Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last Night "Priceless"

After my 5th $50 walk-in special tattoo I was tired... The day before I did 11 tattoos until 3:30am... My back was sore, my eyes were burning but I had to do this can food drive for the homeless...I need the blessings after all the negative shit in Nov... Walked down to my apartment and picked my son, Prophet up to take him to see the Avatar movie....I heard great things about it and I knew he would love a 3D movie...being a tattoo artist & businessman full time I barely get to see my children... But when I'm free I turn off my cell, disconnect from the world and my seeds have their father 100%....Prophet just turned 9 years old on Dec.21 ( the day after my brother, Dada's bday) I can see so much of myself in my son.... He is a creative soul...he's into the performing arts & visual arts....and something shines in him.... Everywhere he goes people just attract to his light...I use to dream about Prophet years before he was born so that's why "Prophet" is a perfect name for him....I was letting him use my iPhone when he shot 2 photos of him.... I think this young man has an eye.... I love you, Prophet Ayim Bailey....look after your sisters, yall need each other.... We are "The Bailey Family"

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Unknown said...

haha i love that pic of prophet!