Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Month of the Warrior

Every few months I try to return to my nature form...to get closer to God and remove myself from the material world...I leave hustle mode and go into artist mode...I become distant from
my love ones... Only focusing on the things God helped me create (my children & art) and money, business, fashion, and rumors leave my mind...I don't shave, I don't cut or even brush my hair... I just wash it and let it be free, not caring what outsiders think.... Returning to my "dreadlock" state of mind.. Where the outside world do not bother me... My shell is up and I sleep and wake up a WARRIOR...this month as been one of the hardest months in my life..my career grows daily and my personal life is having growing pains....hair covering my face, dreams of paintings fill my thoughts... My daughters dancing around in happiness holding their lil brothers hands... My wife smiling at me again... All my boys pockets full of money to blow enjoying life with no struggles, beating a recession....my mother walking like a queen in a big fur coat & diamonds...My dreams the positive side of life right now....tattooing to relax my thoughts... Tattooing for the love and not the money... These are my dreams that keep me happy....no struggle, no drama, free of all negative thoughts... A warrior with no fears, no cares of the outside world... Just art, love, lust, passion, family, peace and no struggle....naked to the world, nothing else needed but to hear laughter and seeing smiles again...I have started some of my best art this month...I channeled all my energy into new pieces for my book...so when you see me in the streets with no haircut, beard long... You know the "artist" has woke up and he is closer to God this month... Money and the world is not on his mind... Art in it's purest form is being created by a warrior....I will jump back to "fresh" mode once the art is done.... I'm doing ok, God is with me... And peace is fueling my mind

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M said...

You are so blessed with a gift, a passion, and the diligence to regulate the two. Everything else will land positive side up..stay aligned, artist.

Trust me, youre doing alot better than youre feeling.

Anonymous said...

not to be funny but.. I feel free when I dont gotta shave my legs.. I walk around feeling like damn, back in the day my ancestors walked around with their bare breasts and hairy legs, nursing their babies and still being one with God...
and I write better that way... find the strength Miya.

Davin said...

There are so many people unable to free themselves from the artificial constraints that they've been raised in. I believe many don't realize that these constraints exist. How fortunate we are to be 'awake'-able to deal with the world's rules, but knowing that ultimately they don't truly control us. At least that's my opinion of how it goes. =)