPY...we all got tickets to the Devin the Dude show...Thanks Fadia and thanks Jabari...Devin is my favs so it was a blessing from God..and we had the BEST seats...we were on the stage...up close in person smoking good..if you were there at the Apache then you know...peace yall and much love....RIP MJ and Farrah!!!

Live LIFE yall...like you don't have a tomorrow...follow ALL your dreams, life is short!...thanks Devin!

Before the Devin the Dude show....

Tuki had to walk his dog before the show so we drove over to his house, his brother Chris Carter filmed this video...Tuki has A.D.D. so he got side tracked...lol

The Atlanta Tattoo Convention...

The Atlanta Tattoo Convention was a few weeks ago. It was good seeing all the tattoo artists I look up too. Wassup to Phil and Russ two dope ass tattoo artists! I wish more black people would support these conventions...but hey maybe oneday

The MILO project for Xbox....amazing!

This shit is amazing..the future is here yall...people don't even have to have kids anymore you can create one for your Xbox..lol check out Milo...the human mind can create anything...what is our limit?

Fuck the Wii...the NEW XBox

Ok yall I love my Wii but the XBox is about to kill the game world. A video game system with NO CONTROLLERS...YOU are the controller, it's scans your body and you jump right to the fun...just watch this shit!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just a short COI Video clip.....

Just a lil' something....showing off the ink thats on OUR bodies...we didn't do the tattoos featured on this video clip...while mine where done by Tuki...props to the other artist.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

City of Ink & Hot 107.9's Birthday Bash 14

Tattoo Arts Festival 2009

Local Castleberry Hills City of Ink tattoo artist Tuki Carter prepares his tools at his booth. City of Ink was written up in Inked magazine. The layout is seen in this image behind Carter. ELISSA EUBANKS / eeubanks@ajc.com

Bo Hannon, 33, from Atlanta gets a "cover-up" on his chest from local Castleberry Hills City of Ink tattoo artist Tuki Carter. Hannon says he never knows what he is going to get with Carter since he draws his tattoos free-hand. ELISSA EUBANKS / eeubanks@ajc.com

MGTV: Maurice Garland chats with Miya Bailey of City of Ink

www.mauricegarland.com catches up with Miya Bailey of City of Ink at the Atlanta Arts Tattoo Festival

Monday, June 15, 2009

Was Michael Jackson inspired by "Snake In the Grass " 1974 ?

Was Michael Jackson influenced by Bob Fosse's "Snake in the grass" character from the 1974 movie The Little Prince? Peep the dancing style....remember this is 1974

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kid Robot

For the REAL designer Toy and fashion heads,..the one and only KID ROBOT...enjoy

Monday, June 8, 2009

City of Ink @ The Pool....

Today we all hooked up and met over Sophie's crib and jumped in the pool...Tone and Rasheeda were on the grills...it was a relaxing and it was good to be around COI outside of work...I hope yall enjoy!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Brandi Pettijohn's Doc the Artist: MIKE FLO

Brandi Pettijohn did a dope "Doc the Artist" on my RBG brother, Mike Flo...learn about the warrior we call Mike Flo....Brandi you did your thing once AGAIN!...keep inspiring sis!

One Year ago @ City of Ink.....

Man, I think it's time for EJ, and some musicians to drop by City of Ink again for a jam session...nothing is better than tattooing to live music...EJ holla at me!

Corey Davis found her....LOL

I was over on GreedmontPark.com (Corey Davis & A.ware's blog site) and this girl is WILD...why do she want everyone in her business like this?? and how old is she??

If you never been over to GreedmontPark.com...then you should check it out...I will be posting blogs on there from time to time...Corey is doing his thing and have goals so I will play my part and making sure he's dreams come true...

but back to this lil' freak....man, where is her FATHER???

OOPS...she SAID "she is NOT a freak" sorry lil' lady..I won't call you a freak again..lol

Tattooing Mike Flo's HEAD!....ouch!

One word for Mike Flo....WARRIOR!...today I started the first session to Mike's head piece..I will explain the tattoo another day..it's 5:17am and I'm tired ass hell so I'm about to roll one up and hit the bed...thanks Mike Flo! RBG...yall enjoy the video...watch Mike's face..LOL yes it hurts on the head...no matter how gentle my hands are...I can't stop the pain of head tattoos...

Sidestreet Ked & Mike Flo @ City of Ink

Today was a good day at City of Ink...Ked dropped by (wish he fixed our soda machine..LOL) with a wig on....Mike Flo got a tattoo done on his HEAD (I will post that video in a sec) and everyone was busy taking walk-ins...it's a blessings business is doing well in these days and time...thanks yall: to friends, family, staff, clients, and customers for making City of Ink a place for SMILES and good times...Inpsire YOUR city!

Dymond Wayz Photoshoot.....with Cupcake Mafia

Yesterday after my last tattoo, I had to run over to Pearl's Baltimore Seafood (on Peters St.) to help my homegirl, Kesh out with a photoshoot with the Cupcake Mafia...I'm no model and I will never be one, but I had to support Kesh. She is a fellow Castleberry Hill business owner, and I love to see a person with hustle & drive so I was honored to play my part. If your ever in Castleberry Hill, drop by Dymond Wayz on Fair street next to the parking lot where "Off the Hook" barber shop is....props to the Horne Brothers for doing their once again...they were the photographers on this shoot..and they are also working on the City of Ink reality TV show....peace yall...I'm about to post more videos....

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Dragon Backpiece.....no stencils

My 4th session with Gilbert from Delaware...thanks bruh...can't wait to finished it...I'm putting the coi fish and dradonflies in color...keep the rest in black & grey...

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Another day @ City of Ink

In these troubling times, its good to be around positive energy and people. No matter how stressful life it..I feel THANKFUL to have the family, friends, and staff I have in my life...Just being at City of Ink surrounded by creative people, smiles, beautiful people can and do make life feel like you don't have a problem in the world. I have been to alot of tattoo shops and studios in my life..so when we decided to build City of Ink we wanted to do something totally opposite from the "normal" a place not built with a lot of money but A LOT of Love....just wanted to express how thankful I am to have the clientele we do, and the artist we do...it's just another day at COI..time to jump on that tat...I do have a few more videos to post up

PS...I seen my first Mike Giant tattoo in person today...on black skin...NICE and clean!

Hollyweerd: Automatic Classic @ Lenny's Bar

Death and pain....

I just got a call from my mother a few minutes ago..my sister's father Billy is sick with cancer and they said he might have a week to live....Billy is a major part of my book I'm working on and he helped raise and mold me as a man....He was the first man who teach me the value of forgiveness. I wish I could be there for my mother and sister right now in this moment of pain...but I have clients who flew in for their tattoos so I'm stuck at City of Ink today...but tattooing will help me keep my mind off of this. Billy is like a father to me....and the very first page of my book starts with a story about him and my mothers relationship. Nikki I love you sis, and I hope you be strong for your father....he is in my prayers...now it's time to tattoo Mike Flo's head..he is my first appointment today...and he beat cancer himself years ago...so make this is a sign of balance...birth and death....I love BILLY G....you will always be like a father to me...THANK YOU for helping me become the man I am today....may The Most High guide your light to the other side in peace....