Friday, July 2, 2010

City of Ink: Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, & Currency

This Tuesday, Tuki Carter tattooed Rick Ross & Wiz Khalifa for the music video for the "Super High" Remix also featuring Currency... City of Ink had to close the shop to the public so the filming could be done...Tuki did his thing and will also be featured in the video as the tattoo artist.....Rick Ross always looks out for Tuki & City of much love to their & Sophie was on the plane coming back to we missed everything but I heard the blunts were rolled up and the vibe was fun & beautiful...I will post the video once it's sent to me

Tuki adding on to Wiz Khalifa's tattoos

Rick Ross & Currency @ City of Ink this Tuesday... Video shoot

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Location:City of ink


Anonymous said...

Damn, he needs to do some pushups..asap

Unknown said...

I hate comment like these from cowards..The MAIN problem with "Americans" is that they want everyone to look the same... Who are they comparing the image of humans to magazines & media? People are so brainwashed it's sad...fat, skinny, tall, short, light skin, or dark skin.. We are SUPPOSE to look different... I see people going to the gym for the wrong reasons everyday... Not for health reasons or to feel good but to look like everyone else.... It's crazy...every human is the PERFECT YOU... Don't change... Love yourself

Unknown said...

Ashe . . . only a coward would leave a comment like that and not reveal his/her name.

Love the skin that you are in :o)