Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuki's Kicks

I was going to bed...Me, Dreamer, Chris, & Torry were at my art studio talking and looking at a few books....then decided to ride over to MJQ to meet up with Tuki....when hanging with City of Ink, the first thing I do is look at everyones show's a stupid thing I guess we do to keep from getting too bored with Atlanta.... Tuki had on some classic 1993 Nike Air Carnavor....I remember in 95 he had a pair in college... Props bruh.... You repped very well for the "City of Ink" is a form of expression.... And it can sometimes reflect the inside of a persons mind...the "Fresh"
mindstate.... COI

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M.O.B.B. said...

COI always had their foot game on point.