Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Drawing allnight....

I just got off work and everyone is sleep....after a long day of tattooing it sucks when your the only one up with no one to talk too.... I'm thankful I have my bulldog, Rabbit.... He's a lazy as dog but he's really good company on nights like these...I'm about to work on pages from my book
"Before I'm Gone".... My blunt is rolled up, Rabbit is being lazy, Rick Ross new album is playing, And I just put on my favorite shorts now it's time to get inspired and get to drawing again.. My first tattoo appointment is at 3pm so I have a few hours to work on this book, get some sleep and wake up and get ready for work again.... Life of an artist...when everyone is away & sleep "ART" will be your best friend... So let's get started

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Anonymous said...

That She-Devil is hot! Rabbit is cursing you with his eyes,lol.

Unknown said...

Rabbit is killing me. LOL. Keep the work coming!