Thursday, April 22, 2010

Symbols "Tattoo"

This was a fun piece to do...he came in with a few symbols... But yall know I can't do a plan ole tattoo so I had to think of a design using all these symbols plus an eye of rah

I smoked one with Tuki... Talked about future business plans....while the other side of my brain focused on designing the tattoo... I always think about art and business at the sametime... But I'm working on mastering each one (art & business) at different balance both sides of my being

I pulled out the sharpie markers after the "session" with Tuki... And the design came to me with ease.... I wanted to use little color...bold clean outline...and soft shading... This was his first tattoo so I wanted to be easy on him...

This is what it looked like after it was done....thanks bruh it was an honor.

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Location:City of Ink


Anonymous said...

dope, dope, DOPE!

Anonymous said...

Super sick as usual big homie. I really look up to you..As an artist and as a business man.


Wanna said...

This is nice. I am just so amazed at how you can take the symbols and bring them together to create such beautiful body art. Amazing!

N-Doe said...

Miya I don't think dat I have eva xpressed 2 u how AWESOME u r....u r ANOINTED!!!!

~From some1 who has 98% of her tats done by MIYA:)