Thursday, October 29, 2009

Algeria Bailey

My baby is turning 16 years old on Halloween...she's on my mind deeply can't wait to see my don't even seem like 16 years has past...Asheville here I come...Algeria I'm spoiling you when I get there.... Ok let me go enjoy myself at Sutra and stop being an "old" daddy.... Peace yall... MB

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At Sutra....

I must be getting old I'm at Sutra...girls jockin... The ones at the door were really aggressive...wish my wife would have came with me.... I'm goin to Asheville tomorrow night for my daughters "sweet 16" I'm missing both of my daughters a lot... Every tattoo every drawing all 3 of my seeds fuel my passion to keep creating to keep hustlin.. The fuel to my passion are my children...after work I walk into my sons room I stand right over him and I pray for his safety and I hope he has the courage of his father and his grandfathers... Grow up to be a strong man and look after his sisters like a real man should...Bailey men protect our women with our very lives...warriors! I know this is random... I'm sitting in our section at Sutra...Tuki is sitting in here with a "wig" on so I lost my train of thought laughin at his crazy ass....

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I need mine in BLACK!

We were chillin behind the shop talkin and Corey walked over and had on this DOPE ass Chilly-O sweat shirt...I remember seein Corey working on this design at COI and I thought to myself damn that's dope.. But didn't know it was going on clothes.... Niceeee...The white is beauty but I want mine in black.. Wassup Chilly-O? A black hoodie? :-) freshhhhhhhhh!

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Sutra Lounge tonight

City of Ink will be hosting a party tonight at Sutra. It's FREE allnight and no dress code... I'm glad because I just pay a shit load of bills, my daughter turns 16 years old on Halloween so I'm about to spoil her this weekend plus I need to wash some clothes so I can't jump too fresh tonight... Guess it's all black tonight, sneaks, and a fitted hat....see yall asses tonight... It's hot out here and I'm walking to work (I'm 30 min late)

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Alone Time....

Being surrounded by people almost 24 hours a day can get to me at I walk or jump on the train to be alone.. To reflect on my life.. To daydream... To clear my mind... To plan business moves... To think of new ideas for art...some people don't like being alone, I wish I could relate to that but I can't... I have a family, own a business, have a lot of staff members & friends so quiet time is very I walk, dream, create in my mind... Dreamland is a place for my human's 2:18pm and my first tattoo appointment is at 3pm so I'm about to jump in the shower and walk over to City of Ink... I will blog more later yall

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Monday, October 26, 2009

my FAN Page on Facebook

It sucks I have reached my friends limit on Facebook..I really wish they would not have a limit on the amount of people you can add. It's a really good social netwerk, and I have connected with all my old friends from grade school to high school (even my old school teachers back home) So I have started a fan page, I really don't know how to work it yet..but please add it and if you have any tattoos done by ME add them all to the page and tag them...I just got back to Atlanta lastnight so I'm ready to get back to business...yall be safe and hit me up on twitter:

City of Ink's Fan Page for Facebook...

The City of Ink's Fan page is up on Facebook...Join us and support the COI your views on todays topics on art, music, fashion, and tattoos.
and if you in Atlanta drop by and meet us all in person. Also follow City of Ink on Twitter:

City of Ink
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Atlanta, GA 30313

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Flight to Washington, DC

Today I flew to DC to do a guest spot at was a cool flight...I love seeing my other tattoo family... The energy in their shop and the people always inspires I decided to pull out the old sketchbook....and just let the art do what it do...I only had a brown 005 micron ink pen and got to work.... I did 2 pieces, a drawing inspired by Jay-Z and another drawing inspired by a girl I know who will lie to get her way with men... For some reason bad girls have been inspiring a lot of my new art...maybe I need to change my circle or maybe I should meet new people and balance out my surrounds...but being a tattoo artist the only peope I really know are my clients... Not all of them are so-called bad girls but they always seem to have the most interesting stories...I'm in Tuki's hotel room right now looking at TV....he fell asleep so I'm about to head to my room and do some reading...or maybe even blog again... Who knows

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Change & Growth

My appointment is late so I walked over to Slice to clear my mind and have a beer...I'm thinking about my life and how I have grown as a man...I have lose lots of friends from this thing we call "Life". Some in jail, some lose their way to the streets, and some just gave up on their dreams...seeing people just sitting around wasting time like time is on their side pisses me off...peope act like change, growth, and following your dreams is hard to rather sit on your ass and waiting for me to help you? Are you afraid to fail?...I watched my mother work and hustle her ass off for 4 dad wasn't around so I turned to the streets like most black males do... Looking for my father figure, but I always had a dream.. And I failed on my dream many times but I got back up and never gave up...I'm an honest person and sometimes I want to give up on people around me...if i'm HUNGRY then I know you hungry nigga...we all have different dreams but it's the same struggle... I'm not rich I'm still chasing my dreams...are you? Or are you waiting for me to feed you? How can you believe in a person who do not grow? How can you believe in a person who will not make the first step towards their dreams? If I can grow anyone can grow... I'm not a city boy... I'm from country ass Asheville NC and I'm a warrior...grow, change, and don't be afraid of failure....I'm still hungry yall.... I want the world.... Do you? You should... YOU deserve it

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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Foreign Exchange - "I Wanna Know"

I have been a fan of Little Brother for many years now...Being from North Carolina myself I'm very proud of these brothers...a few years ago I did an interview with and they asked me which rappers would I like to tattoo, I said Rapper Big Pooh & Phonte and of course Outkast...well I never got a chance to tattoo Outkast, but I did get to tattoo Big Pooh and last year I was back stage at Sugahill for the Foreign Exchange show and ran into Phonte...Phonte, asked everyone to leave the backstage but said "Miya Bailey? I'm a big fan for you work." He let me stay backstage and we talked for a sec before he hit the stage...they had an amazing show that night..and I was even more proud to be from North Carolina...If you know about Little Brother and Phonte's band "The Foreign Exchang" check out this video....Phonte, I got you when you ready..much respect bruh...keep creating ORIGINAL music.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Today....BET Hip-Hop Awards

Today was cool, I got to see how an award show is ran...I got to see Kid-n-Play dance together again... That was dope...Jay-z did his thing with ease....even the Goodie Mob performed, felt like Atlanta for a second. They had me sitting next to "Pretty Rick" now you know that was funny.... Lol...right now I'm at Vice (formerly The Royal) chillin with my boy, Jinx... Drinking a beer... The DJ is playin some Big Pun, and we about to smoke a blunt so I'm out yall... Be blessed and safe Hollywood parties for me tonight...peaceeeee

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BET HipHop Awards... Hmmm why not

I got a call 2 days ago from
Eva "Americas Top Model" she asked me if I wanted tickets to the BET hip-hop awards. Everyone know I'm not the biggest fan of today's rappers but I told Eva, yes I would take would be good for business plus Tuki do music and it would be a good look... Plus the tickets are 3rd row and we get a limo driver to the red carpet... I just left the Lenox, yall know I had to jump fresh....ohhh shit the train is here I will finish this later....time to hit the barber shop... Thanks Eva, much love Sis

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Let Her Be Free

I'm not finished with this drawing yet, but people keep asking me what do it mean... So here you go...."Let Her Be Free"

She wants to be free as the wind, but your trying to keep her all to yourself....she was never meant for one man, some might call her a whore or slut...I call her a beautiful free spirit...her actions are misunderstood by the common man... But to an artist she is just a muse...a woman who don't care about man made rules of what a "lady" should be...she asked me "Name one man on Earth who can pass judgement on me? Who are they to judge?" I agreed.... Male ego is also a tool used in hatred....they want to keep her all to themselves but she is honest in her desires...just like a bee queen she calls on her males when they are needed, then they are sent away...females have to deal with that all the time, most males can't handle being ONE in a group of male toys.... Let her sample you and keep it moving, don't let male ego get to you... She isn't for just you... She is open to the world, God blessed her with the gift to please....that gift wasnt meant to be kept... She wants to be free.... Maybe she is looking for her soulmate, that perfect "fit" or maybe she is just a freak who likes different flavors... Either way don't try to keep her let her go... Let her dance in the wind....don't judge her actions, your only a man....God sent you a gift, enjoy it.... It's only for one night, then let her go

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