Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tuki Carter tattoos Rick Ross on tour [VIDEO]

Tuki Carter tattoos Rick Ross on the “I am still Music” tour props to my brother!….he deserves it….

City of Ink Euro Tour 2010 [Greedmont TV]

Greedmont TV presents City of Ink’s Euro Tour, where a group of their tattoo artist [Miya Bailey, Corey Davis and Samba Sillah] venture overseas to Europe for a first time experience and to learn about the different cultures of London, Amsterdam and Paris. [Shot by Corey Davis]

Miya Bailey Q&A "Part 5"

Miya Bailey Q&A Pt 5 from artemus jenkins on Vimeo.

Miya Bailey answers questions about protecting yourself as a tattoo artist and balancing work and family.

Be sure to check out the trailer and support the upcoming documentary "Color Outside the Lines", a documentary on black tattoo culture.​fglai1

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Complex & Juxtopaz: Miya Bailey

Dreams are coming true... Thanks to the people and their support in my vision.... I'm very thankful! City of Ink....dreams to reality

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Monday, April 18, 2011

New Photos

My London homie, Keisha took these photos of me yesterday in Brooklyn... I was looking for street art to post on my tumblr page... I found some dope shit! Lil' Sis you did a great job... I REALLY hate taking photos... But I'm glad you captured that moment in time..many blessings and thank you

info: Keisha Coleman

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Lastnight at the Bar....

I was over in Soho lastnight...I had roasted chicken, string beans, and mash potatoes... Once I hit the bar and had a few shots... I got inspired... Seeing people enjoying life... They didn't seem to have a care in the world...I know we all have our own personal issues & problems... But it's a time & place for everything.... I grabbed the closest thing I seen and sketched this.... "just live or die"

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420 Art Show @ City of Ink

This Wednesday from 7pm-11pm we are having the 420 art show...all art inspired by the "420" culture & lifestyle.... You don't have to be a smoker to enjoy this art show... Art is art... And expression is freedom so be there... It's FREE!! I know y'all not doing anything on Wednesday so bring y'all asses down to City of Ink.. Get inspired and stuck up some positive energy... 7pm-11pm... After the art show I might see wassup with MJQ ain't been in a long time.... Are wed's still poppin' there? I'm out the loop lol either way... City of ink will be a party.. Full of beautiful creative people... Now time to head back to ATL and finish up my 420 painting! See y'all there...MB

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Goodbye NYC... Until next time

I want to thank everyone who booked an appointment with me in means a lot to me and my family...much respect to Complex magazine & UK's Tattoo Revolution for the interviews...I got a few numbers from building owners.. So I hope to get a location soon for the NYC: City of Ink....a country boy coming to the city and making money is a dream come true...the art I did up here took me back in time....I love this city and I always leave here inspired...but I'm ready to get back to the South and see my children and family now... I miss flight leaves at 4pm so I'm about to pack my stuff and get ready... Atlanta here I come... I have a long night ahead of me... I have to finish my painting for the art show Wednesday @ City of Ink... It's the "420" art show!! I'm excited about it...

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Tattoo "Balance" Sleeve

This was my last appointment in New York... It was a rainy day... We rolled a few blunts up and let the art flow....he wanted balance... He already had his lower arm & chest done by Queen's tattoo artist, Made Rich.... Rich reminds me of a young version of myself so I was easy to flow off the pieces he already had on him... It was an Allday session....this client was super cool and laid-back... Good energy makes it earlier to work Allday... I'm thankful

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Sista Series: 5

The lower piece was done by Tuki Carter.... I just added on to it...I wanted to do her hand reaching to the flower he did last year...

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Follow my tumblr: I will be posting a series of "NY Street Art" .... Just wait to y'all see the hidden treasures I found in Brooklyn.... Art lives in NY... From paintings, stencils, to stickers... Street art in ALL forms...

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Jimi Hendrix inspired piece... I need to get a better picture of the front...i will post it up later...

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Sista Series: 4

The Balance....Pain, weakness, Strength & Love

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Hanging out w/ Corey Davis

I'm up in New York....about to leave and go back to ATL in a few hours.... I got to hang out with Corey Davis lastnight... Y'all know how I feel about this artist....we don't agree on everything but when we do agree...the things we create... I respect anyone who works just as hard as I do... Much love lil' bruh... Stay focus and brand that name "Corey Davis"

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Paper Frank.. JUNE

I can't wait to see the new work of Paper Frank... Y'all better keep y'all eyes on this are watching the future... Support these young artists... They change the world

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Sista Series: 3

To move to flow... To travel

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Sista Series: 2

The spirit of God & Life flows from her heart....

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