Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What I see walking....

Walking... reflecting on life....the sun is shining... giving the Earth what she needs to live... Homeless begging for birds taking flight for the first time...I look down and this lizard is sun didn't run from me... I guess it felt i wouldn't harm it... I just wanted to be on my way.... But I stop curious to see how far i could get before it ran off into the never moved.... It looks at me... It knows I have to power to take it's life or to leave it be....God all give us choices... The choice to give life or to take life...I want to give life by showing the world how I see life through my time to be thinking deep... I have to keep it moving the walk isn't finished.

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Anonymous said...

Miya,Miya....seems in your blogs I just read you're making the choice to express yourself with a sincere focus on how much growth yuor soul is undergoing...sometimes we drift away from people and get closer to nature and animals cos we get to the point in our life, or in a difficult relationship ( loved ones/friends/whateva) in which we realize how powerless we really are over other humans... how we cant control or change other people..Ive seen how you faintly have slightly touched on some personal matters with ur wife (her happiness "with or without you")... maybe you've just been going thru some of that, I call it being HUMBLE enough to let people go, let people be who they are,let people lead the lives THEY have chosen to live,and putting more focus into the creations of GOD, in the nature around you, is your MIYA way of seeing that GOD is , and has always been within YOU.
you can grow and educate yourself, but some people will always be "barrio" (hood), they move but still put a front to the world with what they got, thats when you go feed the duckies and bring it back to basics...the kids..they will never forget the one thing we as adults seem to neglect, or try and buy ourselves with money they dont yet have... love of GOD ,of nature...until we find it on our own, like you have been.
I say buy Rabbit more treats cos he's helping you with this too..

Anonymous said...

Great post Miya. Always stay positive & keep the "negative thinkers" away from you. There is always someone trying to throw salt in your game for whatever reason, maybe they are waiting in line, who knows... Sending peace, love, & light to you, your wife, & children.