Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shepard Fairey "OBEY" bombed the city!

I was in Washington, DC this week and I seen the art of Shepard Fairey (of OBEY) all over the city. I'm a collector of his clothing and books, so to see his work of art bombed over the city was very beautiful and inspiring to me. I first seen his work in 1995 or 96 in Philly. It was the Obey Giant piece and it changed my world. Now he is rich and he STILL finds the time to still hit up the city with some of the most beautiful and popular art in the world. My homegirl Imani (from Pinz-N-Needlez) told me she had a secret for me, so me, Tuki, her and Demayne all drove up in the alley and came across a ton of art posted on a wall..ALL from Shepard Fairey. I took a lot of photos before the city decide to take them all down. I will upload them tomorrow but for now I will post up the photos Demyane took of me taking pictures of his work. Mr. Fairey come to ATL, it's needed!...INSPIRE YOUR CITY!...City of Ink

In Washington, DC.....Shepard Fairey OBEYIn Washington, DC.....Shepard Fairey OBEY

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Last Day in Washington, DC....

This is our last day in Washington, DC...we will be flying back to ATL tomorrow for the INKED Magazine photoshoot @ City of Ink and Hollyweerd Show @ Lennys on Friday.

We had a good time in DC....we are taking appointments for the NEXT trip to DC, so drop by and meet me & The CIty of Ink staff in person before we leave.

Tuki & Chris Mcadoo will both be taking WALK-INS @ Pinz-N-Needlez today. And I'm taking deposits and appointments for my next trip to DC in April....don't wait to the last min. to book your appointment..

Thank you Pinz-N-Needlez for opening your doors to us and our City of Ink clients. And thanks DC for the snow and the good food...LOL

Last day here lets make it count....see yall at the shop today!

PS...check out some the of the lastest tattoos by my partner, Tuki Carter. I will be poster pictures from the trip later tonight once I hit the bed.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Me, Tuki, Chris, and Demayne @ Pinz-N-Needlez "DC"

It's cold ass hell up here in DC, but the vibe is real cool. Demayne just walked in Pinz-N-Needlez with a big bag of food for me and Tuki. Chris Mcadoo is tattooing so he will eat after he finish...I have one more tattoo to do tonight so I'm about to eat this food, jump back on this appointment and log in later once I get back to my hotel room to finish this blog...blessings yall, Miya Bailey!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jan 30 & Feb 27...Art Shows @ City of Ink

Yup we will be having even MORE Art Shows for 2009!! Support the City of Ink Movement!

YUP we still doing the $40 WALK-IN Special....

Tuki, Chris McAdoo,Demayne, and myself will be leaving for Bmore & DC tomorrow. I'm excited mainly because it's Demayne's FIRST time ever flying on an airplane so this will be fun just watching his face..LOL We will land in Bmore and stop by the Baltimore Tattoo Convention to show support to Jaz (Black Star Tattoo from NY) and Chris & Pinz-N-Needlez (from DC) after we pick up the rental car...we will chill out for a few hours and meet our fans and supporters up there maybe buy some tattoo stuff from the expo then head to DC to get settled in our hotel rooms and get ready for our saturday appointments in DC at Pinz-N-Needlez. Ant, Sophie, Corey, and Melvin will hold City of Ink down and will be doing the $40 WALK-IN specials, so go support our shop while we are in DC.

PS...Happy BDAY Samba!!!! enjoy your trip!

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Poem someone wrote for City of Ink....THANK YOU sis!

Soulful with the ink
reach down into the soul
bring it to the surface
with beautiful colors of gold
telling a story only a true artist knows
miya singing with ink pen
drawing beautiful musically notes
from the spirit within
butterflies my favorite yes indeed
transformation Mr. bailey put eyes
so they truly come alive and see
what a blessing to our people
you and your artist have become
drawing art on the skin so much
deeper than a tattoo it has become
ancient descendants past down
the talent to you
to tell the story of the soul
without words and you do
deep down in the south yes
Georgia you have to go
to get blessed by the best
in the ATL we all shall know
without a doubt miya bailey
giving ink some soul
power to you my brother
with your blessing of art
you have a talent of vision
not seen with just the eyes
but from the heart
whatever they wish for
your bring it alive
transcends all others in comparison
when you want your soul to speak out
in art and color
miya, tuki, kevin, ant, sophie
mel-man, corey and chris
city of ink is the shit
where they get down
known all over
spreading joy and love around
with ink and color
from the soul you see
I'm sending mad love to my sista
and brothas
peace, love, and soul
miya bailey and artist
everyone shall agree
so I personally thank thee

created by Peaches(Mosi) 1/6/09

I Thank you ALL......

2008 was a VERY good year for City of Ink. ATL, DC, Bmore, LA, San Fran, Chitown, London, Germany, Asheville, Charlotte, and many other cities have supported us STRONG last year and helped us grown a name not just in Atlanta but all over the WORLD. I would have never thought City of Ink would have grown so fast in this short amount of time. From all the people who came and got their free "dripping star" tattoos to all the videos and photos shot by companies here in ATL. It started as an art gallery and tattoo shop into a movement that has spreaded across the world. Who would have known what a group artist coming together for the love of art would create.

We never played the "race card" and wanted people to look past our skin color and just look at the ART we were creating. We wanted to stand out and do something totally different from what we have seen other tattoo artists do in the past. We created our OWN style of tattooing following and copying NO ONE and the people noticed. Each tattoo and painting was created from the heart and soul.

I just wanted to thank YOU the people for making City of Ink the #1 choice for the People....our goal for 2009 is to keep our prices affordable for the working class so will cont to start ALL custom tattoos at $40....and I will cont design my artwork to YOUR spending name the PRICE at City of Ink and we create to your price range...we PROMISE to have the best price for CUSTOM work in ATL (no flash or copying) one of a kind tattoos every time.

All we ask is your support and your TRUST...and if you support us put us on your TOP FRIENDS and create a "City of Ink" folder on your page and show off your tattoos that you have gotten from me and my staff...if you have a City of Ink Pic Folder already on your page please hit me up and if you are planning to make a COI folder also hit me up...Im honored, humbled and thankful to each and every one of you for making our dreams come true....

A day for a KING.....

When I was younger I didn't understand the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I grew up facing racism, being called "nigger" almost everyday in the streets of West Asheville. Me and my friends had to fight skinheads and police often, sometimes we would win and sometimes we would lose. All the fighting made me bitter and hard inside, and I had a hard time trusting people so I stayed in the projects where I felt safe around other people facing the same problems of racism. Once I opened my first tattoo shop in 97, I got to meet people of all races and my heart opened up. I learned that not everyone was racist and that we all had fears we would have to over come. I would like to honor the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The older I have grown the more I understand his vision and the more I understand how ALL the movements were needed to help build Black awareness and self esteem. Thank you Dr. King and all the other fallen Warriors who lose their lives to teach and earn our freedom here in American and all over the world. You have inspired minds of ALL races. Your dream has inspired Obama and others that we can do ANYTHING that we put our minds too.

To damn SOULFUL!!

Who said old white people can't have soul?....the beauty of the human race. Mr. Soul emailed me this clip...I fell out.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

T.I.'s Reality Show

T.I.'s reality show will be airing in Feb on MTV. I wish this young man all the luck in the world. I know it isn't easy to leave your family and children for jail. So I hope this show helps some of the kids out there having a hard time trying to make it out the streets. Much love to Tiny, and PSC for always supporting City of Ink.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dreams coming True....INKED Magazine!

I'm a big dreamer, and I have learned in life that dreams do come true. I collect A LOT of different magazines and I have always had dreams of being featured in the same pages that I buy weekly. Last week I got an email from INKED magazine, asking if they could feature The City of Ink in their magazine. Of course I was excited as hell, I'm a loyal reader of Inked since day one and I have collected every issue. We did the interview last week over the phone with Adam (he interviewed me almost 4 years ago for Beyond Race Magazine). Adam always come with the best questions. Friday Jan. 30th @ 1pm we will be doing our photoshoot for Inked over at City of Ink. I hope the shop is busy so they can see our clients and supporters. I want to make sure they understand we are not just another tattoo shop in ATL, but a movement of visual artists and trendsetters paid dues for younger artists coming up in both fine art and tattooing. I still can't believe it, we will be the first tattoo shop (of black tattoo artists) to glace these pages. We are honored by this moment...seems like 16 years of tattooing non stop is finally paying off....Thank you Jason (editor), and Inked Magazine for giving us a chance.

PS...I was featured in INKED magazine before and the back issues are on sale.

April 2008 INKED MagazineINKED Magazine (Page 104)

INKED...INKED April 2008 Magazine (Page 104)

My idol....Mike Giant

Check out the new Mike Giant video...from graffiti, to skate boarding, to tattooing, Mike Giant is one of my heros. He only use sharpie, I love his art!

Artist: Alex Pardee

I love videos like these..anytime I see a visual artist making money doing what they love inspire me...I hope it also inspire you. Alex Pardee is DOPE, check out his art.

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Piece I'm working on.....

Check out this new piece I'm working on. It was fun ass hell to do. Sorry the photos aren't so good. My camera was dead so my homeboy had to use his cellphone. Once I add the background I will post better quality pics. I'm thinking about keeping the warrior in black & grey and using full color in the background to make the image pop out and stand out alone. He drove down from my hometown of Asheville, NC to get this piece so I was honored...thank you bruh, see you for part 2.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

City of Ink on

Donnis shows ATL, Corey Davis, & City of Ink some love...props my brother.

The Lastest Roni Zulu Tattoo Video

Just wanted to share this video of follow tattoo artist, Roni Zulu in LA. We both tattoo in very different styles but this brother has a HUGE following so props to you my brother.


Just had to return back with another FUCK THE POLICE!!..and I mean that shit!


Fuck the police, fuck the police, fuck the police...Period! I know you can not judge ALL police officers by the actions of one bad pig (or a group of bad pigs) so I can ONLY judge the police by my own personal history with them myself and the history of people I know in my life and the stories we see OFTEN in the news around the country. I will never say ALL police officers are evil, I can only call out the ones I know and the ones I have done battle with myself. Yes I'm an artist but before my career I was known for my clashes with the Police in Asheville and Atlanta. I will always speak my mind (good or bad) and I will always be a human being full of emotion, pain, love, and God. The Police in my opinion are nothing but a gang, a LEGAL paid gang. A bunch of lame nerds who never got girls, they were never in the so-called "in crowd" in school and they never got respect in the streets so once they were of age they joined this legal form of the KKK aka the POLICE aka PIGS. In my 33 years of life on planet earth I have only met ONE police officer in my life time that I feel was a "good man" I often asked him why did he even join this group of terrorist. He said the pay was not good, he lose alot of his friends for joining the police dept, and it was even harder to be called a "sell-out" so his reasons to me are still not clear to me why anyone would even want to be apart of this group. But I do feel he is a good dude, just trying to find his way through life. He might have the right ideas in tyring to do good for the people, he just joined the wrong group. And if anything ever pops off with the pigs I hope he knows what side to be on, because a lame ass pay check is not the same value as human life. I have seen video after video of police killing unarmed people all across America and we do NOTHING. We sit back like it's a fuckin' reality show and DO NOT ONE THING about it. How can we as HUMANS (not black or white, but HUMAN) stand for this injustice? And when is it the right time to bear arms and protect ourselves from the police and their system? Where is our voice to speak out? Did Obama speak out on this issue? I don't even follow TV anymore so I have no clue, all I do is work allday and night. Who will protect the people from the police?? The weather men are gone, the black panthers seem to be underground now, and the rappers aren't saying SHIT because most rappers are a bunch of bitches and slaves with the same PROGRAMMED message. I'm writing this blog to express my pain for seeing us DO NOTHING. I'm not Rambo, I'm not an one man army, but I do have a voice and I have battled MORE than my share of police in my lifetime (check my record) I hide nothing from the people, I'm an open book. So I can back up ANYTHING I say against those pigs because I have always fought or lose, I have my honor and pride. FUCK THE POLICE, and if your one of the good cops then speak out against your follow officers or your just as bad as they are....lame ass PIGS!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Doc the Artist: Miya Bailey

This video was created by photographer, Brandi Pettijohn

Hmmm what should I do tonight??

I just finished my last appointment for the day. The shop is PACKED today, all the artists are tattooing and it's a good feeling and blessings to see this many people supporting us in Jan. Sophie has 2 or 3 more people to tattoo tonight. Ant is out front talking to one of his homies, and Melvin is working on 3rd hour of his sleeve session. I might walk up to Slice or 255 for a beer or 2, or help Samba with the floor because there are still people here wanting ink. Hollyweerd is performing at Sloppy Seconds so MJQ might be that move for tonight. Get drunk, smoke out and hit the bed and wake up and create some new artwork inspired about TONIGHT.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

From Mitchell St. to Walker St....Prophet Art to City of Ink

Do yall remember this???

It's time to cut my hair......

I woke up feeling really good this morning. Anytime I hear birds singing I'm I'm about to jump in the shower, walk down to the bank, and then get a hair cut. I hate going to the barber shop but my barber, JJ is one cool ass brother so I don't mind supporting his business. I just don't like cutting me hair, but when I jump in business mode I have to get fresh. A fresh haircut do make you step yo swag So when yall see my out on the streets of ATL and I have a beard and my hair is curled up on my hair that means I have been creating new artwork and I'm back in my "dread" head mode. I'm carefree and don't give a fuck what anyone is thinking...I close myself off in my own world and create my most personal artwork. But when you see yo boy with a fresh cut and the waves spinning, I'm in money business mode. The swag is on 100, and I'm fresh from head to toe. Even tho I get haircuts I rarely even show my hair, I wear hats everyday (thats my trademark) from grown men style hats to of course Nu era fitted. Let me jump in the shower and get ready,...this blog ain't bout shit..LOL
Peace yall I will write something real later...maybe this walk to the bank will inspire me...blessings!

Chilling at City of Ink!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Thinking back to my high school days I remember looking out the classroom window and daydreaming about life outside of the mountains of Asheville, NC. I wondered what the world was like and why some of my friends never wondered about it at all. I would dream about Atlanta, New York, and LA wondering if a country boy would make it in a big city. Those dreams kept me up at night and had me doing no school work in the day. Visions of freedom and getting out the hood flooded my mind. Daydreaming balanced my life and helped me become the artist I am today. So when your child is daydreaming don't stop them...they are just creating their own dreams and those same dreams will transfrom into reality....Much love to all my daydreamers...keep dreaming, I love you.

Links to ALL My Websites.....

If you have followed my life and career over the years you really need to bookmark these LINKS....I don't put everything on myspace. So here is a break down of all my sites so you can follow my events, videos, personal life, and my deepest thoughts on life and art.

) www. miyabailey. blogspot. com
My Blog site are randoms thoughts and interest in my life. From my personal life with my family to my opinions on fashion, music, movies, media, politics, art, and tattooing.
This is for the real blog lovers so add me and follow my blog: www. miyabailey. blogspot. com

)www. youtube. com/miyabailey
My Video page, full of everyday life at City of Ink and in my personal life. From me doing tattoos to me getting my own tattoos. Live music from concerts I have been too, to just walking the street of ATL with the homeless and a few crackheads.
It's reality: www. youtube. com/miyabailey

)www. thecityofink. com
This is the official website of the City of Ink Movemement. This site was designed to inspired the minds and souls in every city across the world. It was designed by Mr. Soul of COI Creative. Tour dates, Events, free music downloads, business hours, and FAQ.
www. thecityofink. com

)www. myspace. com/miyasart
This is my Art (drawings & painting) page. You will get to see pages from my book (on sale soon) first on this page. This is my personal myspace page for my family life, new artwork and everyday living, like a visual page for my blog site.
it's not a tattoos on that page, just LIFE & ART www. myspace. com/miyasart

)www. myspace. com/miyabailey
This is my official page for my TATTOO body art. This page is 100% for business and to showcase my tattoos for the world. I do answer 100% of ALL my messages sent me this page. You can't set an appointment through this page but I will answer all the questions I get that come in myself.

www. myspace. com/miyabailey

)www. myspace. com/cityofinkbooking
This page is maintain by my manager, Demayne Ginyard. He handles all appointments OUTSIDE of Atlanta. So if you in one of the cities we tour, contact Mr. Ginyard and he will handle all your appointment needs.

www. myspace. com/cityofinkbooking

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Resurrection....MY SUN (son)

My lil' man is growing up he just had his 8th bday on Dec. 21. We had a sleepover for him invited all his homies over. It was cool ass hell, to see him shine amongst his peers. Just wanted to express my love for him, and I always hope he stays close to his 2 sisters and protect the Bailey women like the warrior he was born to me. I hope he travel and see the world, and never abuse the love and friendship his queens and ladies give him on his journey to manhood. I love you, Prophet Ayim Bailey.

Prophet Ayim BaileyProphet on his 8th Bday

New Tattoos this week.....

Check out this weeks new tattoos....City of Ink allday!

Im redoing the scroll next.....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Site is UP!

God bless, Mr. Soul. My brother worked VERY hard on the website and it is finally up! Thank you Mr. Soul aka Kevin Harp (my brother from another mother) for believing and seeing the vision. The website will grown over the months, and the store will be opening soon, so look for the official launch party for THECITYOFINK.COM.

CHECK IT OUT...and understand our MOVEMENT!!!

PS. To see more of MR. SOUL's Artwork and design skills go to: