Saturday, November 21, 2009


This Thrusdays I tattooed, Hope Colvin (wife of tattoo Legend, Phil Colvin) It was your birthday and she wanted a MB Original... I can't front I was nervous at first but Phil & Hope are 2 very positive souls...and they easily made me comfortable.. The reason I was so excited is because Phil Colvin is a hero in my eyes... When I first moved to Atlanta in 94' I would hear his name in the streets.. Then one day I was walking in Little 5 Points and right in the window of "Urban Tribe" was a photo of a full backpiece ( a guy with a briefcase running with money falling out) that tattoo charged my life and how I viewed tattooing...I would walk in Urban Tribe and hear the tattoo machine running in the back but I was too nervous to introduce myself back then....years later Phil is sitting in my tattoo shop and I'm tattooing his wife for her bday.... A major milestone in my tattoo might don't be important to others but it was a dream come true for me.... I will be doing a "black" Foxy Brown style pinup on Phil soon... And he will be tattooing a piece I always wanted of Erie & Bert (they were the very first drawings I did).... Thanks again Ms.Hope Winter Colvin.... Happy Birthday once again.... MB

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Unknown said...

very happy to hear of your success! keep your dream alive!