Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In Houston...Dec.1-5

I landed in Houston yesterday.. This is one HUGE city....right now I'm in Pappa's Burger, I slept in late today and woke up hungry ass hell...this is my first solo tattoo trip in a few years and it's very relaxing...Nov was a very hard month for me & my family.. So this was a needed trip..my first tattoo appointment tomorrow is a guy named, Corey... I'm sooooo ready to get started... I'm giving my Houston clients a nice deal on prices... Since it's my first time here I have something to prove...like a drug dealer I will give them a sample of what I can do... Get them all addicted then come back more often... Art and business you have to love it... My food just got to the table so it's time to eat I will blog more later... Be blessed yall.. MB

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Harold The Encourager said...

I love your tenacity, brotha! Keep motivating through you work.