Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lettering by Tuki Carter

I'm workin on a sleeve right now and I look over to my left and see these dope ass letterings on this dude from was done by my business partner, Tuki Carter...Tuki's mind has an unlimited amount fonts...just had to drop this blog right quick and give my brother props on this undergraded fine art form... The ART of City of Ink Lettering...started in the early 90's in West End, Atlanta

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Freckles said...

[x] LOVE IT! He is hella talanted.

Anonymous said...

it is hard to keep it still when it's buzzing away... it makes the lines so clean, thats why people gotta respect how much it takes to make the color not bleed n the lines stay clean so you gotta pay up!! I got my neck lettering in a delicated font and paid $200 , which a lot of people go maaan, you trippin, that couldve been like 40 , 60... but shit... who wants to get some cheap shit that you wont be able to even read!??
nice work..

ReadMindz said...

Tuki is the shi, My favorite tattoo is the one he did on my rib cage. Pretty amazing guys Keep It Up! Stay Blessed