Monday, November 16, 2009

Carla-Aaron Lopez...bright future

I wrote about the photography work of Carla-Aaron Lopez before. I'm a biggggggg fan of her work...City of Ink hosted her show "My Black America" earlier this broke ALL African American stereotypes... No jazz or hiphop scenes... No model shaped naked women & men Just a reflection of her lifestyle and the culture of MOST creative rebels of black America and other beautiful races. I was walking down to Tilt coffee shop checking my Twitter messages when Corey Davis twitted a photo from his Mach 5 LP dropping in Dec. When I first saw it I KNEW it was Carla's work...the way she captures the spirit and personality of the subject reminds of the older works of Marc Baptiste...I feel Carla is focused and will have a bright of the reasons I own 3 pieces of her work...I bought 2 pieces from the "My Black America" show.... One was a photo of Corey Davis and the other was of Tim Friday ( 2 young artists I feel will inspire the people once wisdom and age kick in) at the anniversary City of Ink show I bought a dark shadowy oral sex piece from her... Most people can't even tell what the subject is doing in the photo because of the deep shadows so I hang it up in front of my tattoo chair in the's a beautiful piece, one of my favs... Tuki lucked up and bought Carla's self portrait before I did.... He lucky I didn't see it first...keep your eyes & ears open for this amazing talent, this young lady has a genius mind, a humble soul, and an amazing eye of talent "Carla-Aaron Lopez"

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