Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010... New Beginnings

2009 is almost over...I'm back in "business" mode so I had to cut off my hair and get a shave....I got a few business meetings lines up so I had to jump fresh...I'm about go home and change out my work clothes and see what's up for night... Happy New Years yall! Be safe and dream big!

PS... Thanks "J" for the cut...yall check him out at "Off the Hook" barbershop on Peters Street next door to Pearls.

Ohhhh here is my last tattoo for the year.... Happy Birthday, Dawn.... Hope I spelled your name right.... Blessings, MB

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Next Door...

I'm next door at Johnny Cakes.. Had to step out the shop for a sec to get something to eat... Chris had some shrimp & cheese grits and it was smelling good ass hell so I had to grab me a plate...and it was super good! Chris just came over and said this dude wants me to tattoo his girlfriend so breaks over...yall check out Johnny Cakes next door to COI on 323 Walker Street, Atlanta GA 30313 7am-5:30pm and they have breakfast & lunch allday

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Today was cool...real 3pm appointment canceled so I called in my homegirl, Teena to fill the spot...since I had a lil' time I walked over to slice and have a beer and waste some time...everyone was in a good mood at the shop...listened to Outkast and did these sessions

New Castle at Slice on Peters Street before my appointment

I finishes up this butterfly piece...I wanted to follow the natural flow of her curves...It's like the butterflies are being followed by beautiful souls..I wanted the orange to be bright to prove darker skin tones can pick up orange shades if you take your time and focus...she barely bleed but she did swell a little.

I added the shading to the outline I did last month...this is a fun piece... Not rushing it just doing the whole piece in sessions every 3 weeks or once a month... The color will be next...some blues for the background water.. And orange and golden yellow for the koi fish...I'm excited

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Thinking about Asheville

I just woke up and I'm thinking about home...not Atlanta, but Asheville, NC...and not the hood, but the other side of Asheville that I use to explore to get away from all the drama in the streets...I would hang out in the places where you didn't see black people..just hippies, witches, and other sub-cultures that live up in those mountains....I wish more of my brothers and sisters would take the time out to explore Asheville...its not all about the projects...its one of the most beautiful cities in America..and it inspired me visually growing up as a kid...yeah I'm missing downtown Asheville, and the trails...its nothing like finding a hideout spot and lighting up a blunt up in the mountain...I truly feel one with God up there...the smoke in my lungs, and my eyes on the sky...I took these photos a while back, I will post more often...this is how my eyes see Asheville...from the insects and bugs to the art and mountain...I love you Asheville, thank you for always supporting me even when yall didn't understand my vision...I am your son and I will always represent you no matter where life takes me

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The "Popular" Art show Flyers

City of Ink's Corey Davis did a beautiful job on the art show flyers....I'm even more excited to see everyones paintings for the show... JAN.15th will be dope...Good Job, Corey!

If your a visual artist and want to be apart of this artshow call 404-525-4465 1pm-10pm leave your info me or Corey Davis will call you back...thanks yall

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Love Again

We all know love hurts yet we all search for it...I have hurt women with love before...and I have paid for it...seeing her eyes full of pain haunts my dreams at night...I wish I could take back the hands of time and heal those wounds but I can't...No matter how different I am, I'm just a man... No matter what the people think about me... I'm just a human being...I can cause you joy and I can cause you pain....but all I want you to do is love again...I love you enough to let you go so you can find love in the arms of another man...I'm sure he can treat you better than some dreamy selfish artist can...the way I show my love is through paint and canvas...since you no longer trust in my words I hope you can feel my love through every painting, drawing ....every touch against your skin...every stroke is my soul telling you "I love you" but now you push me away and I don't blame you...I just want you to love again... Even if it isn't me your loving.... I just want you happy....your a beautiful soul and you only deserve the best...I just hope you think about me once in a while...because I know you can't be replaced...and I can only love you like an artist...a mind that's untamable... A mind with no limits..or boundaries.... And that's what causes pain...that's why I want you to Love again... I need to see you smile even if I'm seeing your smile from a far

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Nasty Girl

She goes to work everyday she's a hard worker...her past has molded her into the woman she is today...she has the skills to blend in with the "regular" folks but she has another side... The side that wants to escape the normal everyday life...artwork covers her skin...her mind open to try anything at less once...when she's around people she's always a "lady" but alone she turns into a "Nasty Girl" an art form most women can't master... But she mastered be one with her body...To create her own world opposite of her everday life...if she chose you take it as a gift from the heavens... It's surprising because you didn't know she even had that side in her...she hides it well... Which turns you on...she down plays her sexual side around people.. They all thinks she's a good girl... But she's a Nasty girl.... The woman you dream about...she's also a lady.. the one you want to take home... She has mastered that balance...she feeds off your thoughts and desires and bring them to life for you...she's so sweet yet nasty...your mother will love her and your father will know why....nasty girl your a beauty secret never change

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Get Home Safe.....

My baby needs milk she is soul is turning cold the world is hard and these niggaz sellin dope to buy rims...they soft sellin death to buy material items just to attract bitches who looking for a trick to pay their bills... But I don't Blame them... They also feel their soft...Dressed in all black, my hoodie low I feel like a black panthers tracking his prey... And the prey is this bitch nigga sittin in his fancy car trying to floss for the hood...he ain't even from this hood....I guess I'm trying to fool myself... Hype myself up... Make excuses why I should rob this nigga...Miya get a job...I tried to get a job...they said they don't need the help right Now... But my baby girl need this milk right now.... I creep in the shadows....I know this nigga from school... I know his mama and I know his daddy... If he's anything like his dad this will be easy.... I robbed him last year to buy art heart is beatin fast... Visions of my daughter, visions of my mother, visions of my grandmothers fill my mind.... Shake it off Miya, they wouldn't understand I have to get this nigga.. He is weak he don't deserve that money.... God protect me I want to go home baby mame said she will cook me some hamburger helper and braid my hair if I get home before 11pm....the 9 is out... He is listening to Geto Boys.... The music is loud... Silly nigga ain't no warrior... He ain't no hustla... This is too easy...I spoke too soon .... He spotted me in his mirror....fuck it time to make a know what it is.... I want it all nigga...I guess he isn't as soft as I thought....he ain't trying to empty his pockets....damn I don't want to kill him over cash... Maybe if I just put one in his leg he will come off it....I knew he was soft he's crying like a bitch now... The sight of his own blood changed his mind....all of this for $450, a gold chain, and some CD's? Where is my life goin?.....Miya I thought we were cool?.... We are my nigga....I hope you understand we are living in a jungle and I'm a predator...I use my money in a different way then you use yours for bullshit and I want it all....i didn't want to shoot you but you get my point don't you?.....he's eyes fill with tears....I feel his fear...yo bruh this is between me & tell anyone and it lights out....I'm easy to find if you want some "get back" I'm man enough to say I deserve it....I will see you next a warrior or change your field of work.... I have no fear. Now time go buy this milk for my daughter, get my braided and listen to this nigga's CDs... God thank you for letting me get home safe tonight...

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays I LOVE YOU MAMA!

It's 3:30pm and I just woke up from a dream...In the dream I was surrounded by all my family members (dead & alive) my grandmothers were there my old friends were there and we were all opening gifts back home in Asheville NC....when I wake up all I see is my mothers face...Xmas was her favorite holiday when I was a kid.. My mom would work extra jobs and whatever it took to make sure me, Dada, & Nikki had the best Xmas each year... When Colby was born she did the samething all over again....Dec.25 is like a rebirth for me... I'm not a christian but I have respect for the teaching of their savior, Jesus but I'm referring to watching my mother work VERY hard to make sure we had a beautiful Xmas day...she made sure all our dreams came true on this was never about the gifts to me but knowing that my mother loved us so much that she would work more hours, take on an extra job just for her children...watching all of this was my rebirth... A hustla was born, and it showed me that I could never make any excuses when it came to my children... That Im no longer living for myself but I'm living for them and once they are grown they will be living for their children... Mama thank you for all the beautiful Xmas's over the years... I wish I was there to hold my daughters today... And I wish I was there with woman who gave me birth and raised me into the man I am today.... I love you, mama... No words can explain how I feel about you... I just LOVE you...every inch of my mind, body, soul is connect to you...through the good & bad you always held me down... Even when I was wrong you had my back and told me the right things to are MY savior... And I promise you the world...oneday you will NOT have to work for anyone you will be FREE and I will make sure all your dreams come true as long as I'm still alive... I owe you everything... I love you mama, Merry Christmas.... Your oldest son, Miya An'twan Bailey

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thank you for saving my life!

Looking out the window I dreamed about leaving the mountains and seeing the world..but what path would I take when I never seen anyone leave? My father had a new life a new family, my mother was working hard to pay the bills...and the streets were raising me...your mother (my first art teacher) always talked about her son, and how he was using art and printing t-shirts...a mentor I needed, we were introduced...your spirit was like no other man I have crossed paths with in life...a father, a friend, a big brother, a mentor, an inspiration you became to taught marketing, how to reach the people in the streets, how to make money using my talents..and I THANK YOU Ray Mapp for saving my life...I remember everytime we would hit the road in the late 80'-90's selling t-shirts we would listen to "Sounds of Blackness" at first I was like why you got me listening to this music and I'm not even a Christian" then you said LISTEN and FEEL the words..they are for everyone not just christians but for to EVERYONE struggling out here....I listened and I FELT the because our theme song on good nights and bad nights...we listened to it before he hit the road and after you dropped me off back home to my mother...Ray, no matter where I'm at in the world, I love you big brother...and I THANK YOU...everyday I use the wisdom you gave me...I HOPE to be the samething for Corey, Chris, Sophie, and Melvin that you were and still is to ME...much love comrade...2010 is our year!

This song is for everyone who NEEDS postive energy today..I KNOW its hard out here in this recession and if your a parent I know you want your babies to have a smile on Xmas your grinding extra hard..remember your not alone..

Mach Five..."That Night" VIDEO

I watched Corey edit this video at the shop the day after it was filmed...the next day it was up on youtube...damn 2 days!!! focused lil' bruh...good work..this is what Corey Davis had to say about his Mach Five project & video

"Something new from Mach Five, it’s not really a “single”, just a dope song we decided to film to promote the album (Sex on a Sunday LP available on iTunes on New Year’s, so you can start the year off right). Directed by yours truly, along with the help of Carla Lopez and Deidra Tyree. “That Night” is a song about a one night stand, visually, we wanted it to feel like a independent film. [prod. by Optimus Pikachu]" says Corey Davis of City of Ink/Greedmont Park

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Angel & Lettering

It was a good day...I just did this piece...hope yall like it...I'm about to walk over to Slice have a beer and get something to eat

Step one: I use "Sharpie Markers" to draw the design directly on the skin (no flash)

Step two: I used the markers to design the letters "Young" with freehand you can make the words flow better on the skin..

Step three: after I do the outline I shade the skin. I want to keep the angel "black & grey"

Step four: color the letters in solid black. Keep them bold so people can see the lettering from a distance.

Step five: add the color and finish the tattoo. Trying to be very gentle and cause little or no bleeding so the colors will heal bright on her skin tone.

Negative sun rays

Shading around the "Young"

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Last Night "Priceless"

After my 5th $50 walk-in special tattoo I was tired... The day before I did 11 tattoos until 3:30am... My back was sore, my eyes were burning but I had to do this can food drive for the homeless...I need the blessings after all the negative shit in Nov... Walked down to my apartment and picked my son, Prophet up to take him to see the Avatar movie....I heard great things about it and I knew he would love a 3D movie...being a tattoo artist & businessman full time I barely get to see my children... But when I'm free I turn off my cell, disconnect from the world and my seeds have their father 100%....Prophet just turned 9 years old on Dec.21 ( the day after my brother, Dada's bday) I can see so much of myself in my son.... He is a creative soul...he's into the performing arts & visual arts....and something shines in him.... Everywhere he goes people just attract to his light...I use to dream about Prophet years before he was born so that's why "Prophet" is a perfect name for him....I was letting him use my iPhone when he shot 2 photos of him.... I think this young man has an eye.... I love you, Prophet Ayim Bailey....look after your sisters, yall need each other.... We are "The Bailey Family"

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My brothers book release....

My younger brothers's (Damion Bailey) book "My Journal My Journey" has been released and is now ready for sale online....he's words alway get me in the mood to paint...if your a lover of poetry this book is for you... It's only $10 (plus shipping) so support him...he is following his dreams and all dreams inspire others...thank you, Dada for finally releasing this book.... In this day and time words like yours are you always your big brother, Miya

Just Click here is order, my brothers book...I hope all yall support him...COI is a movement of ALL arts....We are ALL Dripping Stars "Inspire Your City!"

PS...check out his blog site: http://DAMIONBAILEY.COM

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