Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tattooing in Asheville

I was in Asheville tattooing Monday & Tuesday on my days
off work... Some people ask me why I still go home to tattoo when I don't make any money there? To be honest it very hard and I can bearly afford to tattoo in my hometown....but I really want to see my people back home understand the "Art of Tattooing" I had one person get mad because I couldn't give them the same price I gave them 4 years ago before City of Ink opened...I'm 35 years old I can't do the same type of art or give you the same price I gave you 4 years ago...the hotel rooms are about $120-$150 a night so how can I do a tattoo for $50 and afford to pay for my stay in Asheville? So I want to thank everyone who set their appointment 3 Months in advance so I could use the deposits to pay for the rental car and hotel is one of the pieces I did back home... I'm trying to open their minds up to more color style tattoos and to break the stereotypes of praying hands, crosses, and name tattoos... It's time to bring "Skin Paintings" to these small cities like Asheville

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Kimika said...

I have told you from the first time I met you three years ago that when I get my money right I want you to add to the two that I call tattoos (that I asked for color and they told me it wouldn't show on my skin) and that I wanted you to cover this crap on my ankle I got from a scratcher and I recently asked for a portrait of my brother who was murdered last month. I recognize art. I love art! I think everything you do is beautiful. That's why I'm one of the few that knows everything I want from YOU I have to pay for. I'm not asking for hand outs. For beauty and art that means something I know it's going to cost a grip and I am willing to save to get it. I am that determined! Please don't let simple-minded people stop you from trying to show an bring COLORFUL ART to small town Asheville. A lot of us that know what's up seriously love OUR HOMETOWN ARTIST HERO!!!

Kevin KD Davidson said...

Nice id love to get my first piece by you,a sleeve based on the ancient Egyptians belief that the heart recorded all the good and bad deeds of a persons and the heart is needed for judgment.Weighing of the HeartThe symbolic ritual that accompanied this ritual was the weighing of the heart of the deceased on a pair of enormous scales. It was weighed against the principle of truth and justice ( known as maat ) represented by a feather, the symbol of the goddess of truth, order and justice, Maat. If the heart balanced against the feather then the deceased would be granted a place in the Fields of Hetep and Iaru. If it was heavy with the weight of wrongdoings, the balance would sink and the heart would be grabbed and devoured by a terrifying beast that sat ready and waiting by the scales. This beast was Ammit, "the gobbler", a composite animal with the head of a crocodile, the front legs and body of lion or leopard, and the back legs of a hippopotamus.

AshevilleLove said...

Well First off I want to say I love the piece you did on my cousin Kesha that was Beautiful.. And I agree with what you are saying.... Cant wait to get my Piece by The Talented Mr. Miya Bailey I want something that has to do with my daughter and the miracle of being able to have her when i was told i couldn't have kids ever...So on that note I will be in touch hopefully sooner then later.. Blessings to you and your Family... <3

Anonymous said...

I don't think people understand this is ur job, this is how u feed ur family. I don't mind paying for good work, I remember getting a tattoo from u back in 1999 and it would be crazy for anyone to expect u to charge them the same price now. You have a special gift, so don't let ppl stop u from creating art!! You've always been a real cool dud and down to earth and ur good as he'll at what u do, that's why I always say do ur thang when it comes to tattooing. Every piece you've done fo me has been dope!!!! Keep doing ur thang bruh! I even tip!!!