Sunday, April 25, 2010

Miya Bailey... Life Outside of a Tattoo Artist!

Just me at my art studio on my day off was shot by Goldi Gold & Flux...they did a good job..I want to see them do Tuki next..thanks yall


Unknown said...

I see you Asheville! Stand Up...Never realized that was on your arm. Strategically placed for the camera. I'm loving the loft, its really taking form and developing character. Keep us posted on the Grand opening.... And Im getting you a photo album for the valuables (family photos) immediately. A gift from one artist to another. Mitra

Anonymous said...

More good shit from tha big homie. Lettin ppl into yur life and enriching others. Is any of that art for sale? Badass loft by the way!


K*Mack said...

As a fellow artist, I can fully appreciate this.

One word...Gifted.