Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pinz-n-Needlez tattooing @ City of Ink Dec 7-10

I know I'm booking my appointments.. I want another bird tattoo by Chris... And some crazy line work from Imani.... DC Comes to ATL

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

City of Ink [Melvin Todd, Tuki Carter, Wale, & Rick Ross] VIDEO

City of Ink’s Melvin Todd & Tuki Carter featured in Wale (and Rick Ross) video “Tats on my arm” It also features the art work of many of COI and atlanta artists…so check out the paintings in the background….props to Tuki for handling all the business for this video shoot…he making boss moves….

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

20th Year Tattoo #TOUR

#TOUR Houston, DC, NYC, Detroit, LA, SF, Charlotte, Asheville, Chicago, Portland, Dallas, Miami... What other cities should be added??

Miya Bailey & City of Ink tattoo artists will be touring for 2012 if you would like to add your city to this tour or get details on how to book a tattoo appointment please call City of Ink at 404-525-4465 mon-sat 1pm-10pm

NOTE: Deposits will vary depending on flight & hotel cost in each city. We ask for deposits up front to hold your tattoo appointment and to book plane tickets & hotel rooms. There is no refund on deposits since the Money will be use for traveling to serve you and doesn't not go towards the cost of your tattoo.

Miya Bailey "Oct 2012 will mark my 20th year tattooing. This will also be my last year tattooing full-time so I want to introduce the world to the 2nd generation of City of Ink tattoo artists & painters. I will be focusing more on promoting our artists, behind the scenes, marketing, painting more & teaching new artists how to tattoo so my style of tattooing will be used long after im gone..... Please support me & city of ink on this next chapter of our lives & art careers. It's been a beautiful 19 years... So let's make my 20th year the BEST one yet... SUPPORT THIS TOUR... Many blessings & thanks"

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"J is for Junkie" TONIGHT @ 7pm

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Life Death & Censorship....

The painting I did for the City of Ink: Troy Davis Art Show.....inspired by the media

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