Friday, July 2, 2010

The Last Day at the Body Art Expo

This was the last day at the Body Art Expo.... Chicago people are REALLY cheap when it comes to quality tattoos... So I'm lucky I didn't take "walk-ins" and had my own appointments... My clientele pays me what my art is worth... And I'm very thankful to them.... I wanted to check out Chicago to see if there is a place for a City of Ink there... I love the city but I seen some really really really poorly done tattoos in the city... So I fear the first 4-5 years of business would be all cover-up work and that would make any tattoo artist depressed.. So I'm sorry Chiacgo I doubt I will be opening a shop there.... Too many scratchers and too many cheap customers... A city that beautiful really should have people covered in the best body art.... Instead I seen a lot of hood tattoos and poor quality work...I will have the NY & ATL shop so my Chi clients are always welcomed to visit my other shops...I promise you it will be worth the trip...tattoos are for life....the Body Art Expo was "ok" I still wish more black people would come out and support the black tattoo artists that were trained for them... Instead the black people just went to the booth who had the cheapest prices... Very sad... A cheap price over good quality is crazy to me... But hey to each Its own.... As long as COI supporters came out for me & Sophie... I'm thankful... I will be back many blessings!

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Avon said...

I must agree with some parts of your posting that “Chicago people are REALLY cheap when it comes to quality tattoos” I would like to go on record saying that I stated that very same thing in my Urban Ink article a few years back! I also stated in that article that many of the clients here lack creativity because they follow the norm of the masses. However, as an experienced (over 15 years in the business) artist, I take offense to your comment downgrading the quality of work that comes out of the Chi, by simply looking at a few local scratchers work. I completed a traditional apprenticeship here in Chicago, and as a black tattoo artist, I can and do compete with the best! So on that alone, I feel it’s unfair for you to make such a blanket statement against Chicago tattoo artists. I am pretty sure the real Chicago black tattoo scene would’ve paid for your work and talent, much like I was willing to do, unfortunately you were booked. From one fellow artist to another, I admire your talent and the talent of your COI staff, so with that being said, I believe we could’ve had a deep conversation about all of the above but you were busy and time did not allow it.