Saturday, February 28, 2009


The 2 Year Anniversary show had a VERY VERY good turn out. I have a major hangover from drinking I'm late for let me get my ass in the shower and get to my appointment. Why did Samba even book any 3pm appointment after an art show of that size? oh well I don't cancel so I will hit yall later with more of the details about lastnight.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fri. FEB 27 @ 7pm-11pm....2 Year Anniversary ART SHOW " Enough is Enough"

I need to hit the mall and Little 5 Points so I can jump FRESH!...yall know City of Ink is aways fly :)..see yall at the show...I will be the dude laying in the cut with a drink a

Bootleg "B.E.T." Video.....

Since I got some new followers on my blog. I wanted to post this BET segment I did when City of Ink had just opened up. 2 Years later and we are even stronger...

PS...BET wouldn't send me a copy of the tv show, so I had to bootleg record it from my TV...some real ghetto shit

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tattoos from 1993-1994....HELL NO!, I found some OLD tattoos I did back in 1993 and 1994. I did the "Nigga 4 Life" tattoo when I was coming out of high school on my homeboy, Nick. I was only 18 years that tattoo is some reallll ghetto hood shit. I didn't have a tattoo machine, I used a single That tattoo cost $15...LOL man, I'm glad I made it out those projects. And the tattoo I did on Usher was done in 1994...he was JUST turning 16 years old..and I was 19 when I did his tattoo. I was only in ATL for a few month and we all hang out in the same apartments in Sandy Springs (shit I lived there he was just hanging out) Babyface had just bought him a black jeep for his 16th bday, and came by to pick up his friends thats when he decided he wanted a tattoo. After the tattoo (a month or 2 later) we ended up all going to BET's Teen Summit tv, Demanye and a few other of my crew got our first TV appearance. I got into with Shamar Moore live on got really heated...later on that same show Usher came out to perform and he started repping my crew at the time "BGP"...he started the chant and me and the boys wilded the fuck out...BET seprated my crew 2 different area for the we wouldn't start trouble (we were pretty wild back in 94)one half of the Prophet Family was sitting behind the Goodie Mob (Cee-Lo was only 18 years old at the time) was a beautiful time in ATL...when the show ended they had the world premier of TLC's "Rainfalls" and I had stood up and spoke for the first time on national TV...that was only the beginning...

Visual Prophets....Goldi Gold & Flux

I love Brandi's Doc the Artist series. She did one on two of my closest friends. I met Flux and Goldi back in college. I wish I could find those old video tapes from school. Me and Flux was studying 5% lessons and I would see Goldi at all the Zulu nation meetings. We have been kicking it for a long time now..and I love these brothers deeply. Real artist with passion who isn't all hollywood and brand new...thats why I fuck with them and love them like my brothers....

Binkis Recs and Jungle 45

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Son's Obama Speak

I'm very proud of my son, Prophet Ayim Bailey. He's 8 years old, and he's in the 4th grade. I don't like putting me personal family life online BUT I had to share this part of my life with yall...God bless the youth, and teach them to be better than we are...very good job, Mr. Bailey...daddy love you, young man.

"Prophet Obama"

PS...Prophet wrote that speak himself.

City of Ink T-shirts.....

We will be getting the online stores up SOON for both, and Both online stores will have our products from, tees, posters, prints, hoodies, tattoo flash, even skateboards, and custom designer toys...I want to promote the City of Ink lifestyle to the world and make the money before "other" people jump in and try to make us hollywood...I want to stay grassroots and close to my crew as possible before we reach a million and get yall know how people get put on and lose that fire...


Why in the hell is weed illegal and New Ports legal?? Most of the people I know smoke weed. I know before I even started smoking weed, I would let things get to me. I would fight anyone if they said something stupid..but when I'm high you can say all the bullshit you want (as long as you don't touch). Weed relaxes the soul and mind. My goal is to be the first tattoo artist on the cover of "High Times" magazine...this blog ain't really about shit..I'm about to put on some "Devin the Dude" zone out, smoke a blunt and get back on my "enough iz enough" painting...I will be back later

Monday, February 23, 2009

Anti-Social...who me???

I have been called anti-social lately...shit, I do tattoo fulltime until the AM and have a family at home. But tonight I'm going to hit the streets like the old days. There is a few parties tonight, and I have 5000 flyers for this friday's art show at City of Ink. Muffy's bday is tonight so I will drop by and show the lil' homie some love. Me, Demanye, Samba, and Torry (the new student at City of Ink) are all the shop...Tuki and Chris left already so they can change into "Hollyweerd" so you KNOW them niggaz going to be fresh to death...I'm going to drop off these flyers over at Slice (maybe get a quick beer) or smoke a blunt...the night is young, so its time to beat the streets, get these flyers off like the old days, and get my hustle on...

Tattooing the female body....a lesson

You know what I don't like? I don't like when a tattoo looks like a "tattoo" on the female body. For example if you use a STENCIL on a woman it looks just like a "tattoo" no flow, it don't follow her curves, its just a plain stencil tattoo with no movement. When you tattoo a woman, just follow her natural curves, so this means no stencils, just use a marker and follow her matter her size (big or small) a tattoo that flows with her curves will look sexy on anyone..I will posting some sample drawings this week before the art show showing you examples on how to use this effect...just flow her body and art will be born...Lesson ONE SOON!

Mr.Soul has uploaded my splash page for my website. I want the site to be basic and CLEAN. I want the art, paintings, tattoo, and the ONLINE STORE to be the focus point. I hope all of you support me the same way yall supported me with, Prophet Art. Mr. Soul is a busy man, he is still working on and other side projects so I want to thank my brother, for making the time for you bruh! SOON!

Before I'm Gone.....

I was up last night looking at the Oscar (which was VERY inspiring) and I thought about all the artists, writers, and musicians who died early. And how people only give them that special love after they are dead. Most visual artist are not understood or studies until after their death. Can you name a black artist (TODAY) that has gotten that same fame, praise, money and following since Jean-Michel Basquiat? I know A LOT of talented artists and I often think will they became rich from their God given talent? Or will they just be another no name artist with the lack of business sense? Am I selfish to want it ALL when I'm still alive on Earth? I don't want to be another famous dead artist, I want the people to feel my work of art right now. I want the people to understand my story and my past while I'm alive. And of course I want the money also...I have a wife, 3 kids, a family, a crew and MANY goals and dreams I have to make come true. When Jax passed away a few months ago, it woke me up. You never know when today will be your last day...and you never understand an artist until you understand where they came from and why they are the way they are...Words inspire me and words and visual things inspire my art, so support your local create something from nothing is genius, so don't wait until the artist is died to start studying their art and their it while their never know what your words can do to an artist work.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I missed last friday's photography show :(

I hate I missed last fridays photography show @ City of Ink. I heard VERY good reviews about the show. My homegirl Carla is an amazing photographer based out of ATL. I hired her 2 years ago to shoot one of our fashion shows at City of Ink. I felt her spirit and I knew she would grow in her talent. Friday I bought 2 pieces of her work for my personal art collection. I collect photos of young artist I KNOW will be famous once their my I bought a Corey Davis and Tim Friday piece..I'm a fan of both of those young men, and Carla shoot them perfectly. Tuki beat me to the punch and bought a self portrait photo of Carla herself..nice move bruh...LOL

Also try to make it to OUR 2 Year Anniversary Art Show this FRIDAY FEB. 27th @ 7pm-11pm
at City of Ink of food, free drinks,and music by DJ apart of the Castleberry Hill Art Scroll....blessings, Miya Bailey

Groupies, ladies, hoes, and QUEENS......

Lets be honest, if you have been to City of Ink then you know we tattoo a lot of females.Some are truly fans of our lifestyle and art work, some have supported our movement since the 90s, some are like our sisters and we protect them like our family... how a man suppose to protect their little sisters...but we can't forget the groupies and hoes....the balance for our sisters, the ladies and queens. I don't judge ANYONE except for fakers. If your a lady and a queen, carry yourself like one so us MEN will know how to treat will treat you how you treat yourself...if you just want to fuck the crew because you think City of Ink is fly, then be honest so the brothers will know how to deal with you in that matter. But never act like you are something when your not. If your a freak say "I'm a freak and I'm proud of that, but I'm not a hoe!" If you a hoe say" I love yall City of Ink niggaz thats why I want ALL of yall" If your a lady say "I want to be down with this movement, how can I help you guys out?" All these mix signals I have no idea who I can trust, or who is really down with my cause. I feel everyone has a role, even the hoes and grouies to the ladies and Queens....human resources are human resources...just be HONEST and explain why your around if your not supporting the BUSINESS or you just want to hang out with the crew....either way express your reasons so you don't confuse the one likes titles but that is how men think and that logical side helps us treat people the way they treat themselves....and remember a groupie can't be a groupie unless you allow them to be one around who are YOU? A Supporter of the movement, A fan to the art,a client, a hard worker, a groupie, a hoe, a troubled soul looking for help, an inspiring artist trying to get their foot in the door...who ever you are be PROUD of who you are and always play your role the best you can.

PS..for the record MEN can also be groupies and hoes but its earlier for a man to point out another man's mission...females are sneaker, than men are...LOL

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Growing Dreams...

I listen to the people...their voices are like seeds to me and my mind is like a flower pot. Anything a person tell me I can see it visually..sometimes that's good and sometimes it's bad...the gift and the curse...I try not to focus on negative things so I let the peoples voices come in and inspire my art...My brother told me, he loved me today, my son gave me a kung fu punch to my jaw and laugh about it because he got in a good one, my wife gave me the most beautiful smile today for no reason, and this homeless dude cursed me out for not giving him some money...all of these things grow dreams, and my dreams always become my reality..and that reality is my world, City of Ink....we grow dreams like fruit and feed it back to the people...since they inspired it anyway...360

I grow dreams.....respect ALL elements of LIFE

God and War

I'm a warrior. I'm not the hardest man on Earth, but I'm no pussy. This o.g. told me, " Once you find your fear in life you have to leave the streets because when another nigga know your fear he will control your world." I thought about it and I didn't have any fears in life. I wasn't afraid of death, I wasn't afraid of pain..I felt heartless and animal like in the streets. My grandmothers prayed for me everyday, but with no father around to really show me how to me a man, I had to learn on my own, and I'm STILL leaning. This drawing is a reflect of the pain males go through not having a father to show them the way to manhood. To all the warriors, not because they want to be warriors but the hood made them warriors. I was an artist in a warrior surrounding forcing me to become cold and ONLY expressing my pain and hurt in my art. I never showed a woman ANY weakness. I always protected my family from snakes, and I was never afraid to lose my life for my pride, honor, or my word....times change and I grow older and wiser, the warrior is still there but the artist control this world now and not the streets...God has a plan for me, and War is no longer my mission.

My War Angel...I seen a FEW bootleg tattoos of my piece around ATL.

The Fairy....

This piece was inspired by a young lady I know. She is a free spirit I have watched grow over time. She grew in both good and bad ways..and both ways I understood why she did the things she did. Sometimes I wonder if my relationship with my daughters and sisters are strong enough that they feel comfortable enough to talk to me about ANYTHING. About their relationships with the opposite sex, school, opinions on boy issues, all that shit. I wanted to take away all the fancy clothes she wears, and give her wings so she could fly away from all the demons she was running from...

Censored by myspace and art haters!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Soil....

I wish women TRULY understood their true power on the planet earth. Most of the men I know just want a woman who he can chill around, be himself around her without censoring his thoughts or his opinion, and have some blunts rolled up and ready when he gets home. The mixture of some good weed and a stress free, drama free woman and a drink of wine and boy would that be pure heaven...but you can't forget the backrub...real KING shit. This mixture reminds me of a garden of passion, and the woman is the SOIL. You mix all the males dreams, some weed, some wine, some soulful music, and a lot of love/lust and understanding and that soil will grow some beautiful moments in time....and everyone loves flowers :)

OK...exit Miya Dreamland..and get back to REALITY...this art is real life....

This drawing was inspired by a lesbian couple that I have been tattooing over the past 7 years. They are always at peace and clearly madly in love with each other. They told me once how they stay so happy with each other. She said "I have those blunts ready for my baby when she gets home. I pull her pants down and put her to sleep. When she wakes up I will have dinner ready for her. She takes good care of me, I am her soil." Inspiring they were...thank you for sharing your life and trust with me...ART is meeting new people and sharing a part of you with them...thats peace and understanding....heaven


Book an appointment using PAYPAL

To all my loyal clients who have been mailing me their deposits, those days are over....I will know be taking deposits for tattoo appointments using PAYPAL.

1.) Call City of Ink between the hours of 1pm-10pm. Samba (shop manager) will answer the phone and tell you what dates I still have left free for appointments.

2.) Once you have my free dates, tell Samba your spending budget and what date you will would for your tattoo appointment.

3.) Samba will tell you to go to: , there is a PAYPAL link on every page on the site. Just click the PAYPAL link and make your deposit using your debt or card credit.

4.) Once you have paid you deposit to hold your appointment, Samba will call you and confirmed that I got your payment.

5.) If you do NOT show up for your appointment (cancel without a phone call) or DON'T call letting me you will be late......there is no refund..and you will be placed on the Miya Bailey Banded list....if you can't make your appointment PLEASE call Samba a day or 2 in advance so he can fill the spot back up with another clients so I don't lose money.

PS...if you have an appointment NOW and having mailed in your deposits go to and make your payment now...Samba will call you back today to confirm your appointment

many blessings, Miya Bailey "City of Ink"

City of Ink
323 Walker Street (Castleberry Hill District)
Atlanta, GA 30313
404-525-4465 (1pm-10pm)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

5:30am @ City of Ink for a musis video....

It's 5:30am in the mornings and me and Demayne are at City of Ink...I'm tired ass hell. I got off around 2am and I'm back at City of Ink already. This morning Slim from 112 and 8ball MJG will be filming a music video. They are setting up the lighting up now. The director just walked in and everyone is running around like ants. I have a full day of appointments so I will be up on Red Bulls allday...I hope I finish in time so I can go to the Clipse, Hollyweerd, Proton, and Yellawolf show tonight on North Ave...MJG just walked in..time to smoke one...

ok....I just found out it's MJG's song, and it features Slim from it's too early for my ass to be up...I live the vampire

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cut the Check!!!

A lot of people always ask me why I'm never at the Hollyweerd shows. It's not because I don't want to it's because Hollyweerd and City of Ink are both two different management so it's up to the managers to make sure they don't book me tattoo appointments on the same day as the Hollyweerd shows. Tuki said he will fix that problem because I be damn if I miss another one of my brothers shows. I hate being the only one at the shop tattooing allnight while City of Ink is at the shows supporting my team. So from now on if there is a Hollyweerd show, I hope Demanye and Samba will not have me all booked and alone at the shop working allnight while the family is having fun..LOL Here is a video filmed of Hollyweerd performing at Lenny's. Cut the Check is my FAVORITE Hollyweerd song..I feel that shit in my SOUL!
Love yall...see yall at the next show! SO if you don't see my at a Hollyweerd show ask them niggaz "Why yall got Miya working tonight?" Make sure you go right up to SAMBA or Tuki..LOL

Melvin Todd Tattooing Miya Bailey

I was deleting all videos from my laptop and came across this video, we filmed when I was getting my lotus tattoo from Melvin @ City of Ink. He's the new artist at the shop. He is very talented and I trust ALL the artists we hire to work at City of Ink.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I wish I told him....

I wish I told him how much I loved him, and how I looked up to him as a big brother.
When we were in the streets, I listened to all your words of wisdom. You always told me "Souljah, you are better than these damn streets, do something with your art." I didn't listen at first, I wanted to hang in the streets with you. I wanted to be a better street soldier than you, you inspired me. You gave me one of my first guns, you taught me how to get away from the police, how to be strong even when I was afraid, how to never show emotions to another another man, and how to never look weak in front of a woman. Now your gone and all I can remember was how you looked the last time I seen you. You let the streets beat you, you let drugs beat you. While I was in college making a new crew, I wish I would have tried harder to save you from the hood. I wish I would have told you the samething you told me...I love you, and I miss you my brother. Your Pain is my pain....

I wish I told him.....

Her Flower.....

Her flower is the most powerful thing on Earth. Men and women chase it too death. Some even lie and turn on their friends and family for the power she holds between her legs. Like a flower, bees fly inside to get what they need for life. Men do the same..we fight 9 months to get out and our whole lives fighting to get back in. So this drawings represents the humans and animals chasing it too DEATH. The worms represent death (6 feet under) and how some flowers are posion...and some give pleasure and LIFE.

Beauty we chase it to DEATH....The worms represent 6 feet under.

Love and Lust

I did this piece for my book. It's a story of a beautiful woman who is flawless in beauty. She wants to fall in love, but the men she deals with can't see pass her looks so sex and lust is all they see when they look at her. She has the power to have any man she wants but it's never love, it's only lust that draws them to her. Her soul is lonely but her body isn't. She goes out with a lot of different men looking for love. The more she goes out with different men, the more men look at her for just sex. No man wants a woman who has been with different men, so lust will forever be her friend. And she will never be lonely until she grows old and her beauty fades....

She's a beautiful lonely soul...

Love is your favorite word

Saturday, February 14, 2009

City of Ink: 2nd Year Anniversary Art Show

City of Ink: 2nd Year Anniversary Art Show:"Enough Iz Enough" Artist United Against Police Brutality will be held on FEB 27th @ 7pm-11pm...we will not be tattooing this is FREE art show , free food, free drinks, and music by DJ Wildlife. I'm still working on my artwork, I have to come HARD. Mr. Soul said we have over 33 artists in this show!
See yall there....

Friday, February 13, 2009

My "Black" America Photography show @ City of Ink TONIGHT

My homegirl, Carla is having a photography show @ City of Ink tonight. Call 404-525-4465 (1pm-10pm) for time and info. It's a FREE show so drop by and support Carla, she is very talented. In fact I bought my first photography piece from her. Her work has always inspired me..she is one of the greats. My "Black" America promises to be something new and drop by City of Ink tonight and support the art movement in ATL....goodluck on the show Carla!

Happy Birthday, Egypt Bailey

Today is one of my daughters birthday. Egypt Bailey is my second of 3 children and today she has turned 12 years old. Egypt is a creative soul like her brother, Prophet (8 years old) and don't take no shit from anyone like her older sister, Algeria (15 years old). I'm sitting in the hotel room now in Asheville, NC about to get dressed and run to the mall for a few more things she's in school right now so I have some free time. Might go visit some family after the mall. Can't wait to see Egypt, I miss my children alot since I work alot so when it's their time with daddy I do my best to give them the world...Happy bday Ms. E, daddy loves you!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Sketchbook

I have been working hard on new artwork for my book...These pieces came from my soul, untame pure art, with no rules...I hope you enjoy these...when times get hard and I feel alone, my art is always honest and there to ease my mind...Thanks to the Most High...I have a way to feed my family without having to rob banks and away to escape reality and be free.

Leave a comment....on myspace

Nasty DreamsI wish I told him.....Fly HighDripping StarsInspired by GummoStep One (ART PAGE)

Feeling Good...

I woke up today feeling really good. My wife gave me a beautiful smile, my son jumped in the bed and gave me a big hug. Today my son is doing a speak on Obama, I hate I'm going to miss it, but I have an appointment flying in from another state and they would be pissed if I canceled their appointment. Last night me, Demanye and Tuki got to hang out after work. This is VERY rare, we see each other at work all the time but we never get to chill with each other like the old days. I'm not very emotional unless it about art and music, but I do miss my boys. They are my brothers and sometime I do seem distance from them because of my focus on business and making sure all my boys have money in their pockets and never have to go to the streets for income...I know I'm a dreamer and I can't save ALL my friends, but I have to try at less. They helped me get to where I am today, so together will be on the top. From Hollyweerd, to Jungle 45, to City of Ink, to Plush 357, to Visual Soul..we are family. I love ALL of you...even when I don't show it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Ant's last day @ City of Ink

Saturday was Ant's last day at City of Ink. He is moving on to open his own tattoo shop. I wish Ant the best, and I will be there for him every step of the way. It was an honor working with Ant. I hope you learned few things from us, and keep it all alive over at his shop. We need more REAL black owned tattoo shops who follow the rules of honor and respect. Ant is a real tattoo artist, much love my brother and goodluck with your shop....Now I have a reason to travel over to the southside.

Photos by DuwaynoPhotos by Duwayno

Sunday, February 8, 2009

LOL @ 50!

50 Cent is like the ghetto Michael Jackson...get rich and you will never be bored!

LOL...If I wasn't making money from art, I would be robbing "rappers" since most of them are actors...50 just making fun of them.


My favorite parts of the Grammy's were COLDPLAY (with Jay-Z) and Adele....I love that lil' London girl, she has amazing talent. Coldplay always do a good job, I thought they should have gotten Album of the year. I did want Jay-Z to win for America Gangster, I REALLY related to that cd...I felt every word, but Lil' Wayne did hustle very hard last year and he do work hard, but I feel he needs to WRITE his lyrics more. He has a good delivery but his lyrics are weak at times, but when he takes his time and WRITE he do a good job but he's no LUPE....much love and congratz to Lil' Wayne for working hard and making his dreams come true...goodnite yall time to roll a blunt and see if I can get a backrub.

Underground Kingz of INK....

I first met Tuki in 95 in college. We kicked it right off. All we did was go to Zulu Nation meetings, go to the Warehouse (the club at the time) fuck around with girls, tattoo, and buy new clothes so we could stay fresher than the other folks in the streets of downtown ATL. We were 19 and 20 years old trying to make an impact on the world. We opened our first tattoo shop in 1997, Tuki are working between West End tattoo and Prophet Art. Those were the hard days, Tuki became a father and I had 2 kids of my own so our dreams were changing. I think we were listening to "We Major" Kanye and Nas in Asheville over Capone's crib and the HOOK was amazing. We were smoking and thats when Tuki decided he wanted to rap again and make music. Tuki was always rapping and battling fools in school. Him and Samba was even recording with Binkis (RIP Jax). After 14 years of tattooing together side by side it will be time for the other artists to step up and be the faces of City of Ink. We both have different side projects, Tuki will be touring and doing music with Hollyweerd, and I will be focused on the business and starting a film company with Chaka to showcase the lives of visual artists and musicians. I also will be starting a publishing company that will put out coffee table books, prints, and posters of my artwork. I still love tattooing, but I want everyone to have my art, so books and products are my future. I will always tattoo friends and loyal clients, but I need a chance to miss tattooing for a sec. I have been tattooing non-stop for 16 years straight. I took a week off last week...It's getting to a point where other tattoo artists aren't creating NEW styles of tattooing so no one in tattooing in inspring me except Yellow Blaze in Japan....but American style tattooing is really boring right now. So Tuki will do his music and I will work on my book series, and we will con't tattooing until our goals are reached....Once we have reach our point of happiness we will open a chain of City of Ink Tattoo Shops & Art Galleries in all the major right now I'm looking for my perfect TEAM for LA, NY, London, San Fran, etc....Inspire your City and make your dreams come true!!!

Tuki Carter  Miya Bailey Kings of InkTuki Carter  Miya Bailey Kings of Ink

2009 Rebirth

2009 has started out with a lot of blessings. Jan. 1 City of Ink broke it's record when we opened the doors at 1pm. We had a packed house, and all the artist made good money. We ran the $40 walk-in special, but everyone wanted to spend more than $40. They all wanted tattooing taking more than an hour to do. I gave my pep talk and my team got to work. Later that night we added up the credit card sales and from that day on I knew 2009 would be the year of the "Dripping Star". Now I have to figure out how can I get snakes out my cypher without coming across like an asshole. I'm a social person when it comes to business, but I don't have much of a personal life outside of my wife, children, and City of Ink. So when I do meet new people I wonder why they are trying to get close to me. What do they want from me? And will this person be a negative soul and block my blessings? Sometimes with me thinking that way I have blocked alot of good friendships out of my life. When something good is going good, I want to protect it and make sure no snakes slide in the cracks. But at the sametime this shell I put up keeps people from getting close to me, including my wife at times. So I decided to do some soul searching and before the New Year came, I got Melvin to tattoo a Lotus flower under the "Prophet" on the back of my neck. The lotus grows out of nasty swamp mud water, comes to the surface and blossom into a beautiful flower. I had Melvin put a "bee" in the middle for my wife because we were at a across road in our marriage where I was focused on my business life and making sure they NEVER had to struggle like I did growing up. I want to make sure if anything ever happened to me, my wife and my 3 seeds will be ok without me around, and I guess I focused on that more than focusing on me being around to see my children grow into adults. To make the story short I feel blessed that City of Ink has good business and is growing larger by the day, but I also have to focus on my family as a blessing, they inspire me to work hard and the reason we opened COI for the people. To create jobs, inspire others to follow their dreams, and to feed our families without struggle. So when the "bee" do visit the lotus she only takes away postive energy, takes it back to her hive to feed the babies....2009 is my rebirth and about me mastering self, so I can balance my home life, business, and open my shell and meet new people without thinking they want something from me....not every person is a snake or groupie....I'm learning that more by the is about growing.

Black Lotus by Melvin Todd @ City of InkMy tattoo is healing....the color is next

Females and PAIN

I have been tattooing for a living since 1993 and for the last 5 years my female clientele have REALLY stepped their ink game up. Woman are now spending wayyyy more money on body art and getting larger peices than men do. They also take pain better than men do. Now I'm known for having some of the most gentle handles in the tattoo industry but after 5 or 6 hours of tattooing I don't care how gentle your hands are it will start to hurt and MEN will show you it hurts. But the ladies usally just fall asleep or show no signs of pain after long hours of tattooing. I have female clients that book me out every 2 to 3 week to finish up large scale pieces. Pain is something we all have to face, but pain for art and beauty is amazing to me. My hat goes off to the She-Warriors who book me for full day session with no signs of pain....just joy from the art.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Man....this sucks

Man, don't you hate it when someone is mad at you over dumb stuff when there are real major issues in the world today? There is a recession, police killing youth, shit I passed at less 8 homeless people today walking to work today. I just don't understand why someone want to keep negative energy in their life when the outside world is full of negative things. Why can't people just smile and seek INNER happiness? Maybe I see life different because I was raised by free spirited family. My mother told me once, just stay away from them until they are over it. Man, I wish I just could open my head and let them jump inside and feel the happiness I feel everyday...fuck the negative shit, shake it off, and live life. See the world through my eyes and feel the beauty...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our TV Show....

The video editors of our reality show said they are trying to have the show finished by Feb. 20th...I hope so..shit I hope they let us view it soon. I'm about to smoke a blunt and get back on a drawing for this book....maybe even jump on this paintings for the art show...I'm out

Niggaz and Bitches.....???

Last night I was looking at TV with my wife and a white kid did something funny and I said " Damn, that nigga is crazy ass hell!" My wife looked at me said "Damn you call everyone and everything NIGGA you even call animals on TV niggaz!". I thought about it, damn I do say the work "nigga" a lot. I'm really tryin' to stop using the word but I REALLY do know some niggaz. The same way white people have "rednecks" I guess, we have niggaz who act wild ass hell. But sometimes I feel the word is trapped in my head. When I'm at work I don't really use it. When I'm around white people I don't use it. But when I'm comfortable and around people I know I stay that shit A LOT!...hmmm And I do say the word "bitch" because I really do know some bitches..and I mean REAL bitches who don't give a I also know some real ladies and queens and I would never call them bitches...shit I don't even call the bitches I know bitches, I guess out of respect because I like both...Bitches, ladies, queens, and a few long as you REAL with who you are and comfortable in your skin love yourself...but back to the word NIGGA....I will try to slow down the use of it...I can't be walking around calling animals, white kids,girls, or even my own people NIGGAS...maybe I'm just high because this shit is random ass hell...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Right now.....

Right now I'm sitting in the front window at City of Ink. I had an appointment who was flying in from Japan for a tattoo today but they had to cancel, so I have some free time until my next appointment at 6pm. I just ate a good ass chicken philly from 255 on Peters st. they just started delivering to I'm happy about that. I didn't want to send Chris Mcadoo out in the cold today for a food run. Speaking of Chris, he has been working really hard lately. I took him up to DC with me and he did his thing and made some good money. He also did his thing on the new Hollyweerd mixtape. He has stepped his game up, I like seeing him into a man. The Dreamer is sitting next to Samba on his laptop. Chris is downstairs tattooing and Demanye is at CVS picking up some supplies. It's looks like the new internet cafe is about to open up next door, I can't wait we need some new food spots in Castleberry Hill...I have to take a phone call...peace yall

The FAST way to make an appointment....

A lot of people are hitting me up saying "I tried to call and book an appointment but you are booked all month." Then the SAME person turn around a month later and ask " Can I get an appointment this month? Last month you were booked up!"

The point is, if you didn't book me when I only had a month wait, why do you think I would have openings the following month? The longer you wait to call for an appointment the more other SERIOUS people are calling and booking me up making the waiting list even longer. If you have to wait 2 weeks to 2 month thats nothing for a LIFE TIME of art on your body. And if you can't wait for me, there are lots of other artists at City of Ink that can handle that job.

The BEST way to set an appointment and get in there fast!

1.) Before you even decide to write me with your ideas, CALL City of Ink and book the appointment FIRST. Because while you are writing me, people from all on the world are calling City of Ink booking their appointments. By the time I get back to replying to your message or email, about 3-6 appointments have been booked before you. So CALL FIRST then write me, with the date and time Samba (shop manager) gave you for me.

2.) I don't do price quotes over the internet or over the phone. I just design to YOUR spending budget....if you have a question about price, just look through the tattoo folders (on myspace) and I will tell you how long the tattoo took me to do and how much it cost. But I will NOT copy or repeat a tattoo. I hear the same ideas over and over but I can make it look different everytime. So put your trust in me and let me handle it.

3.) If your in ATL, do waste your time calling the shop just DROP BY and talk to me in person, that way you can feel the vibe of the shop and get to know the artist who will be tattooing you.

4.) Call 404-525-4465 (1pm-10pm) closed on sundays
I now have APRIL openings for new tattoo appointments. April will come around very fast so call TODAY or drop by.

5.) For people who can't keep their appointments we have a $40 WALK-IN tattoo special, meaning all you have to do is WALK IN...that simple, no appointment needed. 1pm-10pm (no sundays)

I hope this info helped....many blessings!

We have the 2 Year Anniver. Art show on FEB. 27 @ 7pm-10pm "Enough Iz Enough" drop to get in, free food, free drinks, and music!

We will also be featured in the April issue of INKED Magazine go on newstands on March 24th!

and I will be tattooing in SAN FRAN March your in the BAY area and want an appointment go to:

Miya Bailey "City of Ink"
323 Walker Street (Castleberry Hill)
Atlanta, GA 30313
404-525-4INK (4465)

Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm so proud of my brothers, Hollyweerd. Reppin' for the music side of the City of Ink and ATL Music movement. Support Tuki, Chris, The Dreamer, and Staggo Lee they are the other side of ATL. Also pick up the lastest Creative Loafing, they got a nice write on the last page "Year of the Weerdo!"