Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Dog Park in Castleberry Hill

I was looking out my art studio window and I seen people working on the field next to the loft.. A few days later the fence went up... Then I remember, they were building a new dog park in Castleberry Hill... The park is split in 2 sections... Big dogs & small dogs.. They asked everyone in Castleberry to put in $50 to get the job done and so far it's perfect... I heard they will be adding drinking water for the dogs... Don't know if that's true yet... But so far this dog park is perfect and has a nice view of downtown Atlanta next to the railroad tracks...Rabbit can run free without any worries.

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Location:Peters Street Castleberry hill, Atlanta ga

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Necie said...

DOG PARKS! Being a recreational professional, I love to see dog parks being erected in communities that SUPPORT (put in money without complaining) for the greater good of society. It seems pretty basic no registration required blah blah blah. Pups,come as u are and sniff doggy butts til dinner time.