Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Now this nigga is FUNNY....Whats a REAL Pimp?

Man, is he a real pimp or a hater???

Pimpin' Snooky

All these rappers THINK they pimps...most of the rappers are TRICKS...meaning they PAY for pussy..but here is some real pimpin'...now I'm not promoting hoes, but if your a hoe and you are fucking for FREE, then why not make some money...they will call you a hoe either way....lol Now I know the difference between a HOE and a LADY...ying and yang..and I do know some hoe ass niggaz too...meaning they are MALES. I even know a few female pimps...who have some tricks bringin' them money. Most people hate on pimps because they can't do it themselves...I respect and love ALL humans...I don't judge..just don't be beating on anyone to control them....they are grown let them decide...

Bay Area Classic....Players Club 1994

Me and Demayne was just talking about some of the pimps in the game and Rappin'4 Tay came to mind....I had to put this video up for my nigga, Sin2...hold your head bruh, we praying for you!

Inked Magazines Model Search...

Hands down Inked magazine have the flyest most beautiful inked models in the world...I one day dream of having my own magazine with soulful beautiful sistas of color and style! Urban Ink TRY but focus too much on the ASS and not enough on the art....I know a lot of black women with full SLEEVES and backpieces...so I guess I will save those women for my own tattoo and art magazine...Inked magazine holla at me, lets do a stylist, urban tattoo magazine!!! Here is a new Vimby video from the vegas inked model casting call...enjoy yall!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

FREE!! City of Ink host LOVE Thrusdays @ Sutra MAY 28th

It's FREE...so it's recession proof...May 28th..after my last tattoo, yall will see me and the City of Ink staff there...come out and party with us...no dress code and FREE admission...so what can you say now?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

More cellphone pics....Imani's Urban Ink feature....

Here's baby sis aka Lil' Magic aka Imani aka Indian Pussy's Urban Ink feature...damn the family is taking over that magazine...DRIPPING STARS allday! I have been working with Pinz-n-Needlez for about 3 years now I think and I have watch this young lady grow into an amazing tattoo artist...she just had an art show at City of Ink right before Corey's art show...and it good to see Imani again....I can't wait to get back to DC and tattoo again...much love sis!

I got a cellphone pic of Goldi's feature in Urban Ink...

Demayne just sent me this cellphone pic of Goldi Gold's Urban Ink feature...I will post a better photo once I get the magazine myself...

These niggaz are wild....but they telling the truth

Why do San Fran have the DOPEST Artist? Jeremy Fish

I first saw Jeremy Fish's artwork in Juxtapoz Magazine. I was drawn to his line work..I like an artist with clean LINES! San Fran seems to have the more talented and PAID artist in America...so it's inspiring to see a city where artist are respected and getting paid for being an artist fulltime....ATL needs to study and follow the lead of the bay area...props to Mr. Fish....and props to Vimby for this dope interview...inspiring!

Another NC Artist....Dudelyoo

I have known Dudelyoo for I don't know how many years now. I respect this man's business side and of course he is VERY talented..and his inspired many artist across the world with his style of art...it's soulful, it's urban, and its felt by many...plus he is also for NORTH CAROLINA..Vimby did a good job on his interview so I wanted to share it with yall...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stressful week = $ 2 Dollar Tuesdays

It's been a very stressful week for me, work, love, my children, etc...so I think I'm going to check out Demayne and Kevin in Marietta for their City of Ink $2 Dollars (which includes $2 Drinks so everyone can get drunk for CHEAP) plus I havent played any pool in a while so I feel like busting someone's ass! I never get to go out with the City of Ink staff..so I thinks its time to relax and meet my clients, supporters, and fans tonight....I just finished looking at the new Wolverine & X-Men cartoon with Prophet, now we about to go to the movies and see Star Trek....some quality time with my lil' man...I will see yall TONIGHT @ 11pm

City of Ink $2 Dollar Tues TONIGHT $2 Drinks & Pool Table follow me:

Bar & Grill
2359 Windy Hill Rd, SE
Marietta, GA

Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Hollyweerd song leaked......AUTOMATIC CLASSIC!


Here goes the next leak off the upcoming Hollyweerd mixtape, Candy for Kleptos, which is presented by your favorite dopeboyz on the internet! Look for the full tape to drop May 22nd. hit the jump for the incredibly dope artwork…

FREE DOWNLOAD (copy & paste)


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

Just another day......

I woke up with a hangover this morning...went to Sugahill for their last night (they are closing down)..the vibe was real cool...Demayne and Kevin had an event out in Marietta and I missed it. I havent checked my email in a few days so when he sent me a text asking me "Are you coming out tonight" I thought he was referring to the last night at Sugahill...lol I guess I better start checking my email more....I needed to get out..I'm having some issues at home, having a hard time trying to balance a personal life and a business...I'm a warrior so I don't let stress stop me but it is really hard to focus on art when your not happy....so I smoke a blunt or 2 to ease the stress and maintain like the soldier my family raised me to be....Yesterday me and Prophet hit up Borders books for some new X-Men comics...my lil' man loves him some Wolverine so I will be taking me to see the movie this sunday....I miss seeing him so I'm trying to finish this waiting list off and take off for the whole month of August to spend sometime with my kids and finish up my book....once my book is released in stores I can cut back my tattoo hours and focus more on my children and open up more tattoo shops all across America....while it's time for me to jump in the shower and get ready for City of Ink...yall be blessed....peaceeeeeeee!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Scheme Interview....

Photo by Duwayno.com

Miya Bailey, “We follow no ones style or trends, we create them.”
Enough said…read more and experience the art of creating lasting art!

SCHEME: When did you begin drawing?
MB: I started drawing once I could hold a pencil in my hand. I was born an artist and my mother made sure I practiced. She would sit me down and draw with me almost every day. Those memories are what have inspired me today. I will never forget sitting on that couch and watching my mother draw Ernie and Bert for me. I remember my mom use to do graffiti style throw up lettering. She would draw my name in these late 70’s early 80’s bubble lettering style; I still have dreams of those good times with her. So I thank my mother for believing in my gift and making sure I followed all my dreams. Now it’s time for me to give her the world using this gift she gave me.

SCHEME: Was drawing more like an outlet for you when you started?
MB: Drawing was an outlet of my emotions at the time and a way I could make money without asking my parents for anything. My mother worked really hard and I watched her struggle. So I always used my art as a way to make money for the extra things I wanted in life. We had 4 kids in our family and I don’t like asking for anything from anyone (including my parents) so I hit the streets to make my money. I knew the streets weren’t going to give me the future I wanted. I dreamed of limos, the best foods, the best fashion and I knew the streets would only land me in jail, so I started to focus more on my art. The artists I looked up to growing up traveled to Paris, London, Toyko, and had money. They had the finer things in life and I wanted the same things. I want to use my art to inspire all the children of the projects and show them they can dream and make their dreams realities with HARD work. Nothing comes easy and my art reflects those hard times in the struggle and it also reflects my surroundings and my love for life. I cannot separate art and business because it’s all I know and it has always been my means of income. I’m just blessed to have the freedom to do what I feel and people still support my art and dreams.

SCHEME: What’s the story behind your path in becoming a tattoo artist?
MB: I was living in Erkin Housing Projects at the time. I had a baby on the way and no one in the projects buy original paintings and drawings so I started painting on clothing and printing up t-shirts. I fall in love with people walking around wearing my art. Our photographer, Joshua Williams showed me how to make homemade hood tattoos. I tried it out on myself and I did a tattoo on my left arm, and then one of my chest. If I could do it on myself then I knew I could do it on someone else. But I knew this would only be a hood business so I did my research, dreaming about places like Tokyo, London, and Paris and trying to finish out a way to mix early 90 style tattooing and fine art together and create something new in tattooing. I was getting in a lot of trouble in the streets so I decided to leave my hometown of Asheville, NC and move to Atlanta to look for someone to teach me the art of professional tattooing. My manager, Demayne Gindyard (also from Asheville) and I moved to Atlanta in 1994 to go to the A.I.A. where I met my business partner, Tuki Carter. After months of searching for a master tattoo artist to train me I found Julia Alponsio formerly of West End Tattoo. She trained me in tattooing and in the business of this industry. After 3 years of teaching I decided to open my first shop in 1997.

SCHEME: What was the feeling you had after your completed your first tattoo?
MB: I clearly remember my first tattoo under Julia. She stood right over me. I was really nervous because she was looking at me and my client was also nervous because I was just a student. It was only a name tattoo but it felt like it took forever. Julia approved the tattoo and 2 weeks later I was on her team and getting paid for simple tattoos like names, and roses. All I could think about was my people back home struggling and my daughter who was only 1 or 2 at the time. I had to make them pride of me. I do care about their opinion.

SCHEME: What’s the funniest memory you have of tattooing somebody?
MB: One time an appointment asked me “Have anyone ever fainted on you?” I answered back “no” then the appointment said “Ok then this will be your first fainting customer” I looked at him right in his eyes and then he fainted and hit the floor hard ass hell. I was scared to death! Julia came over and taught me how to wake him up and relax him. After I finished the tattoo, the guy said “I faint before all my tattoos I afraid of needles.” I wish he would have told me he was a fainter before I tattooed him.

SCHEME: How did City of Ink develop into the shop/gallery it is today?
MB: We didn’t plan any of this. We just surround ourselves with other creative souls and good people. I think Atlanta and all the cities we tour for making City of Ink what it is today. It’s the people who have supported our movement and the energy we put out comes right back to us 360. We treat everyone like family and customer service is #1 at City of Ink. No matter what your spending budget is we want to give you one of a kind quality body art. We love what we do and it reflects in our art. We create new styles of tattooing all the time. We follow no one else’s style or trends, we create them.

SCHEME: Your designs are unique. There is a certain style, look and structure to your tattoos. Did this style just expose itself after completing many tattoos…or did you work towards developing your own style?
MB: I worked towards creating my own style of tattooing. I studied how the Japanese and how they do it, I studied how the Mexican tattoo artists do their thing and all the American styles of tattooing. I just wanted to create my own lane so no one would compare me to another tattoo artist. I wanted to create a style that would really show the beauty of life and soul. Being surrounded by talented artists at The City of Ink, they inspire me to work harder so my art will have a more world wide appeal. Since I take something from all cultures and walks of life I feel my style of tattooing can be done on all races and stand out bolder. My style is dreamy, relaxing, colorful, and soulful. Everyone can feel soul, so I make sure I’m in the mode to do art before I do any tattoo. You can’t fake emotion and art. The people will feel the love if you put love into the art.

SCHEME: What’s the tattoo culture like towards African American tattoo artists?
MB: The African American tattoo scene is very different from the mainstream tattoo industry. Most black tattoo artists aren’t professional trained by Master tattoo artists. So they learn through trial and error. I personally feel all tattooers should tell their customers if they are professionally trained or not, give the customer a choice. I started tattooing in the streets so I know how hard it is, but at the same time I had big dreams and I want to see the world so I worked hard and looked for someone to train me. I did my research because if I’m going to do something I want to do my best and be the best at what I do. If I see a black tattoo artists really trying to better their life and take tattooing serious like I do, then I will give them all the advice they need or even trained them myself. If you ask any Mexican, White, Japanese, etc, artists about the history of their tattoo forefathers they can name artists who inspired them and opened the doors for them. They honor the artist who created their tattoo industry. Black tattoo artists are not organized YET, but we are going to make sure we unite them all, trade secrets and help each other. It’s time for change, and it’s time to honor the African American tattoo artists that opened the doors for us. The first professional black tattoo artist is a woman in N.O. name, Jacci, she paid dues for all female artist and black artists. Just imagine all the things she had to go through in this business. I been in the business since 1993 and I have faced a lot of racism, threats, even fights over this art form. I’m glad people now can look pass race and just see talent. I dream of a color blind tattoo industry but until that day, let’s get black tattoo artist on point so no one can shit about the quality of work we do. We have to take control of how the media and some of the rappers rep our tattoo culture. It’s more than lettering, religious tattoos, and street themes we are a balanced people and the art should reflect all of our many sides. We are a beautiful people so let’s reflect that more in tattooing.

SCHEME: I read in a recent interview that you sometimes get bored with tattooing “normal” or “regular” tattoos; is that why you tour?
MB: We don’t do “normal” tattoos at City of Ink that’s why we stay busy. I’m bored with the Tattoo industry in America, not bored with the tattoos I am doing now. I get bored by the other tattoo artists not creating new styles. Everyone wants to do that same thing over and over again. Either your doing realism, traditional, Japanese, tribal, etc, so they put you in a group. When you specialize in one of those styles you will be compared to other artists doing the same style, so for business that’s not good because you can’t get rich if you’re all selling the same product. What inspires me is creating new styles and new ways of marketing that artwork to the business world. Since tattooing is no longer “underground” in my opinion, let’s make all the money before non-tattoo people drain it dry. Tattoo artists should be behind how they market this culture. I will never be bored working at City of Ink, but I am bored with some of the work I see coming out of America. Germany, UK, Japan, a lot of Europe is creating a new style of tattooing, I feel America is getting lazy and it’s not too inspiring. Look at tattoo artists like, Shige (Yellow Blaze in Japan) he has taking Japanese images and he delivers these images in his own style to the world. And now he is one of the best if not the best tattoo artist in the world in my opinion. Look at how Mr. Cartoon came on the scene and took over, he marketed his style different from other tattoo artists, that’s what inspire me; the marketing, the new styles, and the business.

SCHEME: What are your goals for yourself beyond tattooing?
MB: I use tattooing to create my own world. My goal beyond tattooing is launching City of Ink Films. A film company that will give young film makers a chance Hollywood will not give them and also City of Ink clothing and screen printing. And of course books, a lot of books. I want to put out coffee table books. We are working on two books now, The City of Ink. A book of photography that will show how the whole movement was started and all the love and pain that went into building City of Ink. I also have a book called “Before I’m Gone: The Art & Life of Miya Bailey” this book is about my life and my career as an artist. I will have every piece of art I have ever done including old art from grade school. This is a very personal book but I want to share my life with the people. I want to inspire the youth who dream about a better life.

SCHEME: What steps are you taking now to complete your book?
MB: Right now I’m working on the last 4 chapters, which include erotica, the Atlanta underground music scene, my family, and a few surprises. I can’t tell you everything but I feel people will understand me more after the book drops. I named it “Before I’m Gone” because you never know when death will call you to come home so I’m putting my life story and art out for the world. Most artists don’t get studies or the fame until after their death. Am I selfish if I want to feel it all before I die? This is my story and I promise this story is very different than most. If I died today I want my children to understand why their father worked so hard and why I can’t let anyone out work me. I want them to have a future without struggle. I know I’m a dreamer, but dreams can turn into a reality because I’m living my dreams every day.

SCHEME: What’s coming up for you or for City of Ink?
MB: My plan is to open more City of Ink’s and create more jobs for hungry artists. To spread the City of Ink lifestyle to each city one at a time and show people art can make money if you work hard and stay focused. We want to inspire your city and put visual artists, film makers, photographers, writers, musicians, etc back in the limelight.

SCHEME: Out of all the tattoos that you’ve completed…what’s your memory of the one that had the most effect on you?
MB: I haven’t done that tattoo yet. I’m still growing as an artist so I feel my best work hasn’t been done yet. But when I do that tattoo I will make sure you guys know.