Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I just walked in my house from seeing one of the best movies in my lifetime,
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button starring Brad Pritt. Laughter, sadden, love, forgiveness, and life, all of these feelings full this movie. It will make you look at your life and be thankful for everyone that has crossed your path. I thought back of my life back home in Asheville, NC and all the people who molded me into the man I am today. From the artist to the drug dealers, to my grandmothers and her friends to the drunks and dope fiends who walked the streets at night I'm thankful and blessed to have all of them in my life. That movie was beautiful, and I can't really put words to it, just GO SEE IT for yourself. If your a lover of good writing, a beautiful love story, human nature, and of course characters who will stay in your minds for forever this is for you....it's pure beauty on screen, ART on film. If you loved The Color Purple or Forest Gump you will add this movie to your collection.

We are tattooing in Baltimore & Washington, DC (Jan.23-28)

BALTIMORE & WASHINGTON, DC (Pinz-N-Needlez) Jan. 23-28

We are coming your way on that C.O.I Tattoo Convention Tour:
Sheraton Baltimore City Center Hotel
101 W. Fayette Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 752-1100

January 23th through January 25th
Friday 23rd 2 PM - 12 AM
Saturday 24th 12 PM - 12 AM
Sunday 25th 12 PM - 8 PM

http://profile. myspace. com/index. cfm?fuseaction=user. viewprofile&friendid=349298252

Washington D.C.
We will be Tattooing @ Pinz and Needles
926 U st N.W. Washington D.C." (202) 387-2INK

January 26th through January 28th
from 1pm to 10 pm

Miya Bailey has a limited amount of spots to fill, we also have 4 other accomplished City of Ink Tattoo Artist attending: Tuki Carter, Anthony, Corey Davis, and Chris McAdoo they too are available to tattoo you..

if you want one of these spots we have to set you an appointment and a deposit will have to be made to C.O.I to secure your time and choice of artist.

Please contact me Demayne @ www. myspace. com/cityofinkbooking for more information.

time is running out..

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Have you ever loved someone enough to know when it's time to let that person go so they can be happy with someone else? Love is an emotion words can not explain. It feels good and it hurts like hell. Over time love changes and people grow apart. You just want to see them smile again even if your no longer the person making them smile. You just want to see them happy again no matter what. Love is letting them go so they can grow as a person and to do their own soul searching. Maybe another person can put their heart at ease and their mind at peace. Goodbyes are painful..and birth is painful but needed...BOTH are needed.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Now taking Appointments!! I have openings!!!!

I now have openings for the end of 08...and some in 2009.

If your in ATL or want to come to ATL to visit City of ink and to get a CUSTOM tattoo done by me, please call 404-525-4465 to book me.

For 2009 I will only take "3" appointments per day (so I don't burn myself out)
There is a $50 deposit to hold a spot on my list, the $50 will go towards your tattoo....but if you don't show up or you cancel your appointment you CAN NOT get a refund on your $50.

I only like to tattoo from my soul, so please come original, all I need you to do is follow these steps:

1.) Call 404-525-4465 (1pm-10pm) to book the appointment
2.) Mail a $50 money order to "Miya Bailey" to hold your spot.
3.) I will design you tattoo on the spot. All you have to do is VERBALLY tell me your ideas and I will see it clearly in my mind and I will draw it right there in front of you.
4.)If you like the tattoo please TIP your tattoo artist :)

NOTE: I don't not do price quotes, at City of Ink we design to YOUR spending budgeting meaning you name your own price and the artist will design something nice in your price range...so ALL tattoos are affordable.

I ONLY take clients that want to do at less an hour and up on their tattoos so my custom art starts @ $150, and I also design to YOUR spending budget. All sleeves and backpieces that are done in sessions are $150 per hour so you can bring any ammount you would like to bring to get started.

Miya Bailey "City of Ink"
323 Walker Street
Atlanta, GA 30313
404-525-4465 (1pm-10pm)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Recession, Xmas, and Single Parents

I just wanted to spread some love to ALL the single mothers and fathers on the grind hustling hard to give their children a Merry Xmas.

I remember seeing my mother work 2 and 3 jobs just to make sure me and my brothers and sister have a good Xmas full of gifts. Now it's a recession and times are even harder. Rent, bills, and gifts for the children can make any parent stress out. But keep your head and spirits up, times will get better. Pray for the other families who couldn't even have Xmas. Be thankful for the little that you do have.

So all the single mothers and fathers, I thank you for be strong and maintaining in these troubled time. Stay strong for your children, and teach them its not all about gifts but about family, pride, honor, and LOVE.

Many blessings, from Miya Bailey & City of Ink

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stic Man (Dead Prez) Speaking on Obama and America

I remember buying the first Dead Prez cd in the 90's and I was in love with the message. Years later Tuki tattooed Stic Man over at City of Ink. I later met Stic through my brother Mike Flo (of The RBG Family). I will be tattooing Stic VERY soon and I will post the photos for yall. I have been curious to hear what Stic had to say about Obama.. I know Mike's opinion on the new prez elect. So I was hoping they would give the brother a chance to prove himself in office first..here is a video I found today and it's always good to hear Stic's opinion the world, America, our black, the struggle...and of course a blackman winning the election...so here you go...UHURU!!!

Big Von's Video featuring The City of Ink

I have known Von aka Vision for years..I love this dude to death and he has always been a stand up guy. Thank you for featuring The City of Ink in your video bruh!
many blessings, from your brother, Miya Bailey.....wassup KED, get back to ATL bruh!

Monday, December 15, 2008

I Support The City of Ink Movement

It's that time of year again and we need more " I SUPPORT THE CITY OF INK MOVEMENT" Photos....
You can HAND WRITE a sign, or even write on your body: " I Support The City of Ink Movement"
I really need this photos asap, so please email them to:

subject: COI SUPPORT

We are using them for a special project...so be creative, rep for us, and do it anyway you like....

for example go to: http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=37060051&albumId=1160417

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Drew's Music Sleeve

My homeboy, Drew dropped by City of Ink yesterday for another session on his music sleeve. This brother always give me creative freedom so of course he is one of my favorite clients. Plus he is laidback and sit well for a long period of time. Alot of dudes tap out over 4 to 6 hour sessions, but he is a true soldier. Thanks bruh for letting me do my thing. The next session is on the house!

Whats the catch???

Alot of people have dropping by City of Ink for the $40 special. This special is for 20-25 min. of freehand custom tattooing, but some people are trying to abuse this offer and my team has been getting upset because people have really be trying to get HOURS of tattooing for $40, some even wanted to get cover-ups for $40...and thats not going to happen. I guess people don't understand the big picture. I created this offer so I can introduce my team to Atlanta. Since it's a recession and before Xmas I wanted to do something special for the people and my staff. It's like a drug dealer giving samples of their drugs for free, then the customer comes back for more building up a clientele. We are all differen artist some of us work faster than others, so it's NOT about SIZE but all about TIME...20-25 min. of custom SOUL for only $40, thats beautiful! Even I have jumped in and did a few $40 tattoos. A few of my midwest appointments canceled because of the layoffs so I had a few free hours to take a few walk-ins myself. I haven't done a $40 tattoo in YEARS, so it's not easy for me to do the smaller stuff..I can do a fine art style black & grey piece in 25 min. no problem, but please don't try to get over on me, if you keep it real with me, I will always give you more than what you paid for...I just LOVE art and making people happy in this time of struggle and recession.

Dripping Stars....

These Dripping Stars have built a CITY OF INK and this city will grow with the support of the masses. The masses will look up to the Dripping Stars, so the stars must always shine bright for them. Shine bright and they will follow your glow. NEVER shine negative energy, it will never grow healthy fruit and the masses will reject the taste of bad fruit....Miya Bailey "City of Ink"

We are all Stars....

We are all stars in this Universe but only a few stars inspire others. These chosen few must drip down on the masses and inspire them through ART. Art is a tool given to the chosen few from the Most High. These dripping stars have a duty to change the minds and souls of other stars who don't follow their dreams of expression and freedom. Use this positive energy of ART to inspire, to move souls, to feed families, to teach, and to understand the true meaning of FREEDOM.

..Miya Bailey "City of Ink"

Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Tattoos!

I have updated all the photo folders....new tattoos...alot of new tattoos....!!!

Not Finished Yet....part 1

* Leave some comments...show some love...Miya Bailey

Saturday, December 6, 2008

PART 2 of Chris McAdoo Tattooing my leg

6 Months ago.....

It has been 6 months since my first solo artshow, Miya Dreamland. Alot has changed in 6 months. We started filming for our reality show. Our brother, Jax from Binkis passed away, a few of the homies are locked up in jail, Obama won, we are in a recession, and Kanye West did a whole album with that auto tone bullshit (leave it to Teddy Riley & T-Pain)
Just wanted to share this video filmed by my man, Goldi Gold from Jungle 45....

Kids say no to drugs........weed from the Earth :)

Jesus's Cousin.....The New Religion :)

When times are rough we turn to religion and blame others....how bout we just follow God...fuck the middleman!

Getting my new TATTOO by Chris McAdoo

Check out the new piece by Chris McAdoo of City of Ink...

I will be posting Part 2 later....tonight or in the morning I'm tired ass hell I been tattoo straight allday, JUST got home and it's 3:10am!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

How can you get a $40 TATTOO by Miya Bailey???

It's a recession and we all need to relax some stress, so we are opening the doors for people to come and hang out with the staff of City of Ink....listen to come good music, check out the art gallery, grab some drinks at Slice or 255 Lounge...OR get a small tattoo for ONLY $40 by some of the BEST artists in ATL.

I have appointments BUT if you WALK IN and I'm not busy with an appointment I will even do a $40 tattoo for you....we want the people to understand that we feel your struggle and we don't want to break your pockets around Xmas...I can't tattoo everyone so I would ATL to support my team at City of Ink.

Alot of time people come in asking for me, Tuki, or Corey....but there are 4 other AMAZING artists I would like to introduce to this scene. And if they are working at City of Ink then you KNOW they are good.....

Please do not abuse this $40 walk-in deal....don't try to get a sleeve or a tattoo that will take over an hour for $40...respect the artist and show them love and support.

EVERYONE is welcomed at City of ink (and you never know when will be filming) so be fresh and positive...as artist we feed off your energy.

I will not be answering any detailed questions about what a $40 tattoo looks like.....you will have to come INTO City of ink to ask me ANY questions...thats why it's called the "WALK-IN SPECIAL" talk to me face to face, and ask me any questions you like....

Samba (shop manager) opens City of Ink at 1pm....we lock the doors at 10pm and work the whole night away.

for directions to CITY OF INK, just call 404-525-4INK (4465)