Monday, December 14, 2009

Who keeps me inspired: Damion Bailey & Mike Giant

Many people ask me who & what inspires CHILDREN, wife & mother of course are my #1 inspirations, but its also 2 people that really keep me going...Writer, visual artist, and poet, DAMION BAILEY...he is my brother, we are year & half apart in age (I'm the oldest) I know where he come from and seeing his growth as a man, has changed how I see life in MANY ways...almost 9 years ago, Damion released his first published book titled "OFTEN THOUGHTS" this book changed my life...his words inspired images I wanted to keep in my past, but the words made me face all my fears like a man...subjects ranging from love to the street life, this book of poetry moved my soul...I'm not even a big fan of spoken word & poetry because I feel a lot of poets just use poetry to get pussy (just being honest) but me knowing Damion personally I FELT every word he wrote...he is the main reason I'm releasing a book also...thank you Dada (his nickname) for inspiring me lil' are a perfect example of a family man..and I hope to be just as good as you know i'm the rebel bad seed of the

The second person is visual artist, Mike Giant...from street graffiti writer, to tattoo artist, to fine art, books and clothing line ( have watched this man, brand is name and products to the point where he don't HAVE to tattoo anymore unless he's in the mood to tattoo...thats the freedomm that I dream to have oneday...right now I'm at a point of my life where I HAVE to tattoo to feed my family and pay the goal (just like Mike Giant) is to brand my name, focus on books, films, clothing line, tattoo supplies, and other products, and only tattoo my loyal following, friends, family, and when I'm in the mood and inspired to do new styles of tattooing...Mike Giant is a open public weed smoker, like me so I respect his views on legalizing this plant...I feel weed will help out the recession using weed as a crop to bring in money for the people who grow it...

Thursday night my brother, brought me a copy of his NEW book..I havent had the free time to read it yet..but when I do I will post a review of the book for yall....he is selling his new book online, you can check my brother out on &


mreeeeeuh said...

Love are not yourself, you are the concentrated effort of everyone you know.

You inspire me, peace.

& thanks for putting me onto Mike Giant!

Empress said...

What beautiful inspiratons to have!