Saturday, February 27, 2010

Zodiac: Cancer

It's been a longgggg week... We have been filming... The Popular art show was amazing!! I finished my painting in time...I was up for over 48 & friends in town... And I just finished a cool piece a few hours ago on an empty I'm goin to the Waffle House and eat something bad for me.... This tattoo is my favorite "cancer" piece yet....thanks bruh and enjoy your night.... I will post the art show pics tomorrow, I'm too tired to do it tonight... I'm sure they are all over Facebook and some blogs sites.... Peaceeeee!

Dope pics bruh... I stole them from your Twitter page... Glad you got all the steps.

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LV said...

HAHA! I can't take pics of my back so someone else is gonna have to take em when I come back. Preciate it again b!

Boi Genius said...

My boiii !!