Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Seeds...

Hearing your heartbeat for the first time changed my life...a love I could never explain with words or even that very moment I knew I would live and die for you...I would give my very life to protect my seed from all harm...I wasn't ready as a man but I had to get myself ready.. I had to grow up and live my life for you...then another one came...didn't even know she was coming.. Didn't even know she was pregnant... Once you were here, I looked in your eyes and I seen my reflect in your little face.... My heart felt the same way I did when your sister was were my beautiful surprize...everyday, every move, every tattoo and painting is for you.... My 2 princesses, the 2 ladies who can bring a tear to my eyes without one word....years followed and I got married...a different woman who gave me a son...if my daughters are my strength then my son is my resurrection...a pure version of a younger me...a mix between his mother and myself... My young prince who will protect his older sisters like a Bailey man suppose too....when he was born I felt the strength of his mother, one of the strongest women I know.... And that same feeling came over me... The instinct to protect, to live, to die if I had to, my spirit... My creation in human greatest art work

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Unknown said...

aww this was such a blessing to hear a man speak like this, of this. may you be blessed in all that you do and continue to help light the path your children will walk in.