Monday, November 30, 2009

MUSIC MONDAY: Souls Of Mischief - 93 'till Infinity

Souls Of Mischief, based out of Oakland was one of my favorite groups in the 90's..if you listen really hard and study the will see that southern hip-hop legends "OUTKAST" were inspired by this bay area group...When this song dropped I had just got kicked out of high school and was a teenage father... so I got my GED and started focusing on my plans for the future..I remember sitting in the projects and hearing "93 'till Infinity" for the first time...I then knew, Souls Of Mischief was something new coming for the Bay, I miss hip-hop!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Your Eyes tell a story...

Her eyes hide a past.... A past full of pain, struggle and being misunderstood...using her beauty to get her way... But that don't work on me...she can stare right into my eyes and try but that same pain I see in her eyes will reflect right back to her... See I'm also a product of pain and struggle....I also used my gift the same way you use your instinct of survival...I look in your eyes and I can see every man you wanted to love you but they all left you feeling used... Some even abused you when you let your guard down...So you don't trust anyone now and I don't blame you...that same pain will not let me trust anyone either... Not even you... But yet your eyes tell a story that inspire words are needed... I don't need to hear the details of your past... Your eyes told me your story...I'm often asked what do the "eyes" mean in your art...they mean the beautiful pain of LIFE...the eyes are windows to your soul... And I can see it all in your eyes...I don't want to know your story, it's not needed... No words are needed...just inspire me with your stare....your pain is felt and when I look back... My pain is staring right back at you...the pain of life which is beauiful and needed to make you strong... Be thankful and have no regrets...let your eyes tell your story

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jay Smooth Video: '50 Cent, Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel: You've Lost That Beefing Feeling'

I don't know why "rappers" even take shots at Jay-Z..guess they didn't LISTEN to BP3...he said he was "HOME ALREADY!" Any man, that comes from the projects and make it to level he's on now should be respected...I love Beans, and I respect the business mind of Curtis Jackson...but how are you in your 30's STILL talking about the SAMETHING you were talkin' bout in your 20's? Ain't nothing cool about being in the streets when your 30something... I would be in Paris or Toyko somewhere trying wine and food I never ate before, up in art galleries, and enjoying life...I wish all 3 of these brothers much love and I hope they can all unite...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009 night @ Slice

Tomorrow night (wednesday) I will headin over to Slice after work for "F.a.m.e" a weekly event put together my homegirl, Kat... This week Chilly-O will be hosting his party there....Kat & Chilly-O 2 cool ass people..this will be good! So if your in Castleberry Hill tomorrow night make sure you drop by Slice... I will be there after my last tattoo appointment... Be blessed and I will see yall tomorrow night

Check out this limited edition Chilly-O & Greedmont Park sweat shirt... Designed by artist, Corey Davis on sale at Vinnies Style in Little 5 Points.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Tattooing in HOUSTON Dec.1-5

This will be my first time in Texas.. I heard great things about Houston... Can't wait!

I will be tattooing in HOUSTON tattooing DEC.1-5 private sessions by appointment only... starting @ $250 call 404-525-4465 (1pm-10pm) or text/call 404-644-1912 (cell)

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Here are MORE photos

I stole these photos from facebook... Saturday was a fun night...I'm was nervous in front of all those people but it was cool... Will do it again "The Return of Black Ink"

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Photos from the Art Battle

Thanks Chilly-O

These photos were taken by Chilly-O

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The Art of Maurice Evans

Saturday night was a fun night Fabian did a good job on Atlanta's first "Art Battle" I will be riding out to Decatur with DJ Wildlife tomorrow to film a follow up the battle I ended up getting an amazing legend, Maurice Evans did a portrait of me.... Man when I seen it I excited ass hell...thank you, Mr. Evans for the painting... I'm honored

Also check out this photo of one of my close friend, Flux... We don't get to see each other a lot but I love you bruh! Keep the art going....we need to see more.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Latest Interview with READCONVENTION.COM

Interview from

How do you describe your Art to people?

I describe my art is "pure" a reflection of how I see the world we live in..Love, Pain, struggle, beauty, passion, lust,dreams, and teaching

How is a human canvas different from another medium?

The Human canvas feels pain, and moves so I try by best not to cause extra pain. It takes years to master human skin, painting and drawing is wayyyyy earlier.

Who are some people you would like to work with?

I would LOVE to work with Mike Giant, he is my favorite artist and one of my heros.

How is the Internet changing your craft?

The Internet has opened my world to the masses. I'm a very open person, I have nothing to hide. I'm human and I make mistakes..I want to show the world it's ok to have flaws and its ok not to be perfect. You live and learn. On the business end, the Internet keeps me booked up..using that net as a tool for marketing draws people from all over the world to City of Ink. From Paris to London its a real blessings.

Do you feel like what you are doing is important?

I feel what I do is important to the people who care about this lifestyle and culture. I don't think the masses really understand my movement just yet. I feel art is one of the tools that can be used to help in world peace. I feel every school should focus more on the arts instead of all the focus on sports. The mind should be used more than the body. Put art and music back in ALL schools, or the youth will be doomed...just my opinion.

When you started out did you think it would be a serious business?

I always had a vision from day one, I always dreamed of being rich off art money and not street money. I seen my friends come and go, but I stayed focus on the foundation of my beliefs. I have always used art to make a living. I was raised by hustlers, so I use that same mindstate and hustled my art, on t-shirts, paintings, drawings, whatever it took so I didn't have to ask my parents for anything unless I really needed too. My mother raised strong men, so I always wanted to make her proud of me.

Must art have a relationship to the rest of the world?

No I feel art should have a relationship with the artist, and if the world gets it that's even better. But when an artist focus on pleasing the world, it would that SOUL and is suppose to be raw, and might even piss a few people off, that's real art to attracts others who feel you, it attracts other kindred spirit into your world.

Lastly, could you talk about any long-term goals you have in mind?

I have to tattoo at less another year or 2, publish books of my art and other artists work, and end my days creating movies, and painting...and of course teaching for students the art of I can open more City of Ink all over the world. Right now I'm working on a film project about the struggles of black tattoo artists in America, and I have a book coming out called "Before I'm Gone: the Art & Life of Miya Bailey"

The Art Battle TONIGHT @ 7pm!!

Black Ink aka Miya Bailey Speaks on Hell Up In Hotlanta, November 21, 2009 from 7pm - 11pm, Stuart McClean Gallery, 684 John Wesley Dobbs Ave NE:

NYC trip canceled...

I really wanted to tattoo up in Brooklyn this week but people did a LOT of talking and when it was time to make the deposits everyone was moving too slow...some people said $500 for a half of day of tattoo (4-6 hours) was too high for NYC....some said I would just come to Atlanta for their tattoos... But let's do the math.... It would be CHEAPER if I did your tattoos in your hometown NYC....if you fly to me, you have to get flight tickets, hotel room, taxi, plus pay for your tattoo....even if the tattoo in Atlanta is only $250 look at all the other extra cost... So when I travel to other cities the prices vary based on flight cost, hotel cost, and most tattoo shops take 30% for a guest spot.... So to save money for my clients most of thr time I just tattoo them at my hotel room.....that's why TOUR tattoos start at $500 (hotel, flight, taxi, or rental etc) and in Atlanta I only start at $250 you might fly down and get a hotel but you aslo get to feel the vibe of City of Ink... Both are cool with me as long as I can make SOME profit I do have kids, family, and bills to please don't waste my time with "tattoo talk" to be 100% honest I can't even take a person serious until a deposit has been made... And that deposit is used to buy the plane tickets & book the hotel.... No deposit down, no appointment, no flight, no hotel = NO TRIP..... I will be tattooing in Houston, Texas Dec.1-5 By apppointment only... To save the people money and myself I will just tattoo at my hotel room... So it will be private one on one sessions only... No crowds..I will take my time on each piece and these pieces will be used in my book ( Before I'm Gone) so I need the creative & original people in Htown to step up...please call 404-525-4465 (1pm-10pm) closed Sundays and leave your Info... I will call each person back.... I will only do 2 apointments each day so make sure your tattoo idea REALLY blessed yall and see yall in Houston next week Dec.1-5

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This Thrusdays I tattooed, Hope Colvin (wife of tattoo Legend, Phil Colvin) It was your birthday and she wanted a MB Original... I can't front I was nervous at first but Phil & Hope are 2 very positive souls...and they easily made me comfortable.. The reason I was so excited is because Phil Colvin is a hero in my eyes... When I first moved to Atlanta in 94' I would hear his name in the streets.. Then one day I was walking in Little 5 Points and right in the window of "Urban Tribe" was a photo of a full backpiece ( a guy with a briefcase running with money falling out) that tattoo charged my life and how I viewed tattooing...I would walk in Urban Tribe and hear the tattoo machine running in the back but I was too nervous to introduce myself back then....years later Phil is sitting in my tattoo shop and I'm tattooing his wife for her bday.... A major milestone in my tattoo might don't be important to others but it was a dream come true for me.... I will be doing a "black" Foxy Brown style pinup on Phil soon... And he will be tattooing a piece I always wanted of Erie & Bert (they were the very first drawings I did).... Thanks again Ms.Hope Winter Colvin.... Happy Birthday once again.... MB

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My Seeds...

Hearing your heartbeat for the first time changed my life...a love I could never explain with words or even that very moment I knew I would live and die for you...I would give my very life to protect my seed from all harm...I wasn't ready as a man but I had to get myself ready.. I had to grow up and live my life for you...then another one came...didn't even know she was coming.. Didn't even know she was pregnant... Once you were here, I looked in your eyes and I seen my reflect in your little face.... My heart felt the same way I did when your sister was were my beautiful surprize...everyday, every move, every tattoo and painting is for you.... My 2 princesses, the 2 ladies who can bring a tear to my eyes without one word....years followed and I got married...a different woman who gave me a son...if my daughters are my strength then my son is my resurrection...a pure version of a younger me...a mix between his mother and myself... My young prince who will protect his older sisters like a Bailey man suppose too....when he was born I felt the strength of his mother, one of the strongest women I know.... And that same feeling came over me... The instinct to protect, to live, to die if I had to, my spirit... My creation in human greatest art work

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dragon Tattoo

I did this tattoo a month or so ago.. I love dragon, this was a fun piece.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ugly Angels

Your so beautiful and you know it... The way you attract men using your beauty is a powerful tool...but can they see who you are? Do you want them to see who you are? Or do you hide behind your beauty to protect your heart? Your an angel to me, the sight of you makes me warm but when you open your mouth I feel pain, low self esteem hidden under the diva female ego "I don't need a man" but you use your beauty to draw them in like moths to light...fueling your ego, hiding behind your power, your afraid to show your inside....because when they see the inside they don't like it so they focus on the grow lonely and cold to the world thinking all men are the same...but yet you fit all the stereotypes of what a man "dream" about sexually but he would never take you home to his grow bitter, no scars on the outside, but scarred up in the inside.... You are ugly now because you didn't find balance in your mind, body, and soul... You were one sided, letting men use you but you THINK you are using think you are on top of things... The more men you let in the more feathers your wings ugly angel you have grown to become...cold, no emotion, no passsion, just using your power to attract thinking your getting over only to be losing your wings... And grown old and lonely... Ugly angel it's time for your to fly away reach out to another angel and hope they don't drop you....angels with weak wings are heavy

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Month of the Warrior

Every few months I try to return to my nature get closer to God and remove myself from the material world...I leave hustle mode and go into artist mode...I become distant from
my love ones... Only focusing on the things God helped me create (my children & art) and money, business, fashion, and rumors leave my mind...I don't shave, I don't cut or even brush my hair... I just wash it and let it be free, not caring what outsiders think.... Returning to my "dreadlock" state of mind.. Where the outside world do not bother me... My shell is up and I sleep and wake up a WARRIOR...this month as been one of the hardest months in my career grows daily and my personal life is having growing covering my face, dreams of paintings fill my thoughts... My daughters dancing around in happiness holding their lil brothers hands... My wife smiling at me again... All my boys pockets full of money to blow enjoying life with no struggles, beating a mother walking like a queen in a big fur coat & diamonds...My dreams the positive side of life right now....tattooing to relax my thoughts... Tattooing for the love and not the money... These are my dreams that keep me struggle, no drama, free of all negative thoughts... A warrior with no fears, no cares of the outside world... Just art, love, lust, passion, family, peace and no struggle....naked to the world, nothing else needed but to hear laughter and seeing smiles again...I have started some of my best art this month...I channeled all my energy into new pieces for my when you see me in the streets with no haircut, beard long... You know the "artist" has woke up and he is closer to God this month... Money and the world is not on his mind... Art in it's purest form is being created by a warrior....I will jump back to "fresh" mode once the art is done.... I'm doing ok, God is with me... And peace is fueling my mind

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Old Friends....

I got a message on facebook this morning from an old friend I haven't spoke to in a long time...I was just thinking to myself the other day damn "big Sis" don't even check up on me anymore, she must have found a man or moved away" she is always traveling....when I read the message, she expressed the samething I was thinking about her....she said I don't call her to check up on her and she don't feel I would be there for her the same way she was there for really didn't bother me because I know I suck at calling people but I know who I love and care for even when I'm not heard from....I never said I was the best friend in the world, I'm not going to call every single person I love when I'm SURE they have more free time than I do...if I did something for another person based off LOVE & friendship I would never throw that back in your face....and how would you know I wouldn't be there for you if you never asked me...I'm man enough to ask advice from another woman on issues dealing with relationships and women, and if you need advice on men Im always here to help you... But I don't want anything in matter what think or your opinion about me.... I love you like a sister, I don't care if we don't speak for years I'm always here for you.. Not because you were there for me but because it's my nature to be there if you need me... But don't take me not calling you as a sign of me "not caring about you" we all have problems.. Every single person I know is going through some type of issues... From the recession, relationship, children, baby mama drama, business, etc....I would never call anyone to spread more negative energy when I'm sure we all going through different struggles in our lives... Why add more problems to another persons world... Advice is different, venting out is different, but I never want my problems to be your problems....when I'm hurting I blog the pain, express it let it all out and I feel better...yes I'm distant these days because some days I feel even my friends don't even care... I'm sure they also feel I don't care... The cycle of knew me since 1994.... You kept me out of trouble, you listened to me... And helped me grow as a man, now I'm out the nest I'm 34 years old and your right, I don't call... I don't call anyone because what do I have to really say? Business is good but my personal life is messed up right now....then you will give me advice, I won't talk to you for another 9 months then you are pissed at me because I haven't called you... Why because my life is the same as the last time we spoke...I don't want to call my friend to talk about my art career or businss and I don't want to spread negative energy by telling you all the bad things happening in my life...but that don't mean I don't love you Sis...I figured you are ok because if you needed me i'm right there in the shop tattooing, you can drop by anytime and see me there working... I'm the easiest person in the world to find....but you get mad at me for not stopping my life to look for you and reach out... I'm not the one who disappeared I'm right here at City of Ink almost everyday....I'm still the wild kid you met in 94 but my soul is more calm, less advice is needed now.... But if you need ME I'm here for you always...I'm not always a "good" friend but I'm always there when I'm needed... If you feel I forgot you... Then step into my shoes and see how I feel when I don't hear for you either.... Let's break this cycle, it's not about who call who... It's about if you reach out will I be there for you.... And that answer is YES old friend

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Meet me half way...

Seem like most marriages & relationships are one sided in my opinion...someone in the relationship will have to give up more of themself than the other person to make them happy and secure.... Why can't we just meet half way and try not to lose who we are to make the other person happy? You can't have a one sides convo... One person talking while the other listen... And can't force a person to talk when they don't want to... And you can NEVER blame everything on one person... ALL problems start from not addressing the issues at the beginning... These issues grow like trees... And the best way to kill a tree is by the roots...egos will kill any relationship...if your the talker then humble yourself and be the listener... You might hear what YOUR problem the person half way

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Carla-Aaron Lopez...bright future

I wrote about the photography work of Carla-Aaron Lopez before. I'm a biggggggg fan of her work...City of Ink hosted her show "My Black America" earlier this broke ALL African American stereotypes... No jazz or hiphop scenes... No model shaped naked women & men Just a reflection of her lifestyle and the culture of MOST creative rebels of black America and other beautiful races. I was walking down to Tilt coffee shop checking my Twitter messages when Corey Davis twitted a photo from his Mach 5 LP dropping in Dec. When I first saw it I KNEW it was Carla's work...the way she captures the spirit and personality of the subject reminds of the older works of Marc Baptiste...I feel Carla is focused and will have a bright of the reasons I own 3 pieces of her work...I bought 2 pieces from the "My Black America" show.... One was a photo of Corey Davis and the other was of Tim Friday ( 2 young artists I feel will inspire the people once wisdom and age kick in) at the anniversary City of Ink show I bought a dark shadowy oral sex piece from her... Most people can't even tell what the subject is doing in the photo because of the deep shadows so I hang it up in front of my tattoo chair in the's a beautiful piece, one of my favs... Tuki lucked up and bought Carla's self portrait before I did.... He lucky I didn't see it first...keep your eyes & ears open for this amazing talent, this young lady has a genius mind, a humble soul, and an amazing eye of talent "Carla-Aaron Lopez"

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Friday, November 13, 2009


I gave one of Melvin Todd's tattoo appointments one of my limited edition fairy screen prints and a few days later she posted a picture on twitter of it framed and hangin up in her living room...I'm honored she framed it and put it up... I only did 150 of them so I saved about 50 of them for any of my clients who ask me about them.... The same way I do the FREE "dripping star" tattoo.... You have to ask me for it and I will give you one...if you have any of my artwork framed please take a picture of it and email them to:

Thanks for that love....

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Some days I rather be alone, listening to John Coltrane or Coldplay painting my soul out...but it don't work that way.. I have 2 MAJOR tattoo artists today... Each tattoo session will be 4-5 hours each so I won't be painting today....that thought of me having to work allnight use to get me down...but the more I talk to other people in this industry the more thankful I get for the appointments & clientele I do have... I remember when I had to do "walk-ins" waiting and hoping I was the artist they picked to let me do their tattoo....almost 17 years later I have a waiting list...I still don't see the big deal about what I do, but I'm thankful that the people do...they fly in from London, Paris, NY, LA, Chicago, Germany, DC, NC, San Fran, etc just for my work....I'm still humbled and amazed by the distance they will come to get my art work on their body...I'm honored and thankful for them all for supporting my dreams, keeping me out the streets, and for helping me provide for my family.... I'm thankful.. And happy I have you all... I hope it felt in every tattoo I do...

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The Other Posters for the "Art Battle"

Hell up in Hotlanta Nov.21 Posters!

Drop by City of Ink TONIGHT 7pm-10pm we are celebrating the life & times of Jean-Michel Basquait.... Art done by John Hairston Jr. "Hollywood Africans"
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