Saturday, August 21, 2010

Corey Davis loving NYC

My lil bruh, Corey Davis is enjoying the New York life....I'm so glad to see him spreading his wings... It's hard for me to respect other men who I feel don't work as hard or even more harder than myself... But Corey has that same drive as I do...some people just want to do their job then go home... Corey would tattoo go home and do even more work to help build his brand & name... He studied the blueprints of the greats.. And created his own lane... I try to teach my other fellow artists the samething... Some learn most don't listen that's why they still taking walk-ins years later...once you build a brand you will have followers who will purchase all your products... You use tattooing as a tool to kept the attention of the masses... Once you have inked a person I'm sure they would support you in your other fields of art... I know if I got tattooed by an artist I would buy his or her posters, books, t-shirts, stickers, music, etc because their way cheaper than getting a tattoo... Corey Davis is mastering this branding and I'm very proud of him... I hope God bless this young brother with the BEST WOMEN he's mind & body can handle... Keep good women on your team bruh... The dudes won't hustle hard like women would for you... Beware of male egoes.. And only keep the dudes around who has the same drive or even more drive than yourself...don't be used... Get paid for all your proved yourself so no freebies... Use a condom and don't make any children until your married...don't take the girls serious... Your career comes FIRST so don't slow down for "so-called love" girls will be there once you have reached your goal....knowlegde before wisdom....just wanted to express how proud I am of Mr. Davis... He listened, he studied, and he is doing it! Sleep when your dead bruh...hustle HARD and inspire your city... Then inspire the world... The sky is your limit

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Twit Beefs said...
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Unknown said...

ahh thats soo much bruh, really needed this right now... These past few weeks have been kinda tough in NY, but its all in the name of the cause! You have to struggle before those moments of glory. Before moving to NY I thought I had life all figured out, I was popular, I made alot of money, and I had girls. what else could you ask for? But i wasnt comfortable with just being a local celebrity, I wanted the world! After making such a big move with no family or friends close by to depend on, i began to realize that life isnt always so comfortable and you gotta shake things up in order to turn it into an adventure. But like you said all of my idols from Hendrix to Warhol came here to make it big, and I will do the same! Success is not promised, but failure is not a option.

Unknown said...

Columbus, OH very own! So glad to see Black men supporting eachother in the quest for something greater than themselves!!!

Do ya thang Corey, CO will hold you down!