Thursday, November 12, 2009

Art Battle: Miya Bailey vs Marice Evans

Fabian just emailed the poster for the "Art Battle" on Nov.21.. I'm battling the famous, Marice Evans....this dude is amazing so I'm honored... This will be fun.. We are doing it WWE style.. A LOT of shit talking....after the art battle I will be flying to New York, I will be tattooing up there from Nov.22 and leaving the night before Thanksgiving to get back home to the family... It will be a busy week... So Atlanta come support the battle, and New Yorkers call (828) 582-1080 to book a tattoo appointment with me, Tuki, or Sophie....Imani from DC's Pinz-N-Needlez will also be doing the guest spot up in Brooklyn with us...peace yall, I'm about to start my homeboy, Jinx's tattoo... It's his birthday tomorrow...

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