Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Angel & Lettering

It was a good day...I just did this piece...hope yall like it...I'm about to walk over to Slice have a beer and get something to eat

Step one: I use "Sharpie Markers" to draw the design directly on the skin (no flash)

Step two: I used the markers to design the letters "Young" with freehand you can make the words flow better on the skin..

Step three: after I do the outline I shade the skin. I want to keep the angel "black & grey"

Step four: color the letters in solid black. Keep them bold so people can see the lettering from a distance.

Step five: add the color and finish the tattoo. Trying to be very gentle and cause little or no bleeding so the colors will heal bright on her skin tone.

Negative sun rays

Shading around the "Young"

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khalfani said...

yo , this is incredibly dope . i ran across your blog from a tweet from @1hollywoodkat . i'm looking for a trustworthy place to get my first tat at so just know i'm keeping your shop in mind !

do work , and dope blog.
take care .

Anonymous said...

I do like it, but her eyes scare me..