Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My brothers book release....

My younger brothers's (Damion Bailey) book "My Journal My Journey" has been released and is now ready for sale online....he's words alway get me in the mood to paint...if your a lover of poetry this book is for you... It's only $10 (plus shipping) so support him...he is following his dreams and all dreams inspire others...thank you, Dada for finally releasing this book.... In this day and time words like yours are you always your big brother, Miya

Just Click here is order, my brothers book...I hope all yall support him...COI is a movement of ALL arts....We are ALL Dripping Stars "Inspire Your City!"

PS...check out his blog site: http://DAMIONBAILEY.COM

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Damion Bailey said...

Thanks big bro. Love your dearly