Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thinking about Asheville

I just woke up and I'm thinking about home...not Atlanta, but Asheville, NC...and not the hood, but the other side of Asheville that I use to explore to get away from all the drama in the streets...I would hang out in the places where you didn't see black people..just hippies, witches, and other sub-cultures that live up in those mountains....I wish more of my brothers and sisters would take the time out to explore Asheville...its not all about the projects...its one of the most beautiful cities in America..and it inspired me visually growing up as a kid...yeah I'm missing downtown Asheville, and the trails...its nothing like finding a hideout spot and lighting up a blunt up in the mountain...I truly feel one with God up there...the smoke in my lungs, and my eyes on the sky...I took these photos a while back, I will post more often...this is how my eyes see Asheville...from the insects and bugs to the art and mountain...I love you Asheville, thank you for always supporting me even when yall didn't understand my vision...I am your son and I will always represent you no matter where life takes me


Me said...

Those pictures are a TEASE...I wanna go...seems like the perfect spot for me now...blazing in the mountains...sounds gooooood

Anonymous said...

U never cease to surprise me with ur posts. I love the mountain pics.hapPy new year Miya . :)