Monday, July 5, 2010

City of Ink: FILMS

We have been working on this film for a few months now...and it's coming along nicely...I'm a lover of films.... I even named the tattoo shop after my favorite movie "City of God" and it was also inspired by "City of Angels" 2 way different stories I can relate to in my soul. City of Ink Films will be a company that will focus on breaking all, pain, struggle, dreams, passion, beauty, ugly, faith, and the arts. Not all so-called "Black" artists paint jazz scenes and naked Afro women...we aren't all in the beauty of black love or into religion... I want to show you the other side... The visuals are inspired by the film makers Larry Clark, Spike Lee and Oliver Stone... I just want to create my own lane in this field... So you can enter the works of City of Ink... Share lifestyles that are very different from the masses.. This is my vision..... I want to you enter my world.

The logo is finished.... It's now offical.... No turning back... All my dreams come true.... Just watch this.... Miya Bailey

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13 said...

Dope, all great directors with their own voices....JFK

Unknown said...

Keep it up Miya! The world is looking at you! We love it!