Friday, July 2, 2010

Big Booty Babe

I have always collected toys and figures... And the Big Booty Babes have always been some of my rarely see figures with real curves, so props to the creator for designing of my appointments brought one in to inspire his Zulu Warrior tattoo

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Saule Wright said...

I haven't gotten into the figurine movement yet, probably because I don't have the loot, but the more I see, the more interested I get...and this one is DEF a good look. lol

Lyrically Sweet said...

Ahhh! My boy Kawam! I saw the tatt....Miya, ur the was hot! I'm so glad his first tattoo was done by you!

wisdom goddess born said...

I love those Big Booty Babes. They are so perfect. Aren't they created by a Caucasion artist who is married to a big booty babe?

Mr. BOYT Music said...

That's crazy you posted this! I was just lookin at these last night and them dolls are dope! I espeially liked a custom one named candy but they are all dope!

AssertiveWit said...

just went to his website...I LOVE that he acknowledges full figured women!!! the custom option is perfect for anyone who wants a unique Booty Babe too. thanks for sharing this with your readers!