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Artist Profile: Miya Bailey
July 30, 2009
Posted by Miguel Collins

I had a chance to talk to Miya Bailey at the Tattoos For a Cure Convention in Los Angeles back in April. Miya, with Tuki Carter, have built Atlanta's City of Ink Tattoo into a household name in the city, and garnered a well deserved rep beyond. Here's how the conversation went...

How long have you been tattooing?

I've been tattooing since '93.

How did you start out, was it an organic process?

It started out, first, because of poverty. I was living in the projects. I had a baby. I was a father. I was really trying to make a way for my children.

So what I did, like anybody from the hood, I started to do it the home way, but I knew I couldn't get past hood money doing it that way. I knew I was a businessman by nature so I decided to follow the right path and get an apprenticeship, which was hard in the early '90's -- it was '93 so trying to find an apprenticeship took a long time. I researched a couple of shops and ended up West End Tattoo.

How did you choose that shop?

I wasn't choosing it. I went down the phone book in alphabetical order and was denied down to the W's.

How long was your apprenticeship?

Almost 3 years. From Julia [Alponsio, formerly of West End], I learned the aspects of sterilization, professional tattooing and also the business aspect. I believe that you can be a talented artist, but if you have no business sense, you're not really going to make it.

How did your experiences as an apprentice affect how you choose your apprentices now?

My apprenticeship was hard. For my shop, I like competition; everyone wants to feel that they are the best artist. The way to prove that you're the best artist is to outdo the next person. That's what I try to instill in my apprentices.

Tuki and I learned tattoo from bikers, old school bikers, so we had to learn the traditional way and learn the aspect of old school biker culture. The shop was run by the Outcasts Biker gang.

The owner of the shop was female property of the Outcasts Biker club; therefore, everyone in the club was our boss, her husband was our boss also. So we learned and worked a lot.

I assume these were white boys?

When I lived in Asheville, NC, I tattooed mostly white clientele. When I moved to Atlanta, which is a mostly black city, I tattooed all blacks. The actual truth is the Outcasts Biker Gang is a black biker gang. Atlanta is a chocolate city.

I didn't have much experience tattooing white skin until I started to develop my own style in the early 90s. A lot of people don't know this but I was into the Gothic style, you know, zombies and dark imagery.

This was the era of Paul Booth, and anything that Paul Booth was doing at the time, everyone followed.

Let's talk about your inspiration for painting as well. What came first: the tattooing or the painting?

I've been drawing all my life. I'm an illustrator first; I've been doing illustrations since I was a kid. The earliest drawing I have is from '79 -- it's recognizable, you can tell what it was even though I was young. I started painting in '97, and professionally tattooing in '94.

Is there any connection between your painting and your tattooing?

No, with tattooing I have to listen to someone else's ideas and be inspired by them. I have a lot of clients who say, "I just want you to do anything," but you can't really just do anything. I might be in the mood to do a bunny rabbit on somebody, you know, then they are like "I didn't have that in mind." So you have to see the personality -- it has to spark something in me; I have to be inspired by the client. They have to move me some way.

In painting, I'm not thinking about business. In tattooing, I'm thinking about mass appeal -- how other tattooists are going to react to the tattoo. I'm thinking of everyone else except myself. In painting, I'm only thinking about myself, not about sales, the message. I'm not worried about anything; it's just a free flowing of my life and my culture. The life I live, that's my paintings. I see painting as my vacation from tattooing.

I look at tattooing as more as more of a 50/50 of business and art. In painting, I take the business aspect out of it: it's raw pure art.

In Atlanta do you have a lot of contact with other artists? Is there a lot of collaboration.

The tattoo shops really don't collab because of the business aspects to it, but the artists know each other. The tattoo community in Atlanta is pretty close knit. We're cool with the shop that me and Tuki started in. We're cool with all of our apprentices. We paid our dues, we didn't burn any bridges, and we didn't step on anybody's toes. We created our own lane, so everybody gotta have to respect that, unless you're just a real hater. We are cool with all the artists that come to our art shows.

So you have art shows at the City of Ink?

It's an art gallery first and foremost. We do a new show every month. The next is the Corey Davis solo show.

We open up to anybody; we're the only art gallery in Atlanta that doesn't ask for a percentage of the sales. Our goal is to really start a movement where the artists can make money and stop undercutting other artists. My number one goal is to show that artists can be millionaires.

The more freedom you have, the better artwork you have. A lot of times, when an artist is not worried about paying that phone bill, that power bill, you can create what's real and what's raw. In Europe, they respond to artists; they pay artists to be artists. In America, the lack of art is really bad.

Quincy Jones said we don't have an ambassador of arts and music. I think we need one.

In Atlanta is there a black tattoo scene?

We are the black tattoo scene, period. We got another couple of artists, but they all started from one shop. The Atlanta tattoo culture started in West End [...] It's changing now, but in the early 90's, there were no other black shops in Atlanta.

What are the specific considerations when your tattooing black people?

Personally, I think it's totally opposite than tattooing white skin -- it's a completely opposite thing. It's like going to any beauty salon: a white woman would get a perm one way, a black woman will get a perm a different way. You can't use the same methods you would when your tattooing white skin.

If you're a tattoo artist and you master black skin, you can easily move over to white skin. But just because you're good on white skin, doesn't mean you can do just anything on black skin. It's surgery and art, 50/50.

Are there any colors you stay away from?

No, I don't believe in that color thing. You know how they say black skin is limited in colors, but no, it's all about how you slow down -- and who's training you. You know we learned through trial and error at City of Ink. Every artist, we master each color one at a time. The same way you apply yellow, you wouldn't apply purple; the way you apply greens, you won't apply reds. We learn each color in.

On white skin, you can work a lot of colors the same way. On black skin, if you're using yellow, you have to ease up a little bit. A lot of people think you have to drill it in, but if you soften up a little bit, you might have a better result.

So it's about tuning your machine as well?

Fine tune your machine and you're good to go. That's what it's about. Your tattoo machine and working the inks that you got. It's not all about the name brand of the ink and all this stuff. It's all about who's training you and how you take your time doing it.

Then it's a longer time to put the tattoo in, you can't rush through it?

You can't rush through it because it will show. It will show.

We talked about the art, now let's talk about the business of tattooing. Many tattoo artists aren't as organized as you are or have your managerial skills. Do you put a lot of thought into this?

I'm really big on leadership, and I'm really big on business. When me and Tuki were putting City of Ink together, my mind state was Barry Gordy, you know how Barry Gordy put Motown together. He groomed his artists, he showed them how to market, he showed them how to dress, he showed them everything.

Tuki is a fashion icon in Atlanta, and he started a whole culture of how people dress in Atlanta. So I thought that would be a good way to market our artists, with a little of Tuki's fashion sense to give an image to the shop. With that image, you can promote it.

With us its not just an [art] apprenticeship about tattoos, we teach all aspects of business. Number one: it's about business. Number 2: it's about appearances and how you carry yourself. A lot of people don't know that we all had dreadlocks, we were all wild. That image scared a lot of people off, so we decided to all cut our hair off. It was a business decision.

We changed the location. We changed the name of the shop [previously, Prophet Art]. People were scared of the word "prophet" so we changed it to City of ink, based on the movie City of God.

You fine tuned your business model to the masses.

To promote it there is nothing wrong with that; to me, tattooing is commercial now anyway. I didn't want to make it so commercialized that other tattoo artists got mad at me but I wanted to do it before another shop did.

The number one thing is that you tattoo because you love it, but you still have to make money.

We are learning as we go; we haven't mastered everything yet, but we haven't reached a million dollars yet either. We want to inspire other people in other cities that you can be an artist and not be a "starving artist." We want to destroy that whole image of the starving artist. I think artists should make the same money as athletes. We use our minds and bodies. I just think we should make more money than football players and basketball players. That's just my opinion.

What is next for City of Ink?

Next is dropping this Hollyweerd album. It's Tuki and his group. It's a whole culture, it's a lifestyle, it's music, it's fashion, it's art, it's business -- it's all these aspects of being free, and freedom is our number one message.

For the original interview is the link:

Another Music Video filmed @ CITY OF INK

Another music video was filmed at City of Ink months be honest I forgot all about it...yall check out COI's Mel Man aka Melvin Todd in his first video cameo.

Yall need to check out Melvin, follow him on twitter: and to book him call 404-525-4465 (1pm-10pm) closed on sundays
(check out the Hollyweerd poster in the window and the photo Corey Davis in the background by Carla Aaron-Lopez...wink)

MJG ft Slim Big Time Music Video

Carla Aaron-Lopez on "My (Black) American Life"

Right now City of Ink is looking for artist,painters,photographers, etc for future art shows..artist that DON'T fit the mold...that think outside the stereotypes...there is one of the past artist (photographer) Carla Aaron-Lopez.

If your an artist and want to feature your art at the City of Ink: Art Gallery please call 404-525-4465 (1pm-10pm) closed on sundays.

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Music Video of the Week

I really miss the ART of music videos...todays music videos leak creativity, soul, emotion, and STORY TELLING..I know a lot of young people read my blog so I have decided to post more videos from musicians I love and respect...maybe these videos will inspire your music video directors....For the 80's head, yall know this song to the young folks who don't know much about the 80's I introduce you to a real music video that reflects the culture of that time "Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar"

I learn something new everyday....

Tonight Demayne, Chris Carter, and myself was on youtube looking for old music videos...Demayne asked me if I had ever seen Stevie Wonder play the drums? Man, I didn't even know Stevie played the drums...I learn something new, my and Chris were amazed! I know Mr. Wonder is a genius but now I think he is "SUPER HUMAN" a God like talent..I'm blown away...thanks for showing me this Demayne...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hollyweerd "I wanna Meet her" produced by Spree Wilson

Yesterday was a cool day. I was on my way to a business meeting when Demyane (the manager) hit me up saying there were some film makers at the shop waiting for me. Demanye FORGET to tell me I was doing an interview for a doc film called "I am A Dream Chaser" about 10 people who followed their dreams in life...I will get back on that the film on the next blog...when I got to the shop Tuki, Chris and Dreamer had to leave for sound the looks of the cameras and the crew I knew I would miss both my business meeting and the Hollyweerd show...I did the interview (they asked some of the BEST questions any writers have asked me) so it went very well...they will be back on saturday to finish the if your in ATL drop by and be apart of this...I hate I missed ANOTHER Hollyweerd show...but Tuki just showed me this youtube video someone taped lastnight...I love this song props to Spree for producing a hit..hope NY treating you good bruh you deserve it...time for me to hit the barber shop..I will hit yall later...blessings, Miya Bailey

PS...enjoy the Hollyweerd video...if your in LA...they will be performing at a few places follow them on twitter: and on faceback under "Hollyweerd"

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Lastnight @ Tongue & Groove

It's no secret, I don't like night clubs or really don't like being around a lot of people. But lastnight was cool, the party was GREAT. So many people were there it was crazy..The promoters and the people showed City of Ink a lot of love...I was honored to be apart of this party...I don't know when I will do another party or even go to another night club but lastnight inspired hear the voices of the people and to shake the hands and hug my people was a blessing...being a country boy from Asheville, NC alot has changed in my life and it showed last night...if a kid born in the projects can make it anyone can....Thank you Urban Ink magazine, Furious Ent, Makeup by Tierra, and Tongue & Groove for supporting the COI Movement...many blessings yall!

hmmmm I might start going out more....the people inspire the art...and change is good.

Alfamega Speaks.....

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My love for Marvel Comics....

In this stressful world we call the "Tattoo Industry" I escape in comic books...I have been collecting X-Men comics and other Marvel books since I was in 3rd brings peace to me...and I'm a lover of fantasy and good writing...and as an artist you know I LOVE is a piece I did up in DC at Pinz-N-Needlez...this dude wanted me to use his favorite characters ( had to talk him out of the DC comics so I used Punisher, Wolverine, and Gambit...alot of people THINK I just do colorful soulful or girlie stuff...but I do it ALL when I'm asked...and this brought me back to my old style of stencil..just sharpie markers...enjoy..

Surrounded by people and still LONELY.....

Everyday I hear how blessed I am to be living my dreams...and I am very thankful to the people who supported and helped me get here in my life....from tattooing in the projects to opening one of the most popular tattoo shops in the world "City of Ink". With this lifestyle, me and my brothers have inspired many different scenes and movement in Atlanta and all over the country...I'm surrounded by positive and negative people...mostly positive and I'm thankful to have them all in my life...I'm surrounded by people almost 24 hours a day...when I'm not at City of Ink, I'm at home with my wife and son....its not easy not having a chance to be alone in peace to create paintings and drawings...or to just be plain ole "Miya" and not "Miya Bailey the tattoo artist" I have many different sides but I can only reflect 3 of them...Miya the family man, Miya the tattoo artist, and Miya the business what about "MIYA THE ARTIST/PAINTER"?? when can I be that Miya? Or how bout "Miya the lover"? or "Miya the visionary"?..right now I'm just daddy, husband, business man, and tattoo artist....and with all of them I have RULES to follow and people to answer to...A lot of people ask me "Why do you still walk around? We all you know you have money." and my answer is...I don't follow TIME, and I'm never in a rush to be around other people...I WALK because I know people won't follow me around and I can be ALONE to think about my life, art, and other business moves...maybe I'm weird because I know people who tell me they are lonely all the time..but I'm lonely and I'm surrounded by tons of people everyday of my life....its even worse when no one understands your vision but you....I know I drive my wife crazy..I'm an artist, I was just born to do art period...but I have to play a role because other people depend on me...I personally feel only an artist can understand the mind of another artist (gift and curse) see every word as a picture in your mind, every thought is crystal clear like a movie, to daydream art, to go to sleep and dream about feed your family using art...I don't know must about sports, I care less about fancy cars, I never learned how to cook, I got a GED, but I do know how to work hard, make money, employees people and open businesses and do art...I'm not the best father or the best husband..I still learning all those things...but I try and sometimes trying isn't good enough when you have tunnel vision and want to express you heart and SOUL using art but your a slave to your career and you can't find peace anywhere including home....I'm human I get lonely even when I'm in a room of people..I get sad as times because I can't PAINT when I'm inspired...I get sad when I want to talk to my wife about comic books, movies and art but she can't relate...people talking to me but I have visions of artwork that I have never had a chance to let out of my mind....I'm in a lonely place...but I'm blessed at the sametime...where is happiness? and how can I make the people happy around me without being distant? My life is an open book...all my mistakes and my dreams are ALL for the love for matter how much I try to put other things in front of my desires to paint and express my soul...I know art will also make me a lonely man.....will I lose my family for the love of art and peace of mind? Can my love ones ever understand me and this passion I have inside? who knows...all I know is I feel lonely...and distant..and I hope one day people will understand me..and my life wasn't in vain....

GOD....or Goddess

If God is everything and different things to different people...then to me God is a less female energy. The 5% nation taught me everything evolves around the sun which is true..BUT the Sun is only a star in a whole universe..and space is FOREVER there is no beginning or ending which is GOD...I have no proof of this, its just something I feel in my soul my personal opinion on how I see life on Earth. Women are more in tone with the earth... her cycle is line up with the moon, like tides in the's amazing..I even heard if women are close and all hang around each other they will have their periods around the thats beautiful (if thats true..I don't know I'm just a man) It's in the males natural to protect his females like the LION do his's instinct for bees and ants to protect, mate, and go to war for their queen...and hands down Pussy is the GATEWAY to heaven (or hell) human males do whatever it takes to attract the opposite sex...from fancy cars, and big homes...when a child is born that first person they fall in love with is their mother...when I was a child I hated to see men looking at my women in a lustful way...I felt I had to protect it was my job as a man. Just imagine being born with all these emotions to give love and have men abuse this gift..and the pain they have to feel afterwards...or the pain they have to feel giving birth...the way her body is made is perfect and inspiring to all artist (male and female) thats power...thats GOD...thats beauty...thats nature....I just wish more women understood their power and knew what men to share it with...

This is why I LOVE San favorite city

Yes I love my hometown of Asheville NC (its tattooed on my whole forearm) and I love Atlanta for the hustle and business side...but I'm "IN LOVE" with San Fran...the look of the city, the buildings, the people, the different races, the free spirits, the ARTIST, the style, and the MANY art galleries...and the Home of American tattooing (research Don Ed Hardy...not the clothing line, the MAN) I just saw this video on my favorite website "" this artist, his tattoo and art gallery...his view on life, tattooing, and painting was VERY close to my views on the same props and I hope you learn something....SAN FRAN I will see you again soon...maybe in August for the next convention...

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Man, I have the worse sleeping's 5:45am in the morning and I'm STILL UP, seem like i can only go to sleep when I see the sun come of a vampire...who else is a vampire like me?? Thoughts and ideas run around in my brain all night...I miss dreamland :(

Monday, July 13, 2009

Her eyes said it all.....

She had a love for hip-hop and art...Myla was her name..I meet her back in 94 at Tower Records...she was older than me and I never had a deep convo with a female before...I was taught to be hard and heartless to women..but this older women was wise...we shared the same love for music the same love for art...she even taught me how to dress...I was a slave to her every word and her views on life were worldly and open minded...Her eyes told a story but I couldn't read that story..she kept me distant from her soul..but her eyes kept me curious and her mind opened my mind to the world...I asked her "What is your story why do you want to change me? Why you want me to share my story with you but you won't share yours with me?" She was protecting me from something...was she my angel sent here to help me grow as a man, or was she using me to please her desires for a younger man? Myla took me shopping oneday looked me in my eyes and told me "Miya, I love you country boy!" I didn't know what to say...I wasn't in love with her but I did love her...but I wasn't man enough at 19 to tell her how I it was silence...a year later Myla died of cancer and I never told her thank you for helping me grow as a man...I never told her I loved her...RIP Myla...u believed in me...

Gill & Lush.....2003

In 2003 I met a couple that really changed how I viewed love and relationships. Gill was an artist (comic book illustrator) and Lush, his wife was a writer. They both were creative souls so I was amazed...I never seen a couple so happy with each other before...and it inspired me. Growing up I didn't really seen men and women communicating with each others as when I met these 2 special people I wanted to thank them for openings my eyes on what LOVE should look like. They started their own comic book company together and moved down to Texas...I just wanted to share this piece of art I did for them...thank you for giving me an understanding on what men and women love should represent...

The Feeding...

She would do anything to for lust..she had no lover just herself and her desires kept her up allnight. She wanted to feel something deep inside her..she wanted to be tasted and taking but someone who could handle her...but thats the problem no man can handle her lust, her desire...she couldn't connect with a man because they didn't understand her. Men never took the time to know her to talk to her to love her...just lust, so thats all her knew and thats all she wanted...but no man could please her....she thought it was her body's needs but it was all in her mind...maybe she was the one who didn't want to know a man...maybe she just wanted his dick without his heart because she was afraid of disappointment and hurt. So she turned to other women in the search for passion and she would hunt the night in search for an angel to feed off taste her was like tasting herself..and she loved it...the desire to please another woman was better than pleasing a man who didnt want her soul or her she feed and feed,,until she was full....still no love just wake up and realize she was only eatting herself...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

To: Miya Bailey...From: Damion Bailey

To: Miya Bailey...From: Damion Bailey

Wassp big bruh. Nice post. You I left the day before you got there and we bonded, ate cashews, talked about old days, spirituality, and death. Billy never treated us any different from how he would have treated his own sons. Nikki is stronger than anyone I've seen and I let Billy know that you and I will make sure she's always taken care of. Momma wanted me to write a poem and I started one..kept getting choked up as I looked at the words I was writing. I took a pass on reading it at the funeral and now more than ever I am motivated to complete my book. I looked up to him because of the bad to good transition he made in his life. No other man in our lives have had such a positive effect besides you Miya. I've only felt pure love my whole life from him, you, and Uncle Bert when it comes to family. We know Uncle Bert is not concerned about his own welfare so I cling to you and love you harder than anyone else. So selfishly i say...don't you ever leave me fucked up out here by letting something happen to you. Love you more big brother. See you sometime this week

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Corey Davis......City of Ink

I better see yall asses tonight for this party..but before I head to work I wanted to drop this video on you about Corey Davis...He has been with me and Tuki the longest (before City of Ink) He goes back to the Prophet Art days and Mitchell St Customs....I just thought this video was dope..and ladies if you like Corey he will be at the PARTY TONIGHT at naw...that was a corny way to promote a party..but shit still come out and meet the young see yall tonight...if you need party INFO please call 404-525-4465 and Samba will give you directions and whatever...peaceeeeeeeeeee!

The Last Minute.....TONITE it's time to PARTY!!!

Ok yall TONIGHT City of Ink presents "The Last Minute" I want yall to party to the last minute like its your last day on Earth...let go of ALL stress and yourself, express yourself and come out TONIGHT for the COI party....I have missed the Royal..I know they changed the name to "Vice" but it's still the Royal to I hope to see all yall out tonight...I have a lot of shit on my mind so I need to be surrounded by all my old and new's time to reunite the old family and party like we use negative energy..BUT LOVE yall!...all the money made tonight will go to buying NEW tattoo chairs for City of Ink...see yall tonight...time for me to get ready for some tattoos...blessings, Miya Bailey

Shout outs to Fadia, Corey Davis, Hollyweerd..RIP Billy G.

Growing Pains...Life and Death

This morning my brother, Dada called me and told me my sisters father just passed away.This is the man who taught me a lot growing up and one of the reasons I am the way I am wasn't all good but it was more GOOD than bad..and both sides help create "Miya Bailey" Billy G was his name and he taught me "forgiveness" and how time can heal ALL wounds. Billy had cancer and about 2 weeks ago, he wanted me to come to Asheville to see him before his last day on Earth, so I hit the road and visited him. My mother was also in Asheville at the time visiting him. I walked in his room, and I seen a man in great pain, weak body but strong mind. I was hard seeing the man I once feared, respected, and will always love looking so sick. I'm a man who rarely ever cries and I will never cry in front of another man, so I held it in like a warrior, but I couldn't hold it in so I walked out doors to let it out..I didn't want my mother see me the middle of this pain, I got a called from Fadia about hosting a party, I called Tuki to see if he was down trying to be strong like nothing was bothering me. But Tuki know me and he in own special way put a smile on my face. Tuki then said "We got to get Samba to stop smoking." I agreed, Lung cancer is noooo joke...I then called my wife to give her an update on Billy. I got myself together and walked back in his room. I seat next to him in bed and gave him a hug. Thinking to myself "this man helped raise me, he is like my father now I'm about to lose him before he can see me reach my goals in life." This is the same pain I felt when I lose my grandmothers. I work hard so my love ones will be proud of me, but it sucks when they don't see you reach your goals...I know he is looking down at me..but I wanted him to feel and see what my hard work was all about...and how the first page of my book started with HIM in 1978..I won't get into the "bad" you will have to read that in my book...but a lot of my habits came from this man...and I watched him change and grow as a man...he helped open a half way house for convicts and drug addicts back home..and he served his community and was a positive role model..he was a HERO in my eyes...and strong to the end..Once me and my crew got in trouble for beating up 3 police officers, 2 of the cops almost died so they tried to give us 10-15 years for almost beating the cops to death, he was the first one there with a lawyer to help me out. I was on the run and he helped sneak me back in town before the police found me (or murdered me) so I could turn myself in to the police...I beat the case because the police started it and it was caught on video tape, but I'm still thankful for him being there for me when I needed him the most....I hope my sister is ok...she was his only I promised him I will always be there for my sister and my mother like he taught me too...thank you Billy G...I love you my brother..and You will always have a place in my heart,mind, and soul....

RIP Billy....always

This nigga!?

I wish I would have caught Reese skating in the shop...BOY! lol but fuck it he didn't break anything...

Can Tuki Carter dance???

Can Tuki dance?? hmmmmmmm

Damn ANOTHER Video I never seen before!!!

Ok this is crazy..I just found ANOTHER video I have never ever seen before...people when you make videos at the shop email us the links...I would love to post them up...I like this's from the Enough Iz Enough art show

The things you find on Google..LOL

Damn I never even seen this video...filmed at City of Ink, I think I remember that

Dedication to City of Ink

Much LOVE sis!...can't wait for the next session!

One of my favorite art show @ City of Ink

This is an old video from City of Ink...this was one of my favorite art shows!

Searching Google...

I was doing my morning google search...when I wake up I google search, Miya Bailey, City of Ink and Tuki Carter just to keep up with new videos, blogs, and articles on COI...and I just found this one...I rememeber seeing these young ladies watch in the shop yesterday...they stopped me in the streets and showed me the work Chris McAdoo did on them...they were all excited...thanks for making this video blessed...Miya Bailey

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Last Minute.....Saturday JULY 11th

Fadia hit me up when I was up in the mountains (Asheville) visiting a dying friend on his last days on earth. She asked me if City of Ink could host a party over at VICE (the old Royal) I was feeling REALLY down seeing my friend in so much pain and just waiting for peace in it was perfect timing..I called up Tuki and asked him was he down with hosting a party there and he was Fadia gave us saturday July 11...I have had A LOT of my mind lately...losing close friends...seeing my hometown struggle because there are no jobs...working on the new VIP private rooms at's been a crazy few months...but I'm here and I'm thankful for life....I'm not always the most social person, but it's always cool to be surrounded by your love ones and old friends...but I only like to party when I deserve it...and personally I don't think I deserve it until I have reach all my goals (which are finishing the VIP tattoo rooms, finding me a loft so I can paint and draw in private, and a BIG house for my family) so I decided to use the money from the party to buy Corey, Sophie, and Chris new tattoo chairs...I do miss that old Royal vibe, seeing Grip, Protron, Hollyweerd, Sean Falyon, Muffy, Fadia, and lets make this shit a family reunion! Business is doing AMAZING at the shop and I'm blessed but LIFE has been very stressful for me...but this party will help I how to see everyone...I have missed yall!

Friday, July 3, 2009

One of my favorite clients...wassup Big Mark

Yesterday I tattooed Big Mark, I just added to his sleeve. He turned me on to this video that featured my tattoo work on him...thanks for sharing this video with me bruh. Today I tattooed Marks best friend Mr. Price...I will post his tattoo later...check out the video yall

Thursday, July 2, 2009

City of Ink host @ Sutra Lounge TONIGHT and it's FREE allnight!

Last thursday Hollyweerd hosted LOVE Thursdays at Sutra was a BEAUTIFUL turn tonight it's City of Ink's turn to host again (same damn team just different It's FREE allnight...I know some of yall have to work but fuck it...enjoy life it's short...have fun with us tonight..I will be in the back on the low low doing want I do...chilling and putting something in the air...many blessings and enjoy the vibe of City of Ink and LOVE Thursdays @ Sutra...I will be there right after my last tattoo appointment tonight...

Mike Flo's Head Tattoo Videos.....RBG!

Man, I forgot that Mike Flo was doing his own videos when I was tattooing his head...I was on youtube doing a search for some of his old videos and ran across his head tattoo videos...enjoy...I will see Mike Flo again for his 2nd session...UHURU!

Drake "Best I Ever Had"

Drake "Best I Ever Had" was directed by Kanye West...but wassup with all those light skin video hoes?? can we get MORE different skin tones?? They all look like like different flavors...brown skin, dark skin, red, yellow, etc..LOL it was good eye candy but DAMN can we get ALL different skin tones?? I know light skin girls aren't all video hoes...I know a few dark skin freaks too...oh well it's not my video...Props to Drake for coming out strong for deserve it bruh...keep working hard and GROW make T Dot proud.

Drake "Best I Ever Had" from kwest on Vimeo.

OOPS...I got some hate mail...not ALL video girls are HOES, I was just speaking on the video shoots I HAVE BEEN TO and what I HAVE SEEN.....I can't speak on ALL rap videos...just the ones I have been too..and they wasn't just "modeling" or "acting" they were being "hoes" lol but NOT ALL are hoes..I do know some Video Vixens who are LADIES and do it just to make money and start a modeling careers...its the hoes that give the ladies a BAD I'm sorry if I offended anyone using the word "hoe" they are not all hoes....just the rap videos I have seen shot in my