Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Last Monday: Janelle Monae

Last monday me, Tuki, & some of COI went to check out the Janelle Monae show at Smith's Old Bar... We had a good time... Tuki shot some really good shots from the stage.... I videos a lot of good stuff myself... The guy in front of me was dancing crazy as hell.... bumping my Flip camera.. He was pissing me off.. Janelle did her thing but damn... Dude was dancing REALLY hard...the funny thing is the drummer was jamming out and he threw a drum stick out in the crowd and hit dancing dude right in his eye....I tried not to laugh when dude went down holding his eye... But once he got back on his feet he was dancing again (holding his eye)....after the show... Janelle & her Wonderland people started dancing... Even Tuki jumped in and did a few steps....we ran into the homie, Pill and decided to end the rest of the night at Magic City...there we ran into Pro skater, Stevie Williams....it was a cool night, didn't even have to really spend any money...feel like old Atlanta again last monday

Just a photo I took of the hallway going upstairs to the Smith's Old Bar

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Unknown said...

I got to see Janelle Monae some weeks ago, she is an amazing performer. =)