Saturday, May 29, 2010

Step by Step: Tattoo

I finished this piece tonight... Thanks for the tip bruh... Most people forgot about tipping their tattoo artists... Meant a lot

Sharpie marker time...

Outline & solid blacks done....

Shaded the hands against the brick wall

Shaded the face & skull and finished the piece

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Location:City of Ink

Friday June 4th

When Yellawolf & Hollyweerd performs the same show.. It's always amazing! So be there

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Location:Smith's Old Bar

Friday, May 28, 2010

Chest Piece

This is the "Temptation" chest piece I did yesterday at City of ink... He asked me for negative space and lots of flow...He has another appointment tomorrow to go down to his art...I will keep y'all updated

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Monday, May 24, 2010

It never stops...

Thoughts are unlimited...everything comes in..mixes up and come out beautiful...nothing is wasted...memories are gas fueling flames of untamed thought patterns... Different from yours... But understood by my kind...artist they call us...the creators of worlds...the masters of turning nothing into something...worshipped by some.... Hated by those who don't understand... We are visual angels....taking orders to create by the Most High.. We are artist and it never stops

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The reason I walk...

A lot of people ask me "Miya, everytime I see you, your walking by yourself" that's because I walk for a's because I'm never in a rush unless I'm tryin to go see a movie or caught a flight out of town...I rarely get alone time so this is the perfect way to enjoy "peace of mind" and think of some new art ideas...and really enjoy not hearing other peoples voices....people miss so much of the small things driving... Maybe it's just my Asheville hippie side but I want to feel the sun... I want to feel the cold.. I want to enjoy each of the Earth's seasons...for example today.. Me & Rabbit were walking over to my art studio... And I almost stepped on a baby bird, because I was listening to UGK radio on Pandaro...I tried to help the bird but it started crying for it's mother...she showed up and I kept it moving...didn't feel like being attacked by birds today...but it's those small things that inspire my art and my life.. God send us lessons in strange way sometime... It's up to you to dicipher the message.

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Location:Atlanta GA

Lotus Dragonfly: SLEEVE

This is my 2nd session on this's started off as a cover-up.. She gave me 100% creative control on the colors, ideas, shit it didn't feel like "WORK" this is something I would have done for free... But she still paid back started hurting so I decided to stop right at the dragonfly...the next season I will add more colors...Tuki Carter showed me a coloring shortcut that cut my tattoo time in half so I got a lot more skin covered in a shorter time... Thanks bruh!!

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Location:City of Ink

Mike Giant: Rebel 8

When I think about FREEDOM, I always think of tattoo artist, visual artist, and fashion designer, MIKE GIANT...I always blog about Mike because there are a few artist that are REALLY "free" and he is one of them...I have watched his company" Rebel 8" grow over the years..and I was told he only started his company with $400...thats an example of NOT making up excuses...I just wanted to take the time out to say THANK YOU Mike Giant for inspiring me to be a better businessman...and not me afraid to express who I am to the are my all time favorite artist, never stop and cont' blessing the world with your vision...I'm taking notes and oneday I will have that FREEDOM you have...see you there "Rebel 8"

Mach Five's "Just Go"

Mach Five's "Just Go" from Corey Davis on Vimeo.

Kevin Nottigham & Greedmont Park presents Mach Five's "Just Go", a short film about a gangster named Domino who will stop at nothing to deliver a mysterious suitcase. The video, directed by Corey Davis, is off their latest mixtape, “Millenia”, which receives a stamp of approval from A Tribe Called Quest’s Phife Dawg.

Grip Plyaz- "What is Purp, Wind, & Fire"

My homie, Grip Plyaz just dropped this video explaining his new album "Purp, Wind, & Fire"...Grip is one of my favorite artist out Atlanta..he ALWAYS spit that real shit..I think I became an instant fan after hearing that song "Fuck dat Hipster Shit!" if you miss that real Atlanta soul with that edge of street appeal check out Grip Plyaz, and shout out to Governed By Loyalty...keep doing yall thang! Rep dat "A" bruh...we need it!

Grip Plyaz Explains Purp, Wind & Fire from Governed By Loyalty dot Com on Vimeo.

Homeless Pitbull

I was walking through 5 Points and this homeless dude asked me for some money...he had this pitbull with him that got my attention... I keep running into dogs with 2 different color eyes... Some of y'all might remember "Lola the English Bulldog" from the DC post.... She also had those crazy eyes... I wonder if it's a sign or somthing

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Location:5 Points, ATL

Sunday, May 23, 2010

BEST CRY EVER: A & E show "Intervention"

I know I shouldn't be laughing at crackheads...but hey somethings in life are just I hope no one takes this too serious..I'm human and I do I hope he is clean and off drugs today...and hit up youtube for the remix in autotune.

Mike Flo – The Gospel [Video]

I love to see my friends and family connect...proof that we can stand on our own without asking for help from outsiders...unless those outsiders are the ones supporting our art and buying our music...Miko Flo is like a brother to me..a MAN who isn't afraid of expression and a freedom fighter for us all...and Corey Davis did a beautiful job with matching Mike's words with the visual...the use of the christian church was genius!!! None of my close friends follow a religion but to use a church in this video was PERFECT! listen to the words to this song...Corey, you did it again lil' bruh...don't stop keep those videos coming and I will cont' to post them.

Mike Flo - The Gospel from Corey Davis on Vimeo.

In the words of Corey Davis (taken from "Here’s another video I shot for Mike Flo [of the RBG Family, emcee and DJ for Dead Prez] at a Church in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. From his Less Is More LP with Leo Goetz. So far it’s one my fav’s, check it out!"

Saturday, May 22, 2010

ATL: Tattoo Film update

We have started filming in Atlanta now...the first person we interviewed was one of the founding members of City of Ink (and 1/4 of Hollyweerd) Chris are more sneak previews of me & AJ's tattoo film

We even got a few scenes of Tuki Carter tattooing...beautiful work

Shot by Artemus Jenkins

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Mach Five's "Just Go" May 24th

Corey Davis will be releasing his first short film on Vimeo this Monday, May 23rd, called Mach Five's "Just Go"

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Hollyweerd performing LIVE @ Stankonia Fri. May 28, 2010

On Friday May 28, 2010...Hollyweerd will be performing live at Stankonia Recording Studio (home of Outkast) y'all come out and support the home team... Hollyweerd is reppin' for the weirdos & atliens!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Angel Sleeve

I did this piece over in Queens, NY at One Stroke Tattoo... I like the vibe of their shop.. Everyone was really cool and down to earth... Y'all check them out if your in I really want to put a City of Ink up in Brooklyn.. If y'all see any store fronts for lease call 404-525-4465(shop) or 404-644-1912(cell) and take a few pics of the building for me... Thanks y'all.. MB

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Filming in Queens, NY

Me and AJ aka Artemus Jenkins have been hard at work on our film project... This film is based on the lives and struggles of black tattoo artists in will teach the people the difference between scratchers, tattooist, and tattoo artists... Me, Artemus, and Corey hit up One Stroke... A tattoo shop in Queens , I said before this film WILL change how the black community view this art form.... We will have to destroy the so-called "urban" tattoo scene and rebuild after the people have a true understanding what tattoos on skin of color suppose to look like, cost, and what training your tattoo artist suppose to have before he or her even touch your skin.... These are stills from the NYC scenes shot by Artemus Jenkins

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Fort Green, Brooklyn

No matter what city I'm in....I will hit up the meet the coolest people when your not afraid to seat down and hold a convo... You never know what you will learn... Be humble and you can travel anywhere.. You never know who you will need in life... So never judge people.... Rich or poor... Hood or hollywod.... Humans are humans... And I love them all....thank y'all for welcoming to your hood.. Means the world to me... Much love

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