Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dancing in the Sun

I'm up in Asheville for the Bele Chere festival....everyone's dancing in the streets.... It's about 96 degrees....the drummers playing and the hippies dance in a trance...Asheville is a very different place....the Village will inspire you in some way....these people are happy... Just wish the people in the projects would see the beauty and PEACE they are surrounded by.

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MzKandyG said...

You said it, Miya, Asheville is a VERY different place. If you embrace the beauty it has to offer it is a wonderful experience. I love it, there are so many different cultures and lifestyles all mixed together. Love the pictures you captured.

Allursmom said...

I agree.... I asked a couple of my friends to go down to the galleries
on the river and they looked at me like I was crazy.. I enjoy it all...