Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays I LOVE YOU MAMA!

It's 3:30pm and I just woke up from a dream...In the dream I was surrounded by all my family members (dead & alive) my grandmothers were there my old friends were there and we were all opening gifts back home in Asheville NC....when I wake up all I see is my mothers face...Xmas was her favorite holiday when I was a kid.. My mom would work extra jobs and whatever it took to make sure me, Dada, & Nikki had the best Xmas each year... When Colby was born she did the samething all over again....Dec.25 is like a rebirth for me... I'm not a christian but I have respect for the teaching of their savior, Jesus but I'm referring to watching my mother work VERY hard to make sure we had a beautiful Xmas day...she made sure all our dreams came true on this was never about the gifts to me but knowing that my mother loved us so much that she would work more hours, take on an extra job just for her children...watching all of this was my rebirth... A hustla was born, and it showed me that I could never make any excuses when it came to my children... That Im no longer living for myself but I'm living for them and once they are grown they will be living for their children... Mama thank you for all the beautiful Xmas's over the years... I wish I was there to hold my daughters today... And I wish I was there with woman who gave me birth and raised me into the man I am today.... I love you, mama... No words can explain how I feel about you... I just LOVE you...every inch of my mind, body, soul is connect to you...through the good & bad you always held me down... Even when I was wrong you had my back and told me the right things to are MY savior... And I promise you the world...oneday you will NOT have to work for anyone you will be FREE and I will make sure all your dreams come true as long as I'm still alive... I owe you everything... I love you mama, Merry Christmas.... Your oldest son, Miya An'twan Bailey

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Sin(ere said...

Thanks for this post bro. Not all of us men are real enough to post something heartfelt like this. 12/11/09 made 25 years since my mom has been gone, and it really disturbs me when I see people disrespecting the person that carried they stanking asses, and brought them in this world.

People spend more time with your parents! It's too late when they're gone.

Big ups MB!

Anonymous said...

I am sure your mother appreciates the man you have become and continue to grow into. I am just hoping my son grows to love, respect and appreciate his mother as much as you do.

Me said...

Whoa you almost made my eyes well to the rim MB. Yesterday was also my mother's favorite time of the year....a rebirth...I like that; I've struggled with 12/25 every since the birth of my daughter because I feel so many focus on the come-up of material things rather than acknowledging the history of the season. I was touched when my aunt shared with me something my lil1 told her; it confirmed that she gets what I'm trying to instill about 12/25 so I'll continue to embed but STILL it seems as though my mother's "hype of Christmas" will forever reign in my lil1..."a rebirth" sums it all up MB...THANK YOU...this was my first Christmas since my mother passed away and I did soooo much reflecting and reminiscing...even had an a epiphany...I remembered the happiness and the element of surprise that my mother created sooooo many times for me and I try my best to replicate it for my lil1 because that's all I know..."a rebirth" hit the nail on the head MB...let me get off your page and pour my heart out on my spot lol…I'm gone

Anonymous said...

it's so true Miya, how we sacrifice as mothers, and I respect you much for being a grown ass man and being able to tell the world how your heart loves your mother.much respect.Sole'