Thursday, April 15, 2010

UPS Sucks!

Last week some art I bought was sent to COI by UPS.... I really wish they cared about their customers stuff.... I spent good money on this piece and they broke 3 pieces off of it....I will fix it but damnnnn.... When I called them.. they said "You can send it back" I waited 2 weeks to get it and they act like I can just get another one....oh well at less it came.... Can't complain at less it didn't get lose... That's the positive side.... Just makes me wish I had my own delivery company.... Customer service is and will always be #1 in my books..... UPS sucks!

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southpeezy said...

UPS really does suck dude. I ordered some Clae's last two weeks ago. The tracking says that it was delivered on my doorstep and I'll be damned if I haven't gotten my package. Now they talking about file a claim and we'll look into it...meanwhile, somebody still has my money....smh

13 said...

Dope ass piece

Unknown said...

probably a fault of the person who shipped it. fine art should be wrapped with more than just bubble wrap. and put into a sturdy, double insulated box. wood breaks easily. that sucks.